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01 September 2011

Our Junior’s are very important to the growth of our sport and some of these parents are certainly setting a disdainful example to our youngsters and perhaps this is a reason why they leave the sport.  It is disgraceful to read of a young teenager and younger adult female’s abuse, as well some elderly folk.  Do we really expect KUSA to step in; no, I don’t think so (but there is hope yet).  To this young girl … I say …  "A little girl seeks revenge. A real woman moves on and lets karma do her work."

In reading that people are grumbling that they expect the Top KUSA Dog’s points to be put forward as the top winning dog, to the World Eukanuba show is typical of again greed.  What’s wrong with a special competition for a once off like the Nationals allowing this prize, after all this is only a once off competition and should entice a lot more to enter this, it really does not mean you have the best dog in the country, stop to think about it, everyone has their own BEST DOG.  It’s only 1 ANO’s opinion after all.  The Sponsor should be left to own the right to afford a prize of their choice of a specific event.

Truth be told, accolades and higher competition awards are fabulous achievements in the right context but some exhibitors no longer find the glory in winning let alone a CC or BOB, they simply want more and more and don’t look at the value of what a CC actually would mean … this too is a Win for one’s breeding programme or show dog!  Don’t expect BIS every single time you step into the ring, there are many beautiful BIS winners out their competing and be grateful for your CCs and BOBs too. 

Take time out to enjoy the Spring months of showing and smell the roses again.



01 September 2011

Most of the exhibitors and judges are well aware of 12.2 Schedule 3 Regulation 5, so hardly need reminding of its existence.

I have over the 30 years of showing dogs waited for people showing other breeds and have been quite happy to do so. I at no time requested that the order of judging be changed to accommodate myself or my Rottweiler bitch. I did in fact keep running between rings to see which breed was being judged and had to make a decision which dog I had taken with me to all four shows, would in the case of a clash be judged. I informed the steward that the bitch was there and asked a friend at the working group if they could they come and call me the moment that the Rottweiler males were asked to marshal.

Luckily, I did not hold up the order of judging. I also raised no objection to the Samoyeds being judged first in the herding group. Why did you not just address your letter to me? I will in future not tolerate waiting for another dog either when I am judging or as an exhibitor. I would further like to suggest that the working group not be split as there are hardly enough dogs to do so. This would then in future give me time to show my Aussies and still have time to show Boxers and Rottweilers. My suggestion to other exhibitors who find themselves in the same predicament that I was in over the KUSA weekend save yourselves some money and stress by not showing at a club where one Judge is judging two groups. The number of dogs being shown has already dwindled to an all time low and one has to ask why.

Anita Bodenstein
Romaniwil Rottweilers and Australian Shepherds


01 September 2011

According to “Google”, the meaning of BUFFOON is “a ludicrous figure, a gross and usually ill educated or stupid person”.    Very appropriate choice of words Grant. The “BUFFOON”, which you are referring to, fits the Google description perfectly.    How can a KUSA appointed   “Show Manager”, be so abusive, rude, arrogant, aggressive, dishonest and be allowed to get away with it?

Perhaps, the BUFFOON should Google the meaning of “ETHICS”! 


01 September 2011

To all those who signed petitions and complaints to Mr Eva concerning the appalling behaviour of Mr Beckmann, I would just like to ask what you think will happen?

What do you think happened with Mr Dippenaar?  Don’t you think the Beckmann behaviour will also result in niks, nada, nothing?

Why not rather try a petition to replace the top of the food chain from whom all blessings flow?

All for change


01 September 2011

This past fiasco in Bloemfontein will be remembered for its many bizarre incidents, but one of the strangest occurred in the Toy Ring on Sunday.

When it came to the Champions Class of one of the fluffy breeds, the Ring Steward suddenly stopped proceedings to make an announcement.  He told those of us around the ring that the exhibitor glittering at the entrance of the ring cannot exhibit her dog because she had stewarded for the Columbian judge on Friday, but nevertheless wanted to "show her dog to the judge".  To do that she wanted to do a lap of honour!

We just sat there gobsmacked as she went around the ring and then disappeared.  I have heard of laps of honour in final challenges, but never, never in breed judging!

When I asked around I was told that the exhibitor was spotted by a whole bunch of people the previous day being very cosy with the judge in question and that some of them ran off to the office to complain.  So she must have been told that even though she was one of the President's girls, she had blown her cover by openly fraternising with the judge.  And remember by Sunday there was a real chance of homicide on the grounds.

The question we are all asking is whether she decided to do the lap of honour in the middle of breed judging all by herself, or was this stupid move suggested to her by her friends in the office.  Whatever the case, it was the daftest thing we had ever seen and one can only think that some people actually enjoy making fools of themselves.

It takes all sorts...


01 September 2011

Have any of you ever thought about the fact that you ALL have the power to actually end not only Martin Beckmann's reign of tyranny, but also the cheating, the unfairness, the corruptness? It isn't that hard people. KUSA is like any other big corporation, it requires some kind of income to exist. That income happens to be its membership fees, litter registration fees, club returns, as well as various other income sources. Where does that income originate? YOU THE PEOPLE WHO ARE MEMBERS, YOU THE BREEDERS WHO REGISTER YOUR LITTERS, AND YOU THE PEOPLE WHO ENTER YOUR DOGS INTO THE SHOWS. If you want to be heard and see change, the onus is on you in your personal capacity to  push for that change and make yourselves heard. There is no point, sitting complaining online, or in your gazebos at shows. YOU all need to unite, and act. And, the best way to be heard is to hit the kennel clubs, who allow this corruptness, and KUSA, where it hurts the most..... IN THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS. And, judging by the posts on this site regarding KUSAs expenses, and having heard how the clubs don't have much money, they cannot afford a mass financial attack.

I have often heard people saying, I am one person, what can I do? That's just it, YOU CAN! And this is how.

You may be only 1 breeder, 1 exhibitor or 1 honest judge, but you are 1 source of income to not only the clubs but to KUSA. BUT there are many other exhibitors who feel just like you. SO, if you can all just stand united, you aren't 1 person, you are a group. But without you the 1 person, there is 1 less voice in the group, and that group is 1 voice short. There is power in numbers.

So let me simplify, and explain to you how to wage war on this. 

Each of you have the power within your kennels to make yourselves heard. Pull income from KUSA by DEMANDING that you count, and if you aren't heard, ACT. For each of you who refuses to register a litter of puppies, it's 1 less registration fee in KUSAs coffers. You toy people got it right with the microchipping. You were eventually heard. This is the same thing. Everytime you are openly cheated, it means that a substandard dog goes on to breed, because some corrupt individual told the owner/breeder that their dog is superior. Not only is that dishonest, and means that you are a victim of daylight robbery ( you pay your show entry fee after all) but it totally destroys the breed! BREEDERS, UNITE AND ACT. TELL KUSA EITHER THEY CLEAN UP, AND FORCE JUDGES TO JUDGE AGAINST THE BREED STANDARD, AND NOT ACCORDING TO THE FACE BEHIND THE LEAD, OR YOU WILL SIMPLY NOT REGISTER ANOTHER LITTER! IF 20 OF YOU STAND TOGETHER AND AGREE TO ACT TOGETHER, ITS 20 LESS LITTERS THAT ARENT REGISTERED. MULTIPLY LITTER REGISTRATION FEES BY 20 AND SEE HOW MUCH IT COSTS KUSA! EACH ONE OF YOU CAN.

Each and every one of you who shows their dog or dogs is a source of income for both the host club and essentially for KUSA. You too can make yourselves heard and make HUGE impact. This weekend proved that there is more than 1 person who feels so strongly about this! In 3 hours with minimal effort YOU collected 45 signatures! That is 45 of you, who paid your R80 per dog to show. Many of you had more than 1 dog you were showing. Add up how much it cost you to enter your dogs on 1 day, and multiply that by 45. NOW there are more than 45 of you who feel this way! So again, stop being despondent, in your gazebos, stand together and tell the clubs, either they clean up, they educate visiting judges on breed standards, if they will be judging a breed that they don't know, and insisting that the face behind the lead means nothing, OR YOU WILL BOYCOTT THEIR SHOWS. And if you aren’t heard, UNITE AND BOYCOTT THE NEXT SHOW, REGARDLESS OF WHO IS HOSTING IT OR JUDGING ON THAT DAY. Let them see that you aren't talk and that you take this very seriously. and you will continue to dig your heels in until the corruption ends. Add up how much its cost you over the year to show your dogs. Each of you is a very viable source of income for the clubs and KUSA, and without YOU, there won't be money to pay for judges, and ring stewards, and GOD FORBID PORTABLE TOILETS! AGAIN EACH ONE OF YOU IN YOUR PERSONAL CAPACITY CAN END THIS! BUT YOU CANNOT DO IT ALONE, YOU NEED EACH OTHER AND YOU NEED TO STAND TOGETHER AND FIGHT AGAINST THE WRONG!

People the time has come to unite, to those of you who signed that petition, well done, you have started the ball rolling, now its up to each of us, to stand up and be heard. THIS IS YOUR SPORT, TAKE IT BACK! TOGETHER YOU BECOME THE MAJORITY, AND YOU CAN BE HEARD. when you see something that is not right, photograph or video it, stand together, sign another petition protesting against the action, bombard KUSA with calls and emails. MAKE YOURSELVES HEARD.

I leave you with one of my favourite quotes:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

It isn’t that hard. 


02 September 2011
It seems that many exhibitors were unhappy about the stewarding arrangements that took place over the KUSA weekend, with ring stewards leaving their posts to go and handle their dogs, therafter resuming their duties, and stewarding for judges they are showing under the same weekend.  I would urge all exhibitors to contact the secretaries of the clubs for the upcoming shows to ascertain who is stewarding in what ring.  The stewards have breakfast with the judges in the morning proir to judging, and as we all know, some ring stewards will take any opportunity to try and influence judges.  If you feel this will negatively impact on the breed or group I suggest you contact the show secretary and discuss the matter. We should all be playing on the same playing field, and not have the cards stacked against certain dogs or exhibitors by unethical behavior. 

Like many...tired of all the games!!


03 September 2011

How does Mrs N Robertson Judge Terriers and show her own dog ( CC Bullmastiff Juohn Donna Cassandra ) at the same show ?
(Pietermaritzbrug Kennel Club Champ Show 03.07.11 )
Does the Show Secretary or KUSA check ?
Judges Ethics re-write candidate


03 September 2011

As an exhibitor at the recent Bloemfontein cluster shows,  I was one of the fortunate ones who won everything in the breed that was to be had, except for one bitch CC ticket.
What I am about to say cannot be put down to been a sore loser.  I am smiling from ear to ear.
It was not just the Toy ring where the “funnies” were happening, but also the Hound Ring.
Our famous judge was at it again.  Standing ringside at another group ring after having judged his group and doing his “persuasion dance”.  He has been doing this for many years and is well known locally and overseas for been extremely political.
The following day grooming the Afghan that is co-owned by himself and 2 others, but wait……. all ads taken out for the Afghan mentions 3 co-owners, but the catalogue only mentions 1, hmmmmmm something not right.  The little clique are invincible and appear to be above approach.
We have had enough, and it is about time that KUSA hear the voices calling for justice and bring those guilty to book.
One of the male judges from Australia was banned in his country for 2 years due to his bad behaviour in the ring, why are they allowed to judge here?
Enough is enough. 
I personally would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the ladies in the “office” for all their hard work over the weekend and for their willingness to assist us exhibitors with problems that we may have experienced. 
Thank you to our show manager Martin Beckman, you did a sterling job.


03 September 2011

In reply to the person writing under the pseudonym "Judges Ethics re-write candidate"

I suggest you get your facts correct : the Bullmastiff Juohn Donna Cassandra belongs to Jeanne Robinson who breeds and exhibits under the Juohn Affix.

My name is Nicky Robertson and I breed and exhibit under the Chizelhurst Affix.

At the PMB KC Championship show I judged the Bullmastiffs and the Terriers and I can assure you the Show Secretary and KUSA and everyone else involved - except seemingly you - know this. To have judged and shown and awarded all at the same time in the same ring and to myself would have really been one for the books.

I think you owe me an apology!

But hey, thanks for the opportunity for some free advertising.

Nicky Robertson


03 September 2011

Dear “Like Many”

My e-mail address is
My Cell number is 071 683 1296

We can discuss privately where I believe you are mistaken In each of your accusations against me.

Peter Watson


04 September 2011

Good gracious, I cannot understand why Peter Watson is supplying his contact details. I know we are only dog people, but some of us actually have discerning taste.

If Mr Watson has a guilty conscience, I suggest that he consults a psychologist. I don’t think anybody else is interested in discussing his problems with him.

Frasier has left the building


04 September 2011

Whilst I was not at the Bloemfontein shows, the events that are documented disturb me.  There has always been characters in the dog world, Joe Brandon is one very famous person, but whilst in previous times one would talk about it and leave for home, today we have the internet and the whole aspect changes and emotions and assumptions take over.

Due to an incident outside the ring six years ago, I walked away from the ring, feeling I had enough problems in my private life that I did not need it from the sport I loved, and now a widow and missing all my friends from the show world am tentatively coming back into the show ring, and to find  accusations of misconduct from a person in the breed I have loved, enjoyed and protected quite a substantial amount of my life appalls me.

To stay away from the shows en masse is not a solution, as most committees will tell you that to run a show is a financial nightmare, and I seriously think that as our sport is an addictive and fanatical sport not many would be able to do this.

I think the solution is that those who witnessed, or experienced whatever happened, to club together and in this day and age when the deposit to complain is expensive make representation to KUSA as a group, meanwhile it must also be supported by the many kennel club’s so the same representation must be made to the kennel club’s and they take action by refusing to take entries from the person concerned for a period of time till the matter has been resolved by KUSA.  The matter is then done properly and not in the heat and emotion of show time.

I also suggest that if the person belongs to a specialist club they must also be approached and request that he be banned from being a member.  I know this reeks of being found guilty and one has a right to the assumption of innocence, but let’s be honest in this day and age it has to be the members and exhibitors who take the action as there is so much political correctness, that democracy itself has to be represented.

Frankie Jones


04 September 2011

It’s good to hear from So you think you can dance that Mr Beckmann did some good for someone over the Bloem weekend. He obviously put out for this exhibitor and maybe even helped his/her good fortune along a little. It’s also heartening that the “ladies” in the office were helpful to this exhibitor while the rest of us had our ears chewed off by them. I suppose it depends on who you are.

But I must agree with said exhibitor about our poor man’s Fred Astaire. Sadly he doesn’t have the moves anymore, but bless him he still does his little two-step to the amusement of all of us. But see it from his side – if you don’t get asked too often anymore and you eventually get put on a panel with Dumb and Dumber, you must make sure that they don’t lose their way. So, it’s back to that stilted old two-step to make sure a friend is not left standing.

Shall we dance!


05 September 2011

Having pondered the post from So You Think You Can Dance, we think we have identified the “famous” judge who was doing his little soft shoe shuffle at the side of ring!

Are we right in thinking it could be the very same one now well-known for sitting in exhibitor’s gazebos and sending little signals to judges?  Remember the scandal a few years back?  The very one who is now the present head of the newly elected National Judges Scheme?

As though the new scheme wasn’t scary enough in itself, are these the kind of ethics and morals that we will be taught on the new scheme?  Will we also be given lessons on “persuasion dances”?  I hear they’re quite difficult to do.

Ginger Rogers


05 September 2011

To all exhibitors who travelled from near and far to attend our shows, many thanks, without you all it wouldn’t have been possible. You all contributed to an awesome atmosphere and the running smoothly of the show.  

On a sadder note both the Grahamstown and Queenstown Kennel Clubs send our sincerest condolences to Dr Niewoudt and her husband on the loss of their little girl. May God hold you close to his heart during this really difficult time.

We have all learnt a lot from the terrible tragedy and hopefully we will all be more vigilant and careful when not only at shows but also when out and about with our dogs.

Until next year.
Lee & Dudley Sparg  


06 September 2011

Lorette, I'm surprised to see in your latest advertisement that you claim a BIS at Junior Kennel Club. I'm very confused, I thought that the Saluki Ch. Roaringwater Storm Warning won the BIS there.
That's what the record states and in DIA the pictures prove it. Perhaps you should look at advertising a correction with an apology to Storm's owners; Ian and Elsabe Bekker.

We all know how well the Stavros Aussies do in the ring - but the BIS at the Junior Kennel Club certainly wasn't a Stavros win.

Liz Hiscock


06 September 2011

Shame on you “Judges Ethics re-write Candidate” for not checking your facts before making such an insinuation of a well-respected and ethical judge. In my personal capacity I feel that an apology to her on the same forum will be in order.



06 September 2011
Wonder if the Baffoon will be stewarding for our president at the South Coast



06 September 2011


In your letter about the KUSA weekend, you wrote One of the male judges from Australia was banned in his country for 2 years due to his bad behaviour in the ring, why are they allowed to judge here?

Well, why not? One of the leading lights and biggest noise-makers on the committee that is currently re-writing our very own judge’s scheme was banned by KUSA for 12 months several years ago. She is also an all-breeds judge and is currently judging in Australia.

What’s the difference?

What’s Good For The Goose…


06 September 2011
Maybe Ginger Rogers hasn't got too much to worry about.

At the dinner in Bloemfontein (and what an atrocious affair that was!!!!!) I overheard somebody saying that the President has put a hold on the new judging scheme. I don't judge, so don't care a hoot, but maybe it will be a while before our Judge Supreme can start teaching any of his fancy steps.

But I agree, the person in charge of the judging scheme must be a person of the highest moral and ethical standards. If Judge Supreme was caught the second time trying to influence the judging, then I hope Kusa will release him from his duties on the committee and give the job to somebody who commands the respect of all of us in the dogworld.

Dance to the tune


06 September 2011
I had a great time and found the cluster show week-end was well organized and run. Sure, there were some glitches, like none of my child handler entries noted, but hey, the ladies in the tent sorted it out pronto and with a friendly attitude. Surpringsly friendly even on the fourth day. Kudos to the office team.

Although I have not done any winning of note, 3 RC's were hardly why I made the trip to Bloem, I thought it was a great week-end.

Well done to the organizers, ladies in the office and the show manager. Sure if what happened to the Batteys and the lady with the cute Samoyed puppy is true, I agree, a response better suited to the role of show manager would have been appropriate. However, to just negate and label everything disastrous does not seem quite appropriate either. I for one do not envy anyone in the role of show manager for 4 days.

And I quite agree with Anita, it was not so much the showgrounds, but rather the people who left their rubbish and poop laying all over that made the grounds look dubious after a day or two of showing. I also had the unfortunate incidents that my dogs crapped in the wrong places and I had to go ask someone for a poof bag. Luckily a lady sold them quite cheap, 3 rolls for like 20 bucks, come on people, if you can afford expensive grooming stuff, 20 bucks for poof bags should be affordable?

Carmen Schnider
Satsanga Siberian Huskies


06 September 2011

In general I think it’s very sad that the caliber of our shows especially those ‘Big’ shows have dropped. No one has mentioned ‘Goldfields Dog of the year’, how sad was that all the finalists cramped into the one ring like sardines in a tin, the two Irish judges asking them to run up and down and that was it, no space to run the dogs around, I miss the old days where all the rings were opened up into one big ring and you got to run around that big field and the crowds roared for their favorite. When the winner won a trip to America and the news reporters and photographers camera’s flashed and flashed. There was no public, no extra stalls, no food stalls. I liked it on the bottom field though but sad to see it go downhill so drastically.

The Nationals were a disgrace, the rings were tiny, no space for benching, everyone was on top of one another. The toilets were the worst I’ve ever had to use at a dog show yet, they were dirty, no soap, paper towels and toilet paper were there occasionally. I only saw Alwyn Dippenaar sit on his butt while the ladies from Joburg ran around doing what ever they could and Mr Beckmann didn’t handle the pressure of show manager as well as we hoped but I do think Alwyn Dippenaar could have done something! Boy oh boy did I miss the familiar bacon and egg breakfast rolls, it was pancakes or burgers. For the National weekend/cluster shows I think the judges were appalling – I think somebody should have told our Russian friends it wasn’t a FCI show as they were giving you a grading and telling the ring steward, they hardly touched any of the dogs. There were no scales for the Dachshunds – which is terrible, since it is a KUSA rule! There really wasn’t any consistency in anything the whole weekend. I think the tension and the long drawn out weekend just got to a lot of people, there were fights all over the place. Sad very sad that our Big shows have gone downhill so much.

Hoping for a brighter future


06 September 2011
As if the fun and games in Bloemfontein weren't enough. We now have members of "Camp Beckmann" openly defending his actions on Sunday morning. This certain member of his fanclub, believes that not only was he justified in swearing at and threatening people, but the young girl who he threatened instigated the reaction and provoked him. I cannot begin to fathom how you can say swearing at people especially a young girl, is ok. Just a question for you, since you feel the need, to badmouth not only KUSA but the people at KUSA, the "judges who don't know how to judge the breed" and the shows, why exactly are you showing at KUSA? Your breed has its on organization, and in your opinion they host better shows and know your breed better, so why don't you rather go there? You also feel that the people calling for fairness and who signed that petition should be ashamed of themselves, and should leave Martin Beckmann alone, as he is doing nothing wrong and is being victimised. Really do you think he cares about your loyalty? You are a pawn in his sick games.

The mind boggles


07 September 2011

Liz Hiscock,
Very sad that you could not call us privately, to let us know what your problem was??

You have been friends with my mother and myself for many years, was this called for?

That advert of mine was done just over “a month ago”  and  STAVROS did win a Best in Show in Durban maybe my mom or Joan made an innocent mistake in not putting KZN JUNIOR 29th July ..please  ask if  the chairman of KZN JUNIOR CLUB, if you  feel we are trying to take your limelight!!

Why you have decided to be nasty on DOGWORLD we have no idea??

Nobody  complained about our ad, but  you  decided 4 weeks  later you had to  complain  on Dogworld, MMMMmmmmm   ??? Mom says please Liz if you have a problem, it was only a call away and we would have fixed up “The mistake “of not having KZN before!!!!


Really glad you keep up with STAVROS wins!!

Lots of kind thoughts
When I see Trevor I never fail to ask about you and send love!!!

PS if you had called mom I am sure Joan WOULD HAVE TAKEN A MINUTE TO CHANGE IT!!!!

28 September 2011

Well I think I am living in a parallel universe I thought Sasolburg show is this weekend not last weekend?? Was I in the wrong town I thought we were in Port Shepstone last weekend. Well it looked like it to me sea and sand rain.

Wow seeing into the future is such a skill it’s a bit like the movie "Men who stare at goats".

And pray tell what has the spouse of the judge giving a CC to a dog got to do with the partner also awarding on the same dog???????

Please people our lives are so difficult at present don’t go looking for reds under the bed!!!!!!!!

George Clooney


28 September 2011
Hate to say this my dear, but Sasolburg Show is only on the 1st of October, just how do you know which dogs are entered under which judge??? Or are you privileged to 'know' beforehand who has entered what?
But then I expect that is so, as many people know what is entered even before closing date.

Sport Dead, Waiting for Cremation.


10 October 2011

Sunday morning at the SALKA show I watched in total amazement to see a very young and obviously new child Handler being tutored by BOTH his well known Show parents prior to the start of the Child Handling class, take the bitch he was going to be handling and slap it in the face a few times, yank it by choke chain WHILST HIS PARENTS WATCHED AND CONDONED this appaling behaviour with absolutely no reprimand for this inappropriate handling of the poor and more than tolerant bitch! It makes one think what these parents actually allow their kids to do at home.
It's a Shame


16 October 2011
There was lots to discuss at last week’s show bonanza in Gauteng – from absconded junior handlers to Top Dogs getting “Very Goods” at the FCI show to the usual exhibitors chucking their toys out the cot.

One of the funniest moments was on Sunday when the sage old leader of the The Clan was overheard saying after the Ladies show that in his long life he had witnessed two catastrophic events: Hiroshima and today’s judging!!! Without these real characters our dog world would be a lot poorer. May they live for ever!

Still laughing!!!


23 October 2011
Dear Exhibitors, we have heard that it is being said in SA that dogs cannot be brought into Namibia to attend dog shows any more.

Last year July one exhibitor did have terrible trouble at one border post in getting their dogs both in and out, we are aware of this and our legal representative is following up the issue with local customs officials to get the full story of what the problem was.

While this was most distressing for both exhibitor and dogs, I would have be sorely upset as well, but I can assure you we are looking into the matter.

However, no other exhibitor at any other border post had any trouble whatsoever.

So all I want to say is please do not just write Namibia out of your show diaries for next year, we will keep you updated on the happenings and as always will look forward to extending a warm Namibian welcome to you all.

 Hochland Dog Club


26 October 2011
Is there any redress for exhibitors ? Six shows - six imports - and a mind boggling assortment of decisions from Australia thru to America, Canada, Holland, Malaysia, Mexico. Just how do the host Clubs recruit these Judges and have they even been trained? And more informatively did they pay their own way so as to get the appointment?

To copy cat a previous post 'Hiroshima and the Cape spring week end judging"

Please Clubs - think hard before you repeat these mistakes

Basement Bargains