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3 May 2011
Natal Sporting Hound Association put on a lovely, well organized show but the behavior of the ring steward left me feeling rather disappointed. It is not the job of the ring steward to discuss the exhibits with the judge. To top it all the Best Puppy in Show was announced as "the lady in red".

Leaves you wondering just who was on show the Lady or the Dog!

Very unprofessional


5 May 2011
The only thing unprofessional about Natal Sporting Hounds you, you doll.

Please, may I be present when you stand in front of Mr Les Morison and call him a cheat or call him unprofessional.

You may not be aware that Les stood his ground, in the sun, marshalling YOU whilst his father had taken a nasty fall in his accomodation.

You are just another sad loser looking for excuses and you don't even have the guts to put your name to this Libelous Rubbish.

Rather stay at home you sad, sad person.

Peter Watson


6 May 2011

Hi guys

We always try to put on a good show and that our show is a success is due to the efficiency and professionalism of our steward Les Morison who is one of the best in the business.

Thank you Peter for your support – you are welcome at our show anytime - and Very Unprofessional – well what can I say – perhaps you should give NSHA a miss next year because, God willing, I sincerely hope that Les will be stewarding for us again!!

Di Hansen
Natal Sporting Hound Assocation


10 May 2011
On Saturday, 7 May 2011, the Chairman of The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of the Transvaal proudly announced that for this year, they had received the highest number of entries for the past 4 years. The entry of 78 staffies is exceptionally good bearing in mind we are in a financial downspiral, however on checking the actual statistics off previous catalogues, the records show the following:

Saturday, 7 May 2011 Judge: Brian Owen (UK ) Dogs 41, Bitches 37 =  Total 78
Saturday, 8 May 2010 Judge: John Ryder (UK) Dogs 38, Bitches 35 = Total 73
Saturday, 9 May 2009 Judge: Steve Bradder (UK) Dogs 43, Bitches 41 = Total 84
Saturday, 10 May 2008 Judge: Geoff Faulkner (UK) Dogs 40, Bitches 36 = Total 76
Saturday, 12 May 2007 Judge: Harry Carter (UK) Dogs 39, Bitches 38 = Total 77

In any event, a good show which was well attended. Well done to the 2011 Committee!

Debbie Lurie
Ex Honorary Secretary – The Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of the Transvaal


12 May 2011

Well done To Pretoria Toy and Jubilee Toy Dog clubs for two super shows. The prizes were great at both shows and the shows were well run and detail was outstanding.

Sure was a pleasure to attend.

To both the chairpersons and committee a BIG THANKS AND WELL DONE.

Pat de Coning


12 May 2011
Transvaal Terrier Club would like to thank all the exhibitors for their support to the club at their Ch show over the weekend. We had a super entry of 138. Without the support of you the exhibitor this show would not have been the success it was. To our main Sponsor Eukanuba and all the other Sponsors.

A very special Big Thanks to You all

Pat de Coning


12 May 2011

The Northern Tshwane Kennel Club would like to thank all the exhibitors for their support for the upcoming show this weekend.

Please note that the rings will only go up in the late so please don't set up before 2pm.

We hope the Judges will enjoy their day with us as well as all the exhibitors.

Thanks to all for your support
Pat de Coning


12 May 2011
I would like to make some comments about the R100 entry fees for Goldfields. This is considered excessive.  However are there are other aspects to be taken into consideration and one does have to look at the bigger picture.

The Goldfields Club was founded in 1875, and  a clubhouse and show grounds were established  in Bowing Rd , Bedfordview.

In 1972 Dogmore sponsored Goldfields Kennel Club the oldest and biggest kennel club on the reef.  That came about because Jack Lea (Tiger Brands) knew Henry Pretorius.

In 1978 we (Tiger Brands) started the  ”Dogmore Goldfields Dog of the Year” competition. at first there were about 400 dogs entered for the show but in 1988 there were over 2000 - and membership of the club had increased tremendously.  Each year, Tiger Brands brought international judges to South Africa for this event, which has helped to raise the standard of our dog shows. (This was found in a book “Tiger Tapestry” by Rudy Frankel, a one time Honorary President of Goldfields.)

This is 2011 and that was 40 years ago, those days are gone and the only dog show grounds country wide, we have left are the Goldfields show grounds.  These grounds have become the home of so many clubs and are used on a daily basis for training of dogs, walking of dogs, and in fact every aspect of the sport. Think, has it not become the responsibility of dogdom to ensure the upkeep of Goldfields dog show grounds. Would it not be in the interest of all exhibitors, that the clubs using these grounds increased their entry fees to R100 and then pay stipend for each dog entered.

Joan Maltman 


18 May 2011
Congratulations to the judge on his FIRST Championship FACE judging appointment last weekend. You did a splendid job losing the respect of most exhibitors around the ring… I strongly doubt you’ll see so many entries again at your next appointment…. Hope the reward for your chosen decision was worth it…
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!  
Never again


18 May 2011
I just wanted to thank Northern Tshwane for the lovely rosettes and prizes they handed out, they were most generous. Their BIS ring looked beautiful with all the fresh flowers. Also Western Gauteng were very generous with their rosettes even the RCC received one, not many clubs do that nowadays, and I think it is so important especially for the new comers.

Clair van den Bergh


19 May 2011
So tired of the face judging that is going on in the show ring. Judges coming from overseas and then staying with show people, and then come the day of the shows all you see are these people's dogs bieng placed Best in Show, RCC. CC, Best Junior and all that goes along, come on we may look stupid but surely we are not blind. If this is how you get your kennel on the map then it is surely not worth it .I have seen dogs getting placed like this for a while now, it's not even worth showing any more!

Is this the only way your dogs can become champions, is it worth it building up your kennels with these unworthy champions...

Disgusted and disappointed !!!


24 May 2011
I just want to say that I appreciate that Ring Stewarding is a thankless job, and for those that take on the job for the good of us all really do deserve a medal. Standing out in the sun all day and if one happens to make a mistake there is always that angry exhibitor that will let rip. I also have to comment on a previous post where Les Morrisons' practice at Natal Sporting was mentioned, I actually think Les is a great ring steward and takes his job very seriously, he doesn't take nonsense and is the same with all exhibitors, at the end he does try to keep everyone in suspense and may make a joke or two at the end, but I think its to try and get the crowd envolved.  BUT there are those that ring steward for other reasons and they believe that ring stewarding is a license to ‘co-judge’, some people just don’t have a decent or ethical sinew in their bodies. The poor Hound Group at Western Gauteng was witness to the judge and co judge discussing each class, arms flying and it was very clear what was being said for all to see and hear – shocking. But wait there’s more… Yes… hold on to your seat… after the group was judged, the co-judge or ring steward left the hound ring to handle his dog under a local judge for the ‘Golden Paw challenge’, while being called on the intercom he shouted and waved to let them know he was just busy being judged, well if the judge didn’t feel intimidated yet she did now! After the Golden Paw Challenge had been judged the ring steward then went and continued his ring stewarding/co-judging in the BIS ring! What a busy man he is. Clubs please have more foresight, all exhibitors expect is a fair chance without interference, pressure or persuasion.

Sick of game playing


29 May 2011
At recent championship shows I saw something that really made me think that things are getting a little out of hand now!!! A person won the breed puppy group, then proceeded to hold  up the judging of the Junior group to have her photo taken posing the dog on the table with the judge holding up her BP rosette, this also happened for the Junior, Reserve BOB, whilst the rest of us stood around waiting at the side of the ring!!! Believe me this is not sour grapes, I do my fair share of winning but I certainly don’t hold up the proceeding to have my piccie taken by my husband, I can’t say I’ve seen it happen in my 30 odd years of showing either.

It seems as if there are different rules for certain people these days!!!

Donetta D’ Rosetta


29 May 2011
Hello. I want to write a little comment about a recent dog shows. To be more precise about the owners of the dogs at these shows. Today we visited the Swartland KC and West Coast KC dog show. We just wanted to take a walk and enjoy the show. During our time at the show, nearby stood people with a bull terrier. I don’t know what the owner was doing, but suddenly his dog broke loose from his flimsy leash. A healthy, strong, sturdy, adult bull terrier. In a few seconds, he turned on our dog (we have a Dobermann, still a puppy, almost 6 months old). Just imagine this situation ... We were lucky our dog was not hurt, because my husband had time to react. What if he did not react in time, what if he was concerntrating on the show like all of us?  All the bull terrier’s owner said was sorry and disappeared. People must keep the pets on proper leashes and always have control.

The fact that our dog was severely traumatized is scary especially at a public event like this. What if the dog turned on a little human? Imagine the consequences.

Dog owners, if your dog shows aggression, if your dog has not socialized with other dogs or you're not sure about your dog’s aggression then ensure that your dog wears a muzzle. That is what they there for. Pay attention

P.S. Thanks to the judge (sorry did not ask his name) who asked if our dog was okay.

Nehai Sveta,


30 May 2011
I would like to extend a warm hearty WELL DONE!!! to the two new clubs, Swartland and West Coast,  who held their 1st Non Champ back to back shows on Sunday 29th May. Everything appeared to run smoothly and there were happy smiling faces all round with loads and loads of  stunning prizes. Your sash ribbons will be treasured. Well done you guys... looking forward to the next show.

Seona Grobbelaar


31 May 2011
In reply to Nehai Sveta.

Unless a special promotion has been advertised at the dog show that invites you to bring your dog to a certain location at the show for a specific purpose (such as a Canine Good Citizen test or Indefinite Listing Privilege application, you are not allowed to bring your pets to the dog show. You will be asked to leave if you do so.

You are not allowed to bring your pets to the dog show, so you may be asked to leave if you do so.

You and your husband, were standing at the stairs going to the clubhouse chatting.  Not looking if there were any other dogs around or approaching. 

People like you, who come to shows and not showing dogs are not alert . For most it is a first. As you said “We just wanted to take a walk and enjoy the show.” Non exhibitors walk around with their dogs not bothered if they upset exhibitors or dogs.

The exhibitors are aware of how to pass other dogs and their handlers. We either keep our dogs in crates or in trailors,  if we take the dogs for a walk we keep our eyes open and definitely not between crowds or other dogs.  It is stressfull for the dogs and then things like this happen and  the dog gets blamed.  I don't think it is fair to judge the owner or the dog for your mistake.

If you attend a show again please leave your dog at home or enter for the show!



31 May 2011
The committtee of the two new Cape All-breeds Clubs - Swartland and West Coast KC - would like to extend warmest thanks to Cape exhibitors, who braved the cold and rain to support our very first open shows on 29 May. Judging by the words of encouragement and smiles of enthusiasm, it seems that people enjoyed themselves and found our slightly 'different way of doing things' somewhat refreshing. The Brace Challenge also went down extremely well, and since this is likely to become a feature of these clubs, "best we all start breeding look-alikes to enter the competition in future", as said by an exhibitor! HUGE thanks to our magnanimous sponsors for helping us to make the day so special for everyone: Royal Canin, Lusahn Pet Products, Perdeberg Motors, Rogz, Swartland Wine Cellars, About Catz & Dogz Vetshop, Malmesbury Toyota, Momentum & Vodacom for wonderful show and raffle prizes. And, of course, a special thank you to our judges from around the country and our hard-working stewards - all of whom ensured that the shows rolled forward swiftly and efficiently. Here's to another one in September!

Joy McFarlane: Chairman - Swartland KC;
Michael Vorster: Chairman - West Coast KC
and the hard-working Committee 


1 June 2011
I hear what Lorraine is saying, but unfortunately there are many who walk around with their dogs on a loose lead, and their dogs walk straight into others gazebos, and are amazed if the occupant doesn't like it.
It is not confined to one breed, please keep your exhibit under control at all times, especially at the collecting ring, many a young puppy gets scared out of it's life.



13 June 2011
A very BIG Thank You to everyone who helped make our Fund Raiser Show on the 12 June a HUGE success, The final money count is not in yet but we made in excess of R12000! with a further R1500 just received. A special thank you to all the judges and stewards who gave up their day for this worthy cause. To Royal Canin who sponsored the breed, agility, dog jumping and obedience as well as a super raffle and to Hills who sponsored the Carting a big thank you. It's much appreciated. To everyone who sponsored rosettes and donated prizes thanks and a really big thank you must go to Forest Hills Sports Club who gave us the venue for no charge today.

This show really proved that the Dog community pulls together in times of need and we really appreciate the support we received.



13 June 2011
A thumbs down to the very crude and very rude young man who allowed his Rottweiler to defecate in the entrance to the Working Ring and then, while the dog was busy, declared to anyone within hearing distance that it was 3 days worth of faeces.!!

Very unpleasant indeed - let the lions take him.


14 June 2011
In response to Azara

I very seldom respond to posting on Dogworld and if I do, I always sign off with my full name.

Today, I feel that I really do need to respond as your post is really uncalled for and very one sided.

The ‘very crude and rude young man’ you are referring to is Ulrich Esterhuizen, who has grown up around the show rings, handling not only his own dogs, but has always been most willing to help many other people. He has come through the ranks in handling, breeding ,stewarding and showing.

He did not just ‘allow his Rottweiler to defecate in the entrance to the Working Ring’. He was waiting to go into the ring and the dog had a ‘need’. He was standing very patiently with 2 plastic bags to clean up as soon as the dog was finished. What would you have liked him to do? Drag the dog away???

His friends were teasing him, many of us found it rather amusing as the dog took rather a long time, and Ulrich just got more  and more embarrassed. So maybe his comments were not exactly ‘polite’ or to your liking. My dear, I have heard exhibitors use worse language towards each other over the years.

Our sport is dying a rapid death due in part to all the bitching that goes on. Instead of nit picking, laugh it off to youthful exuberance and be happy that there are young people who are still passionate about breeding and showing dogs.

Lori Kasselman
P.S. it really was 3 days worth…… LOL!!!


14 June 2011
It is quite obvious from what is going on in the show rings that a lot of judges need to have a relook at their breed standards and attend some breed clinics.  Hopefully a new system will come into place that after (?) years judging a judge must sit a refresher examination so that they can call back on their learned knowledge of a breed and not have to rely on face judging. 

Yes, I am doubting certain judges’ integrities and the fact that certain exhibitors knowingly put sub standard dogs in the ring and rely on their so-called love of a breed is despicable. Never mind it being  a total insult to other exhibitors who genuinely  love the breed and are doing everything they can to diligently improve the quality of the breed by either importing or breeding there from. 

The actions of these unscrupulous people is nothing but killing dogdom as well as the breeds involved.   This is not winning by quality of the dog but just wanting to be on the top no matter what it takes.   What the judges get out of it – you ask the relevant exhibitors – they would be more qualified to say than me, but it is quite obvious. 

I appeal to Club committees to please have a good look at the numbers that the judge attracts before contracting them to judge at your show.  This can give a very good indication on the exhibitors support for your show or lack thereof.

Come on exhibitors - let’s try to filter out the corrupt judges and thereby the “faces” will have fewer and fewer shows to go to.  Let’s not stand back and say it is “OK, our time will come.”  In the meantime the standard of some breeds are going down as unscrupulous exhibitors are breeding from these so-called champions.   Judge’s – if you genuinely know the standard and an exhibit does not comply with pertinent points – for goodness sake have the guts and withhold the ticket or do not place the dog.  Believe you me, if you open your eyes you will find some very good and better dogs standing right there in the ring.

Thank goodness we do still have some excellent judges that are not being overused for the wrong reasons.  Your honesty and integrity is lauded.

If the cap fits ……..


15 June 2011
I love the post by "If the cap fits" . In my time have seen exhibitors travel many miles with one dog to exhibit under one
particular judge. And what happens! To our surprise or shall I say, to our disgust this dog gets the ticket. And afterward we hear that this person knows the judge. And worst is that the dog is not at all to the standard with a very obvious dip in the back.

I enter my dogs in shows regardless if exhibitors know the judge and I say to myself, 'I have to trust the judges integrity'.

The judge MUST know the STANDARD and he MUST have INTEGRITY!

No more face judging


15 June 2011
Dear Lori

Your PS Says it all - 3 days.!!!!!!!!!  Was this poor dog not given any toilet privileges over the 3 days? Most of us take our dogs out on walkies to do the necessary and therefore do not subject the dog to a 'need' at ringside - and therefore also avoid any embarrassment.

Anyway whatever his name and credentials are - he's bones now. The end.




15 June 2011
In response to Azara.

I agree with Lori Kasselman! Azara it is uncalled for!!

We need "young blood" at the shows. Yes, we were teasing him and he was embarrassed and he laughed it off as only he can do. We all love him to BITS!!!!

Let the young people join us and show us what life is all about!!   Obviously you don't have young boys/men running around you, if you do you will know that is their way!!



17 June 2011
Wow Azara, you obviously forgot the \'happy pills\'!

What a wonderful young man Ulrich is and we really appreciate seeing him at shows, always ready to help out when needed - as I am sure you do too!

Perhaps you should have been on grounds duty in Oudtshoorn as I saw a number of exhibitors there who strangely manage not to notice when dear Fido does a \'poo\', but are ever quick to notice all else. The amount of doggy-heaps around the grounds was embarassing to say the least.

Thanks Ulrich, and in fact all of your family who always are there to help if needed - laugh this one off.

Janet Burmeister


17 June 2011
I fully agree with If the cap fits & No more face judging, above ... Some exhibitors travel a fair distance around our beautiful country to support and attend shows.  It is certainly becoming apparent that many "older" judges out there, who were cleared to judge in the "older" schemes ... are ... showing the tell tale signs.... “They have either forgotten the Rules and Regulations of Breed Showing and too have forgotten some of their Breed Standards" or let alone, do not own a copy of a Breed Standards (over heard someone say).  It's apparent that at the Breeds Seminars that the Judges Committees put on, we never see these judges, to even bother to update their 'knowledge' of these breeds that they are about to judge in their Year's schedule to 'Judge'.  Yes, we could go on and on, ad lib on the Pro and Cons of these "few" judges.  I might add, to remind the few speculators, that it is not simply a critique of the "pack" of "older" judges out there, but it is becoming more apparent that they simply either award in the “Groups” to the "few breeds" they prefer or “know” what other judges prefer for the final judging of a Show day or simply award again & again, to Who is at the end of the lead!!!

As a continued learner judge and should I ever be in a position to be an All Breeds judge ... I can state that I will continue to attend as many Breed Seminars as I can, which is 99% of all made available in my Province and I have attended a couple in another Province, and will continue as well as spend time chatting to others around on their Breeds.  I certainly know it is my choice to consider who I show under for their "Personal opinion", but I am saddened to see that most of one's Group exhibitors seem to voice similar opinions around the ring.  These same "older" judges are even affording "Handling" lessons in the ring and to most of the "Older exhibitors" in the ring (but then these particular judges, might feel it necessary to advise these exhibitors, but we don't see them exhibiting any more) ...  they even choose to have personal conversations while they judge a dog with the exhibitors they know so well, and advise them what to do and correct in order that they might place them in the "First position", perhaps this is to comfort themselves for supposedly others outside the rings to see, while not considering the other exhibitors in the ring ... After all it's only her/his' opinion ... and the second to third places should simply ‘shut up’ and be happy with their position awarded!  Committees, please consider your Committees opinions and Members opinions on who you appoint to judge and start looking at the stats on your numbers per appointed judge.  Yes, someone again would come back and say there are not enough judges out there … KUSA please get the ball rolling on with the new scheme and ensure that judges continue to attend Breed seminars, follow up on their knowledge etc.  There is a fast and furious new changing world out there and "the time specification on an appointment" does not allow a couple of year’s between judging appointments, but if you try harder enough to source, we are in a position to have 1 Judge, judge a group every 2 years or so.  Judges, a plea from many … Please stop the "Face judging" and have the gumption to look further at your types of choice and look more at the Breed structure and Characteristic of the breed on the day.  Should a dog growl at you and you then have to ask the handler to show its teeth as you are now fearful, this choice should then be discarded on the day and the second choice awarded to on this particular day.  Again we are simply expected to understand as perhaps you need to award to these "Dogs" purely for your Province's Year End Top Competition ... (to the team, please consider changing the rules then).

Start judging the dogs ... on the day for their Breed’s Merit worth.  There are far too many Groups’ exhibitors dwindling.  I choose to exhibit as I enjoy the Sport of showing dogs, but when one pays R80.00 to enter plus the cost of travelling in fuel plus accommodation expenditure and one cannot receive an honest opinion or a rosette for a special accolade, I’m becoming disheartened.  For the record, I exhibit in a Breed where there are fabulous types of all competitors in our Breed and have recently started to see that some “Older judges” are not learned on most of our Groups Breeds.  On a sincere positive note, I thank the Sponsors of the Dog Foods suppliers and sincerely appreciate even the smallest sample bag (more than a small rosette) as at least your dog is happy with the Food prize he/she receives and for the Committees hard work who put on these shows, at least some of our dogs can enjoy their couple of day’s outings with their owners.

It is fabulous to see the newer generation who is still willing to LEARN about the Breeds of their Groups choice and also hear about those who are talking to Breeders about the intricacies of the Breeds they judge.  There are truly some outstanding Judges in the recent scheme qualifications and I’m sure there will be more to come.

Enthusiast of Characteristic’s for Breed Judging


19 June 2011
Appreciate the letters of frustration about recent "judging" ethics and mis-judging of certain breeds where disqualifying behaviours and bad breed representation were ignored in order to put up fellow province mates! Despicable judging behaviour which I will never tolerate for a second time that's for sure!

Making a learner error in judging between two dogs due to minor differences will happen, but blatant misdemeanours due to reckless judging is not only viewed by exhibitors as unacceptable but you as a judge have lost all respect forever!
I believe judges should not over do too many groups too soon, before they have had experience enough in order to achieve BIS status.... No one can ever know every breed, so stick to the groups you know and understand before you move on to other groups.

Exhibitors stick to judges you respect and know will give you their honest opinion for your dog without disrespecting you or your dog.

Once bitten.....


21 June 2011
Here’s another spin on the Breed Judging “there are not enough new judges”. Has anyone looked at who runs clubs? Who are on the committee of clubs… a lot of these people are the “political” judges you are talking about, which means they appoint their own judges - when a post is written and it is a plea to committee members to stop appointing political judges it falls on deaf ears…

There are some good learner judges out there that do go to all the seminars and try and learn as much as possible and go to different breeders and find out as much as they can but they cannot judge at open shows if they don’t get invited. They have their names out but don’t get asked and could it be perhaps because committee personally know that these are going to be honest judges that judge the dog in the ring and not the end of the lead…

This means that a lot of regulars won’t be winning and for a lot of regulars that is what it is all about - winning. Not about improving the breed but winning at any cost. This is why a lot of the same old judges are being used because they are the same old trusty judges.
Just a thought!


28 June 2011
A note of THANKS to the Committee and Chair of Junior Kennel Club.  This "younger" generation certainly put on a superb and "well manicured" show.  Well done guys and gals - it was really super to see and experience everything so well organised - your attention to detail was great.
Donne Lucas
Donnehaus and Chaldonne Dobermanns
PS - Can you order the weather a tad warmer next time


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