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General Introduction to All Forums

The various Forums on DogWorld SA were introduced over time as it became apparent that exhibitors and others involved in our sport felt the need to express their views on certain matters of ongoing concern (e.g. Ethics and Judging Frequency), and on certain burning issues facing the South African dog world at a particular time (e.g. FCI and Constitutional Reform).

Since our country embraced the sacred principles of democracy and enshrined fundamental human rights in its Constitution, South African society has become sensitive to the abuses and excesses of the past and its demands for openness, accountability and inclusivity in all forms of governance have increased. However, without the means of relaying those demands and concerns to those responsible - the governing body, certain clubs, certain judges, certain exhibitors - it's unlikely that they will be addressed. As they affect the interests and rights of everybody involved in dogs, it's of paramount importance that views be expressed publicly. DogWorld SA provides one such vehicle.

DogWorld SA will post comments on any of its Forums, as long as they are based on verifiable fact when expressing views on specific incidents or events. When addressing any issue in a general way, comments should ideally be thought-provoking and as constructive as permitted by the subject matter.

All correspondents are urged to avoid making statements which could be considered defamatory or libellous. The golden rule applies - if in doubt, don't. Posts containing statements of opinion, deemed by DogWorld SA to be injurious to the reputation or good name of any person, will either be returned to the correspondent for editing, or the offensive content removed prior to posting.

Letters under a person's own name are always preferable, but given the fact that opinions on certain controversial or sensitive topics might give rise to the intimidation of, or discrimination against, those who express them, letters under pseudonym will be accepted, but only if accompanied by a full name. It is, however, important for correspondents to exercise discipline and restraint and to strictly adhere to DogWorld SA's rules pertaining to offensive or defamatory content.

Send your comments, by email only, to DogWorld SA.


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