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 3 July 2012

In response (a bit delayed) to previous comments about FCI Shows.

I personally really prefer them, the fact that the judge actually has to comment and grade the dogs means that unless they want their comments ridiculed they have taken the time to study and understand the breed standard.

Unlike a normal show where sadly so many judges seem to have not have even the slightest, passing acquaintance with a breed standard or are influenced by their “friends on facebook”.

I thought they were so poorly attended because all the exhibitors who otherwise win are embarrassed by the loud announcement of the sub-excellent rating of their dogs.

Rosemary Elliott

30 July 2012
Judges beware! Don’t ever speak to your ring steward! The gazebos have ears even though some of them need a hearing aid.

An exhibitor at one of the KZN shows apparently put her money down against a judge and a ring steward because she thinks she heard or others told her they heard that the judge received a little “guidance” from the ring steward. There are various versions of who said what, but it ended in a screaming match between the steward and the exhibitor in the exhibitor’s tent and a rush to the office with R2000.

Our sport is indeed in a very sad state. No wonder it is slowly dying.

Win at all cost

31 July 2012
Isn’t it amazing that certain people thrive on poking their noses where they don't belong and then put inaccuracies or assumptions on the web thinking they are above reproach by using nom du plumes.
These are some of the FACTS (the rest of the FACTS are in the Official Complaint) as to what happened -
FACT - I reported my intention to make an official complaint to the Show Manager at the completion of the breed judging.
FACT - I did not have to be told anything - I heard and saw what happened - I was there, you obviously weren’t so I suggest you get your facts right and react to what you have heard for yourself or seen for yourself.
FACT - The so-called "screaming-match" happened after the group judging.
FACT - There was no "screaming match" (sorry to disappoint you) as it was one-sided screaming by the ring steward.
FACT - Yes, I did put in an official complaint and deposit but I didn’t have to rush to do it - I had plenty of time.
There. You now have it!
Corinne Diggins

31 July 2012
Good Day All,

What can we say? This past weekend at the KZN Junior Kennel Club Championship Show the herding group judge had her partner as the ring steward and do you know what? His dogs are entered on the Saturday and Sunday. MMMMMMMMMM tea and lunches with all the judges while he can still show the dogs the rest of the weekend. OH NO!!!! Is this the only way he can win???? Not nice!!!! Very very unethical!

Herding exhibitor.

31 July 2012
Hmmm Win at all cost, if the screaming match happened in the exhibitors tent, then it must have been either the ring steward or the judge who made their way over to the tent to instigate the said screaming match. I just cant see the exhibitor dragging either of them over to his/her tent to scream at them. No wonder the 2K was laid down. What kind of an example does this set for aspirant judges & stewards?

The new judging scheme has its work cut out for it.

Your right. No wonder our sport is dying if thats the example being set.

All for ethical behaviour.

1 August 2012
A-haaaa so it was Corinne who put down her money - not the exhibitor. Or did two lots of money go down? I must have heard twenty different versions of the story by now. At least its keeping the dog world buzzing!

Maybe somebody who was directly involved can set the record straight and end the wild speculation. The star witness is apparently one of the dog world's more colorful characters.  This ex-secretary turned grooming assistant and hanger on apparently also had her ear glued to the ring.  She must also have lip reading skills.
Let the hearings begin

1 August 2012
Durban Shows,

Further to the comments I would firstly like to say that I had a really nice weekend, full of sun and savannahs, a really pleasant change from my miserable cold office in Johannesburg.

The shows started right on time – a rare occurrence in dog showing and much appreciated, and my dogs did just fine!

However, as for all the shenanigans that occurred, should you be amused or horrified by the lack of ethics.

During the weekend I was told about an instance in another country where a judge excused a top winning dog from the ring because the owners had send advertising copy to him/her prior to the event.

Wow someone with ethical standards, I was stunned. So it can be done and this is how the weekend could have gone.

“Sorry madam you are excused from the ring as we co own other dogs”

“Sorry sir are excused from the ring as we are close house friends and I cannot be impartial”

“Sorry madam your are excused from the ring because I obtained a judging appointment from you and we travelled together overseas a few short months ago anything I award you would be suspect”

“Sorry madam you are excused from the ring because you are on the committee of the club and you have come in the ring with a dog who is not yours to try and influence my opinion”

Sadly I could go on.

I wonder why you all do it, do you think no one notices, do you have so little regard for other exhibitors that their low opinion of you doesn’t matter? Are you lives so small, that winning in such a small show by unethical means makes you feel good about yourselves?

If the people in the utility ring felt that an unethical practice went on – good for them in making it official.  Sadly all the rest of us can do is make our notes and ensure we steer well clear of these people in the future.

Rosemary Elliott

2 August 2012
Oh Lordie, it seems the ethics police are out in force again!!!

So dog people, be careful who you speak to, whose dogs you touch, whose car you get in to, whose tent you pop in to, who you accept a hamburger from.  They are there lurking with there cell phones to take your picture and for every little win you get in the ring they will make some absurd connection to show the world how crooked you are.  They will find something to pin on you even if they have to fabricate it. 

Some people must really get a life

2 August 2012
PG Glass must be doing a roaring trade - stones are flying out of glass houses all over the place.

I quote: “Sorry madam you are excused from the ring because ... we travelled together overseas a few short months ago anything I award you would be suspect”.

I’m sure I remember the author of this post travelling abroad with two prominent South African judges several years ago and later winning Best in Group and Best in Show under those very same travelling companions.

Or am I mistaken?

Off to invest in PG Shares

4 August 2012
Yeh! A response – good I am so glad that finally you are getting the message.  To “must get a life” I do not think social interaction is the problem, I think people cheating is the problem and no one needs to fabricate when the evidence is before your eyes.

To “PG Shares” – Oh why did you not check your facts first?  Flynn my Welsh Springer Spaniel won under Edwina and Yvonne at the Cape Town Kennel Club in October, 2006, up until that time I had barely spoken to them, I  went with them to Finland whilst they were judging in July 2007, and here is the great thing about them when I showed under them again at Hibiscus Kennel Club in September 2007,  they did not give Flynn ANYTHING, because that day there were better dogs.  It’s called integrity – you may not be conversant with it – look it up.

So try chucking another rock or two – I can’t wait!
Rosemary Elliott

4 August 2012
I must agree with the sentiments expressed by Rosemary Elliott.  Glass houses and stones notwithstanding, I really do think that Off to invest in PG shares should get the timeline sorted before rushing into print (I have a reasonably good memory in certain areas).  Perhaps Rosemary’s comments stung a little.

Say what you like and make excuses as much as you want, but ethics and morals are sadly lacking these days; chicanery rules, and although we all know that it has always existed, people used to be much more discreet.  It’s now become like a runaway train with hollow victories abounding.

It just gets plain boring to open the Schedule for a forthcoming Championship Show and just know, not only who is going to win in the breed classes but also in the Groups, even unto the third and fourth places – not only under certain South African judges, but also under the odd (sometimes very odd) overseas number.

I truly miss the days when there was a sense of anticipation and excitement when entering a show.  Why are some of us not surprised at the declining numbers?  While I firmly believe that competition makes us all better, I don’t get out of bed to lose (so what if I find myself going to fewer and fewer shows, it certainly saves on the Prozac), and there seems to be a growing number of exhibitors who feel the same way.

Lucienne Ferres

5 August 2012
Gosh, it seems that Rosemary Elliott and Lucienne Ferres not only suffer from an ethics addiction but also from a serious bout of amnesia.

Rosemary writes: "I went with them (this is Yvonne and Edwina - the ones so full of integrity) to Finland whilst they were judging in July 2007, and here is the great thing about them when I showed under them again at Hibiscus Kennel Club in September 2007,  they did not give Flynn ANYTHING, because that day there were better dogs."

Well guys, because I thought I was also losing my mind I looked up the results of the Hibiscus Kennel Club in September 2007 and guess what:

Gundog Group: Welsh Springer Spaniel Ch Kazval Classic Example of Chalcopyrite - Judge: Ms Y Meintjes
Best in Show: Welsh Springer Spaniel Ch Kazval Classic Example of Chalcopyrite - Judge: Ms E Thomas

This much awarded Welsh Springer Spaniel, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than Rosemary Elliott's Flynn!!!

If you don't believe me follow the link ......

and scroll down to September 2007.

Surely, Rosemary & Lucienne, you do not construe a Group 1st and Best in Show as nothing.

So there's the rock you've been waiting for, Rosemary!  Unfortunately there's no place to hide in your glass house.

Rushing off to get more PG shares

5 August 2012
I think Lucienne Ferres can make a fortune with her talents and also save us a lot of money.  Al we have to do before a show is phone her to look into her crystal ball whose going to win and then we will know whether to enter or not. Perhaps she can put up a tent at dogshows with all the schedules and then we can visit her before entering.  She can have a sign with VISIT ME FOR BIG SAVINGS ON ENTRY FEES.


6 August 2012
PG Shares you are 100% correct, I am flattered that you spent so much time trying to dig up that scrap of information, I did not check my facts thoroughly and relied on my memory I had totally forgotten that he won a second BIS under the same judges, in fact just to set the record straight when I re-checked he was also given a puppy group by the same judges in 2003, so they had pretty much identified his potential early on, it was at Northern Free State KC 2008 that Flynn did not win anything. So when I did not know them they gave me a Group and BIS when I knew then better I got a BIS and when I knew them really well I got Zilch, doesn’t seem to really fit in with your theory, plus I am really not sure what reciprocal favour would I have been able to return.? Unlike the situation mentioned is my first post.

Would I do the same in the climate we have in the Dog Show world now? No I wouldn’t, because the ethical standards have declined so much that I would not want to be “tarred with the same brush.

So the glass is still very much intact. What about trying to find a bit more updated “rock”.
Come on, PG Shares - slither out from under your pseudonym and let’s see who you are, I would be very surprised if you were not one of the few exhibitors/judges that are ruining the dog shows by your devious tactics - trying desperately to take the spot light off yourself.
I do believe things can change if the silent majority started speaking up instead of quietly slipping away and finding other things to do with their leisure time.

If we do not, I think the results will be what we deserve.

Just remember what happens when “good men do nothing”.

Rosemary Elliott

6 August 2012
The one that Rosemary didn't mention in her list of unethical behaviour in Durban is:

Sorry madam we travelled to Cape Town together so I think you should do a lap of honour and leave the ring.

It would, of course, be too much to expect from the exhibitor in question to know how ethical people behave.  Goodness knows, if you can't count on your travelling companions for a Best in Show what would be the point of dog showing?

Share the petrol and the wins!

6 August 2012

Dear So excited!!!!  Thanks for giving me such a good laugh, I really enjoyed your post.  There’s only one thing wrong with your idea though.  I sadly wouldn’t make any money, as it’s a flooded market – most people are now doing their own predictions with a 99% chance of success.  No need for me to polish up the old crystal ball or throw dem bones!  But thanks for the thought anyway.

Lucienne Ferres

7 August 2012
For people like myself who's never had a best in Show its almost unbelievable that somebody can think so little of it to forget it.  Perhaps it was just expected back then therefor did not mean very much when it happened.

As this has proved you must be very careful before you start throwing rocks.

All I can say to R.E., you tied yourself up in a big knot there girl. I hope your "integrity" friends in Australia are not reading this because they will definitely flee to the out back in shame.

Ethical Matilda

7 August 2012
EVENTUALLY!!!  Somebody else has also noticed what we in the HERDING GROUP has to put up with.  Tarvel to CAPE TOWN with the judge and then BEST IN SHOW in DURBAN!!!  We all knew it was a DONE DEAL from the beginning.

I must agree with the Rosemary Elliot and Lucienne Ferris PEOPLE IN THE DOG WORLD HAVE NO SHAME ANY MORE!!!  It's WIN AT ALL COST.

As for the judge I HOPE YOU SLEPT WELL SIR and that you can do your traveling companions many more favors in the future.


7 August 2012
Isn't human nature funny.  Rosemary Elliott is caught out on a "memory lapse" (lets be kind) and immediately lashes out at all and sundry. Fist sweep under your own gazebo Rosemary.

Tired of whingers

7 August 2012
Is that you PG skulking under another pseudonym? Or have you managed to cajole a subordinate to get involved?

Making a personal attack is a well known tactic of the guilty, only a complete idiot could think that there was anything unethical in the BIS I received and if you think that repetition is going to convince anyone you are sadly mistaken, you are really making yourselves look very stupid, and furthermore you are clearly trying deflect attention from a serious issue, it is appalling that you are arguing against ethics and moral standards.

Referring to my original post “are your lives so small”, mine isn’t – dog shows are a tiny part of it, I can barely remember who won what, ten minutes after the show has finished let alone something from the dark ages.

I think you have actually convinced me that this should be a crusade – just when I had decided to leave it to others – I shall have to go and scour my garden for spare rocks!

Rosemary Elliott

7 August 2012
Please can the newly elected Ethics Police (aka Rosemary Elliot & Lucienne Ferres) explain why it was ethical to show under a judge who was a good friend and overseas travelling companion in 2007, but it is no longer ethical in 2012?

Good Citizen

7 August 2012
Wow, I'll also travel to Capetown with somebody if it will get me a Best in Show!

My bags are packed!

8 August 2012
Oh dear, oh dear..........what is happening to the dog world in SA?

Not only have we lost 3 shows this year with the demise of the Bloemfontein trio of shows, but now I understand that the South Coast shows have been cancelled too!! Something to do with the committee not getting on with each other!! Such a pity!

So now KUSA will be minus the revenue from 5 all-breed shows, hope they don't now load the levies on the other shows to make up for their losses!!


8 August 2012
To Good Citizen (Although personally I very much doubt it)

YAWN!!!  Right and for the very last time, because this is becoming totally boring – I got a  Group BP and a BIS BEFORE I ever spoke to them, I had another BIS after WITH THE SAME DOG.

It does not take a scientist to work out the difference, I really don’t believe you can be that mentally challenged.  Now for goodness sake go away or dream up something else

Rosemary Elliott (the ethics police)

9 August 2012
I am also a herding group exhibitor and agree with “Rosette Companions” PEOPLE IN THE DOG WORLD HAVE NO SHAME ANY MORE!!!  It's WIN AT ALL COST and “SHARE THE PETROL AND THE WINS.” Yet what happened at the first championship show of the year in Gauteng? the Herding group winner took RBIS and the judge was? None other than one of their best friends who has also been their travelling companion and who can be found in their gazebo at most championship shows. Yet they didn’t do “a lap of honour and leave the ring”. 


9 August 2012
No Rosemary, I can’t take any credit for whichever other posts you’re accusing me of writing, I only skulk under one pseudonym.

I would however like to take you to task on your comment that it is “appalling” that I am  “ arguing against ethics and moral standards”.  Please read through both of my posts again, slowly and carefully, and then tell me and the readers of this forum exactly where I argued against ethics or moral standards. If you calm down and do so, you’ll find I did nothing of the sort. All I did was point out that your post was a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. 

I would like to make it clear that I agree with your assertion that people should not show under recent travelling companions and close friends and  I was really surprised that you raised the issue with such a holier-than-thou attitude, since you had done it yourself.  Why do I remember the occasion so clearly? Because at the time I thought it was in particularly poor taste and it sprang to mind immediately when I read your post.   However, I did not, at any time, suggest that that there “was anything unethical”  about your BIS win – I simply pointed out that you had also shown your dog under good friends and done extremely well.  

Methinks you doth protest too much.

PG Forever

9 August 2012
Hi 'Good Behaviour Please' -

Do you have a REAL name?

Chris Pretorius

14 August 2012
I must congratulate and comment on the Commitee’s of the KZN Tri-shows recently, they did an outstanding job, judging was on time, prizes was plenty and nice, catering was good and I must say the atmosphere was great

One of the best shows I have being to this year so far well done guys.

Tommy Smith
The boxer guy

14 August 2012
Dear PG, I see you have still not as yet slithered out from under your pseudonym.  What a shame it would be so enlightening to scrutinize your behaviour.

If you read my posts again slowly and carefully you will see that I also suggested it was one of your subordinates or on second thoughts maybe a minion of yours. 

So let me explain, slowly and carefully  By trying to insinuate that what happened FIVE years ago was in any was similar to the state of affairs that exists today, you were trying to deflect attention from the current situation which clearly demonstrates your collusion, if not you would have supported my comments and not tried to create a diversion.

If you read my first post slowly and carefully you will see that I mentioned an exhibitor who obtained a judging appointment for another judge travelled overseas with them and then showed under them in Durban, this can be perceived as a reciprocal favour and therefore is unethical.

So I need you to read this next part very slowly and carefully, I am certainly not going to calm down, no one should calm down, every single exhibitor that believes in fair play and high standards should be shouting from the rooftops every time there is a lack of ethics and blatant cheating.  And I personally commit to protesting ad infinitum and probably ad nauseam about every single instance I observe or is reported to me.

So you better start your research now, after all I have been showing for over seventeen years - surely there is something else you can find to try and use against me!

Rosemary Elliott (The Ethics Policy / “Holier Than Thou”)

15 August 2012
What on earth is wrong with these clubs cant they get ANYTHING right!!!!!!! I see that the judge who is doing the Goldfields Dog Of The Year Herding Pull Outs is the VERY SAME  judge that did the Herding Pull Outs on saturday at Working And Herding.

That is NOT FAIR guys!!!!!! Most of the qualifying dogs are the same so why should they groom there dog’s if they know they wont get picked!!!!! 

I hope somebody is going to change this.


15 August 2012
What a fantastic show Celtic Breeds K.C. put on. It really must rank as one of the top shows of the year, due to this they had a stunning entry and the atmosphere was fantastic, super prizes and the rosettes were outstanding.  The committee goes to a huge amount of trouble and do not forget any of the small details that make it such an enjoyable day.  Straightforward honest judging, you can hardly ask for more.

There were one or two people that avoided me like the plague, please be assured I don’t think ethics is catching.

It was an excellent reminder that the vast majority of exhibitors are great and that a dog show can be tremendous fun. 

I also firmly believe that there are no better people to assist when there is a crisis, on Sunday I made the mistake of trying to break up a dog fight from the teeth end.  This resulted in my hand being severely bitten, I phoned my friend Maria Heneke, who dashed away from her quiet Sunday at home to take me to the hospital, sat with me for hours in the emergency room and when it was decided that I needed urgent surgery went to fetch all my essentials.   We should never forget to look at all the positives of the dog shows and the wonderful people we have a chance to socialize with.  I firmly believe it is that aspect which makes it worth striving to create an environment where all shows are as good at  the Celtic Breeds one.

Rosemary Elliott

15 August 2012

I’m absolutely appalled that you’ve cancelled your shows at such a late stage and find your reasoning totally ridiculous.

Did you give ANY thought to the following:

·         People plan their shows months in advance.  Once the schedule is out they presume the show will definitely happen.

·         People have applied for leave from work. They might not be able to change their leave at this late stage.

·         People have booked, and in many cases, paid for accommodation. This might not be refundable.

·         People have decided NOT to travel to other shows because they preferred to attend yours.  The shows they missed are over and they can’t attend them now.

·         People have planned family holidays around attending your shows. It’s really difficult to rearrange those plans now.

·         People with hand stripping breeds have timed their grooming specifically for your shows. Too late to change that now

·         Judges have turned down other appointments in order to honour their contracts with you. What a pity that  you can’t be bothered to keep up your end of the deal.

I wouldn’t mind if you had good reason to cancel, but you don’t. I would have understood if you had never got licenses, contracted judges, and issued a schedule already.

We all know that several offers were made to help or run the shows on your behalf but you refused.  I’m not sure what misplaced sense of pride influenced your decision but I think you need to be aware that you have unnecessarily  inconvenienced and greatly annoyed a lot of exhibitors. In my opinion your behavior is unforgivable and your shows will be very far down our list of favorites in future.


16 August 2012
No, no, UNHAPPY - please don't be unhappy.  Be HAPPY for the Corgi's because two of them were pulled out by the judge this past weekend and they will hope for the same feet at Goldfields.  The friendly, charming Corgi couple will be put out if the program had to change and we don't want a scene now do we.  You know how the always support the wins of the other herding dogs and clap and cheer for them.


16 August 2012
 Attention the Chairmen and Committee of the South Coast Shows … Hibiscus and Margate Kennel Clubs

Unsympathetic said it how it is. Fully agree with you. This is simply in bad taste to cancel a championship show over what one might call it “people not working together for the betterment of” us exhibitors who have supported you for too many years to remember.

To travel to this away show in KZN, you have to not only take time off work but you have to book at least a minimum of 2 nights accommodation for most venues on the South Coast and especially that this is a long weekend, we have had to book in advance. What is the reason now to utilise this accommodation. The reason it was booked originally was to enjoy your show and always in the past this was one of the more pleasant shows to travel too.

We hear there were offers to help run the show when in actual event some of these exhibitors have always captured your entries in any event and assisted on the day. You could have called on any of the other exhibitors .. (I’m sure there are plenty in KZN, who would be willing to help on the day). Many could have assisted the “acting secretary”. Most administration functions these days are generally communicated over email in any event, so no excuses there.

There are I’m sure a number of exhibitors who were hoping for perhaps their last away CC or even perhaps a first … really disappointing, now one has to wait for the May shows next year (if you don’t travel that is, outside KZN shows).

We do hope KUSA will take the matter into hand and you will be penalised. Can we trust you now, that you say there will be a show next year for Breed exhibitors? Gather the E.L. shows will receive better entries next year as a Coastal show.

Upset & Dispiritedness

16 August 2012
I dont want to elbow in on the work of the Ethics Police, but the ex secretary turned groomer turned groupie was very busy with the judges at Celtic Breeds and had the whole showground buzzing.  I suppose the results for the Utility Group are all sewn up for this coming weekend so this could be the first case for the Ethics Police to investigate.

Mrs Plod

17 August 2012
I hope the Herding exhibitors are going to demand a new judge for the Dog of The year judging. It is only right that it should be changed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hound exhibitors complained at the KUSA weekend and they got a new judge, so why shouldnt Herding get the same attention????????????????


17 August 2012
Dear "Unsympathetic" and "Upset"

Although I share your views that the cancellation of the shows is pretty shoddy, we must remember that the clubs down the coast have never cared two hoots about breed and breed has always only been used to subsidize those who like to jump around and play games with their dogs. Nothing wrong with that, but not at the expense of those of us who spend a fortune on entries, fuel and accommodation.

I remember a few years ago these clubs were exposed for giving lavish prizes and huge rosettes to those who leap about while the poor breed people who won top awards were lucky to walk away with a tiny packet of dog food and a pathetic piece of ribbon dangling from a cardboard disc.  So this is nothing new. Breed has always just been a necessary evil to bring in money to feed the habits of the jumpers and screamers.

Perhaps we are well rid of these clubs who have always treated us like second class citizens and I agree with "upset" that we should rather support clubs like East London. At least Pearl Story bless her always ran breed friendly shows and with benefactors like Chris and Erna we got beautiful rosettes.

So get over it. Write off the South Coast and move on. Lets go where we are welcome.

Breed First

17 August 2012
Mrs. Plod, I really do find that when you make a statement without using your real name it defeats the object, can we take your remarks at “face value” when we do not know your true motivation.

I spent at lot of time chatting to people at Celtic Breeds and only a couple of people were complaining about the situation with Jean Peden chatting to the judges.

I discussed this with Jean and to put everyone’s mind at rest, she is not showing in the coming weekend nor is she going to visit the Utility ring.  This being the case I do not see the problem in her chatting to people who she has been friendly with for over forty years.    I do find the vindictiveness of the comments worrying, after all she was a superb club secretary, and as for her grooming skills her presentation of the dogs she showed was faultless. 

“Honesty is a very expensive gift.  Don’t expect it from cheap people”.

Rosemary Elliott (TEP)

17 August 2012
A word of advice for the new Goldfields committee. You will not endear yourselves to exhibitors with your ringplan. The Toys have been banished to the tick infested veldt, Utility, Terriers & Working are all squashed together at one end of the arena with very little benching space, Herding, Hounds and Gundogs float in the middle with acres of benching space, and for some strange reason, Gundogs have the biggest ring. I think you will have many disgruntled exhibitors on the day.


17 August 2012
I must admit for once in my life I am speechless, I see for this coming weekends show the toys are in the middle of the car park basically.... I'm assuming this is because of the uproar about the working group but for once the toy group is not the smallest in numbers ....... So is it because our dogs are little they are less significant and we can be pushed into the car park to show surrounded by cars,  no shade and in the middle of nowhere? I hope my expectations are misdirected and all is well tomorrow....

Heidi Stanley

17 August 2012

Oh come along now Mrs Plod , have you only just realised that for the past year (at least) there have only be two exhibitors in the Utility ring?

Each exhibitor has so much in common with the other - they both have the same breed , they both have no short supply of members of their groupie , they both expect to win .... and anything lower than the group 1st is not even considered. How many times in just the past year have the results been a forgone conclusion, or sewn up so to say ???

Look at the month ahead, is this not planned for one of them , and the lovely month of October planned for the other?

I do wonder why the remainder of the breeds bother pitching up, let alone entering. Have a look at the resullts for the last year, it’s quite an eye opener. You cannot convince me that there are not other breeds that are worthy of wins - or is it just that the hidden agendas have clouded straightforward judging in the Utility ring.

Noddy on his best day can see what’s happening.

17 August 2012
Wouldn't it be nice if we could all accept the Corgis' wins at Celtic Breeds with sincere good grace.   It isn't their fault that the herding judge is the same for the Dog of the Year.   They won fair and square on the day.

 Anne Thompson

22 August 2012
Thanks to the ethics police we had no shenanigans at the Utility ring this past weekend. No table on the ropes with  the “right” people grooming furiously, no greeting the judge (who is always an old friend) while sitting next to the chosen exhibitor and no handing the right dog to the right person at the ring entrance. We even had different Group winners.  What a nice change, up the Ethics Police.

Keep It Clean

23 August 2012
I agree with Keep it Clean. With the Ethics Police on the beat (nice touch the cap) we had peace and quiet around the Utility ring. None of the signals the Chief Guru of the Groupies is famous for. It was refreshing to see two new dogs come through - it didn't work out so bad for one half or the E.P. either. It just shows you what is possible when the E.P. is on the prowl and in control.

Long live the E.P.!!!

23 August 2012
I must be very naive because I always have to fish who people are talking about on this site. So thank you to Rosemary Eliott for saving me the trouble because I have no connection to the utility ring and have never seen the "shenanigans" everybody is talking about. But I see Rosemary has it all in hand now and speaks to the perpetrators to avoid the trouble before it starts. Well done Rosemary!

We have a few chancers in our ring as well so I hope Rosemary will expand her network to keep an eye on our ring as well. There are also a few "cold case files" that we can pass on to her. Its never to late to to re open a case and bring the "skellims" of the dog world to book.

Big Brother