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1 February 2011
Bachelor degreed aussie

Oh my gosh ……. Sweetie you are talking about education, come and meet me at one of the shows and I'll be sure to bring my girls Pictionary along and will gladly draw you a picture to put you up to speed, with all your so called "bachelor degrees" still "NO BALLS" to put your name on your post "HONEY" lol mmmmm "PUSSY " cat.


6 February 2011
Lorette, with all due respect. We appreciate that you attend OPEN SHOWS and give Learner Judges an opportunity, BUT, surely you can bring along dogs that are not TOP 10 qualified and Champion Dogs. Im not pointing fingers at you, because there seems to be some other stalwarts that bring theirs out and it makes one wonder if the R25 entry is just cheap dog food for the kennel? The prize is worth far more than the entry.

Sorry, but I am of the opinion that OPEN shows are for learner/novice dogs and newbies and the oldies with new dogs or bringing their problem dogs out for training.

So, get into the swing of things and leave the TOP dogs home for the OPEN shows.


7 February 2011
Dear All,

In response to NUFF SAID. I cannot agree with you. Quoting another learner judge, how is a learner judge suppose to learn if people just bring puppies and veterans, or non-top winning dogs to a open show? I am not saying all the other dogs are bad, just that that Aussie is particularly close to the breed standard and a great showdog, whether you agree or not. You need to FEEL and not just see what is correct and not. I also, on a personal level, believe that this is a competitive sport and people should be able to bring ANY dog to ANY show without other people being jealous and running them down.

What gratification will it bring you any way if you win and there was no real competition? Open shows are for practicing and supporting judges with entries, NOT for only bringing out unqualified, old or undeveloped (puppies)dogs. I am not saying that is what you do, but that is what your remark instigates.

And another comment: Leave the people that support every single show alone – if you don't like them personally, fine, but don't badmouth them or their dogs as YOU need them even if you are to narrow minded to see it at this stage.

Young Learner judge (CT)


7 February 2011
Don't forget about the instance of a young champion dog with a new junior handler. It makes for good practice for the handler and the dog in order to get use to each other.



7 February 2011
Could I, through your column, send out a plea to all exhibitors?
Please if you think your dog/dogs may have Kennel Cough stay at home. At the last weekend of the October shows, someone had a gundog that had Kennel Cough. The dog was seen bringing up Phlegm in the ring.

We brought Kennel Cough home and our show dogs gradually gave it to others. We had mated two girls, they were so ill, and were unable to have medication, that the puppies aborted.

I have since heard of several exhibitors whose dogs also picked up the virus from the show. We had 7 weeks with poorly dogs. I ask again, please consider what you are doing and stay at home - another show will be coming along soon.

Betty Howard
Tapeatom Labradors


10 February 2011
Hallo there Betty : couldn't agree with you more. In fact all sick dogs, sick with anything should be left at home, but show dog people are renowned for their selfishness. Isn't there a KUSA rule about this?


12 February 2011
Lorette, Lizette and all the other Colourful folk out there. I confess – I AM A PUSSYCAT. I will NOT sign my name on a post that relates to you until hell freezes over. I have no desire to end up in the Sunday Papers or as the complainant in an assault charge after being punched in the back at a dog show.

I agree, learner judges need good dogs and so do Juniors, but that's no reason to break the rules. There are other good dogs, and there will also be other shows where you can support that same learner judge.

Please stop being so defensive, you obviously didn't know the rules (although you should have, you've been in it long enough), or you thought they didn't apply to you. The family who the dog lives with forgot the rules (they definitely know them as they used to transfer their dogs from one to the other regularly when they were judging) and the SALKA committee didn't bother to apply the rules (despite having been informed on the day).

So, stop making excuses and admit that you screwed up.



14 February 2011

The Australian Shepherd club champ show in WC should be very interesting, I believe the FAMILY are taking a whole entourage of dogs and guess who owns one of their dogs.


18 February 2011
It is shocking that anyone in the dog world can post anything like you did, before a show. Are you scared and afraid that your dogs will be beaten by the Stavros dogs? Are you so unsure of your dogs ability to win that you have to say nasty things about other people's dogs! in the hope the Judge will be too scared not put the Best dog first ? It is a bad sign if I have to run other dogs down in order for my dog to look better.

How do you know how many and which dogs are coming to the show? Did you go through the "FAMILY's" trash to get your information? Or are you on the committee? It's time to get a life Sweetie, I will send you some knitting needles and wool!!

It is a shame that some of the clubs in the Cape do not appreciate the Gauteng peoples effort to come to YOUR shows, not to mention the entries and money, helping you to make a success of your show!

Why don't you state that we are not welcome to take part in the Cape town shows. If I knew we were not welcome! And that you people are so jealous of Gateng dogs!!!! I could have saved a lot of money, unfortunately I have entered the dogs in BREED and AGILITY but in future I WILL NOT waste my money or time to support the your shows.

As the family say ..if you want to write such awful accusations against them, for all the public to read..... have the "breeding and manners" to put your name to your "ugly" letters!!!

Jacolien Botha


21 February 2011
Well done the Afghan Club who held a fun day today (Sunday) what a fantastic fun day it turned out to be.

First there was some show training given to the new exhibitors then the fun began. Yes, the winner in the adult section was the exhibitor with dog in one hand that stacked, showed and moved their dogs with an egg and spoon in one hand. When the egg dropped the dog was eliminated, what a laugh we all had.

Well done to the committee for all the hard work and to the exhibitors who enjoyed the day out with their dogs.

I had a great day judging this Fun Day, may there be many more.

Patricia de Coning


22 February 2011
I have it on good authority that the PE Show grounds are in an appalling state due to the lack of water. Most of the show ground has none or very little grass covering leaving that wonderful black sand on which you are expected to show your dogs on OK FOR BLACK DOGS but what about the short and long coated dogs that are not black?? I also believe that water was offered to the club FREE OF CHARGE all the club had to do was get a tanker to get the Free water to the grounds but no that is not possible as the club house needs painting.

The point is, again the exhibitor does not count, I would strongly advise those exhibitors of dogs any other colour than black pack in plenty of shampoo and be prepared to do a lot of bathing and grooming between the shows.

Clean dogs stay at home


23 February 2011
Clean dogs stay at home,
What part of 'in the middle of a drought' don't you understand?.... We would love to be able to offer you beautiful manicured green lawns to show your dogs on...Hell!... we would love to just have lawns, full stop!!How, pray tell, are they supposed to water the grass? PE KC doesn't have a sprinkler system...Just get a tanker and then what?.... How does the water get onto the ground, must the tanker drive round and round in ever decreasing circles until it disappears up its own tailpipe or maybe you and your friends can bring a couple of watering cans and get stuck in!! I have shown at Goldfields when it was so dry that I couldn't put a comb through my Bedlington's coat (OK! Now you know who I am) without it sticking out all over the place due to static and in East London when we had to hold our dogs in our arms for the Toy Group to be judged because James Pierce Park was about a foot under water, it was impossible for the little dogs to stand on the ground......... that's life and nature....get over it or stay at home and keep your dogs clean!!

Rain Dance.


23 February 2011
To answer Clean dogs stay at home, yes indeed a top winning Poodle exhibitor offered to organise for the show grounds to be watered but her offer was apparently turned down by PE Kennel Club that would rather see exhibitors show their dogs in the current dust bowl. The mind boggles.

This is of course exactly what we've come to expect from the mentality of the clubs in PE - but then you only have to look at who calls the shots in our province to know that there's no hope.

Sick of incompetence


24 February 2011
Rain Dance,
I do understand what being in the middle of a drought means, but in light of the offer that was made IN THE MIDDLE OF A DROUGHT does not come into the picture. What part of free water do you not understand, to put you in the picture and possibly improve your understanding capabilities, free water is a way of beating the drought, (rain from a tanker and not out of the sky). The club does not need a sprinkler system to distribute the water, most tankers have a sprinkler system fitted at the rear of the tank in the form of a pipe spanning the width of the tank with holes in the length of the pipe. Now we have the tank filled with the FREE WATER, the driver then goes to the grounds opens the tap and drives up and down the area that needs to be watered, hey presto the grounds have been rained on and the drought over that area has gone!

Clean Dogs


24 February 2011
I personally don't give a continental about who runs the PEK club - what I do give a huge continental about is HOW. Whilst one does not want to merely just trash the older members, they do put in a lot of time but for heaven's sake - hand over the reigns to someone who will make a real difference!!!!!

Money is such an issue to these people that they make virtually no profit on anything they serve - one can't complain about the food as it's always delicious - one is almost embarrased to order something from their canteen. What makes me wonder is how a club like this charges R13 or R15 for a bacon and egg roll?????? Do they not understand that electricity, equipment costs etc Then they have the audacity to charge probably the HIGHEST membership fee in the country - R250 for a single person!!!

The club not only needs a makeover of paint <G> but a fresh injection of people that can implement a few modern changes to the Grumpy system. BUT then again - who cracks the whip around there and just why the place is kept in as sorry a state as it really is.
Flea Riddled and Dusty Dogs Rule


24 February 2011
It seems it's Grumpy Time again in the windy city! Sorry, Rain Dance, we have no idea who you are despite the Bedlington clue. Maybe we mistook your dog for something else.

I still think it's stupid of the club not to accept the offer of free water which could have been pumped onto the grounds to give them a good soaking. But apparently buying paint for the club house is more important than doing something about the grounds. How can we show on a surface that burns our dogs feet?

I'm certainly going to take the good advice and stay home rather than inflict stress and suffering on my dog.

No PE for me.


25 February 2011
Regarding Free water for PEKC grounds.

I would like to answer the anonymous, uninformed "LADY" who lambasted PEKC for not using the free water which is available in the P.E. area.

On being informed several weeks ago that we could get free non drinking water we did some research on this possibility. There are several localities in P.E. where this can be sourced. To travel from Fishwater Flats to PEKC is a round trip of 60km. The tankers to transport the water cost R250 per hour plus R10 per km. To water PEKC grounds for one day with 4 tanker loads would make no appreciable difference. To water for 5 days would help but would cost us R22000.00. If no follow up heavy rain fell over several days later we would be back to square one. Also there are only 2 non drinking water tankers available as the rest are used to transport drinking water to areas without this facility.

If the anonymous "LADY" had asked me why we did not use the free water I could have explained without her writing a vindictive letter.

John Warren


3 March 2011
Herewith pictures of PEKC grounds taken on Saturday, 26 FEB 2011. I don't know about you, but I see a fair amount of grass and no black sand!

Tracey Wild
PS Only cowards hide behind pseudonyms!



7 January 2011
Well maybe the 3 Natal clubs that changed their minds on the objection...
The Natal German Shepherd Dog Club, Chairman, (Colin Camp)
Pinetown German Shepherd Dog and All Breeds Training Club, Secretary, (Norma Childs)
The Natal Boxer Club, Secretary, (Gail Diedericks)...
can bring to the Federal Councillors KZN PC meeting, their paid up KUSA membership letters as the first two on the list are GSD Federation Breed Clubs and only tolerate & use KUSA for the other disciplines.

It will be interesting to hear if these signatories are in fact KUSA members or do we have the GSD Federation wagging the tail [KUSA].

Time will tell


3 March 2011
AHASA Match meeting.


4 March 2011
Hi all who are complaining about the poor state of the PE grounds.
I think that people who complain about the grounds must get some facts first.

It has not rained in that part of our country in months ( maybe over a year). The people who live there have the strictest water regulations ever imposed in a region– If your water usage is over an amount for home use, you actually get fined = even flushing toilets are restricted to the minimum.

So here is :
People who have NO WATER TO DRINK in a city will definitely NOT have a grass patch, for your dog, on their priority list.
Water for human and animal survival is more important that a grass field..
My suggestion to all exhibitors is to go and support PE shows and enjoy them - regardless of the fields.
It is after all our beloved sport - about the dogs and not the grass.
All judges will sure take into account the situation. Drought is a nature situation and not a PE committee man made issue.

May the best dog and not the best patch of grass win.

PE committee thanks for your lovely shows I have always enjoyed coming down to PE. I will be there this year.


17 March 2011
It now common knowledge that the lovely Aussie Shepherd "Fly" cannot be shown anymore because his owners have fallen out. This is now the second top dog that's fallen victim to the squabbles between co-owners.

Don't people sign contracts when they take dogs into co-ownership so that even if the wheels come off between them at least the dog's show career is not affected?

Lose - lose situation


21 March 2011
After winning the trophy for the worst run show last year hands down, it seems that Vereeniging is grimly determined to hang on to it.

The club was not taking any chances, so we got
1) a late start
2) no rosettes (these they said were going to be handed out at a future show!)
3) no certificates
4) a 6.30 finish in darkness in the cold and wet

Well done Vereeniging! You did it again!
Other clubs needn't even try


21 March 2011
I would just like to comment on the Vereeniging KC Championship Show:

I feel that the show was shocking for a few reasons:

1. No rozettes or certificates were handed out. Sure, anything can happen on the day, but surely these kind of things should be organized well in advance.
This is realy unacceptable.
2. The grass was not properly cut. 3. The committee should make sure that there is soap in the restrooms.
I am not a person that complains unnecessarely, but I think this committee should get their act together.

Erna van Niekerk


21 March 2011
It was desperate stuff in the show office yesterday!!!

Not even South Africa's answer to Kim & Aggie of "How Clean is your House" fame could get the bugs out of the poor show's system and save Vereeniging from an agonizing death. Our own Bubble & Squeak of "How slick is your show?" apparently tried key stroke after key stroke to revive the show, but in the end even Squeak had to throw in the towel. The result: Heaps of dogs not entered and no tickets when the death rattle came at nightfall.

Vale Vereeniging


10 January 2010
Isn't it too funny? The spin on the visit to KZN has been taken off the web! Obviously that little bit of spin has stopped turning. Now perhaps the ineffectual chairman of KZN PC can stop rallying the troops to the little soiree on Tuesday. I shudder to think what the telephone bill must be like!
At least Telkom loves him


22 March 2011
Well done, Vereeniging committee! You have truly excelled in promoting yourselves as the worst-run show in the country!

While I'm not sorry I didn't miss it, next year, unless the present committee resignes to a man (or preferably a woman), I shall join the stay-at-homes. Maybe we could all get together and have a braai.

Boerie anyone?


22 March 2011
Congratulations to the Meridian Rottweiler League committee for another phenomenally successful championship show held 12/13th March 2011. This club consistently demonstrates its commitment to the Rottweiler by inviting the most respected breed judges in the world and this year was fortunate to secure the services of Helmut Weiler, ADRK judge and Koermeister. Meridian's 20th championship show was dedicated to the memory of retired ADRK judge Paul Fliege who passed away earlier this year following a long illness. Paul Fliege was MRL's patron and a long standing supporter of the local Rottweiler scene, being instrumental in developing the modules to train our first specialist judges.

As the first Rottweiler specialist show in the KUSA calendar, Meridian's championship attracted a very credible 94 entries and the committee appreciates the support of out-of-province exhibitors who travelled great distances to participate. Royal Canin's generous prizes and valuable sponsorship makes events of this calibre even more memorable. Helmut Weiler will be submitting an article of his first judging experience in South Africa for an upcoming issue of The Total Rottweiler Magazine, a Canadian publication with a world wide subscription base. For complete results and a comprehensive photo gallery of each class and their respective winners, please visit and select "Gallery" and "Results" on the menu bar.

Alejandro Varela
RV Rottweilers


24 March 2011
Based on Saturday's fiasco Vereeniging has no choice but to put this show in ice until it can find a chairman and a secretary and a committee and a show manager who actually know how to run a dog show. We paid good money and all we got was mismanagement and incompetence in return. The least said about the pathetic scenes in the office the better – not only were the blind leading the blind but they were also very rude. As for the one behind the computer she must please not give up her day job.

Pack it in Vereeniging – you've now fleeced enough people.

Fedup with exploitation


24 March 2011
Hey guys
Vereeniging show certainly did leave a lot to be desired compared to world-class shows, but so do a lot of other shows. I for one am happy they started late, with an unexpected diversion through the delightful less-than-affluent parts of Bedfordview, I would not have made it in time for my class. May I ask if any of you have walked a mile in the shoes of the committee? Yes, we all pay our money and expect value for it, but hey, we all got to show if we wanted to, we got a lovely gift just for entering, the weather is really not the responsibility of the club, it just happened. So we and a lot of our dogs felt miserable and cold - blame climate change, not the club. May I ask any of you, if you are doing something for a show (or anything else) and you drop down dead tomorrow, have you got everything in place for someone else to pick up where you left off? I doubt it, because I don't suppose there's a single one of us who genuinely expect that to happen to us. We'll get our certificates and rosettes, just not on the day. I can recall a show for which I NEVER received my certificate (in the days before Solo Show).

Regarding the facilities, perhaps we (being ALL clubs using the Goldfields grounds) should request that our rental of the grounds should include soap, paper towel and toilet rolls, then there can be no misunderstanding such as a Club assuming it's provided and Goldfields grounds assuming the show-holding Club will provide. In the meantime, let's all take our small bar of soap, toilet tissue and a hand towel so we don't have to moan about lack of the necessary supplies. How difficult is that?

Maybe we all need to remember that if we make it so unpleasant for a show-holding Club's committee to continue, the club may fold and that is one less CC you can compete for. With all the griping and groaning which has gone on for the last few years (since we could put everything on the internet it seems) fewer and fewer people are prepared to serve on committees - and who can blame them?

Just a few thoughts - if we don't like how things are being done, let's volunteer to help.

Dorothy Berry


24 March 2011
Gift? What gift?
Cherry Foss

24 March 2011
I am doing the computer work for the PEKC show for the first time this year and I hope I don't get slated like the poor person from Vereeniging. I am sitting here reading all your negative comments and wondering if I really want to do this anymore. It seems to me that people are very quick to scream incompetence but not so quick to offer help or to do the job. I wonder if any of you have a clue just how much work is involved in doing the "computer work" for a show? I had no idea, and it has been a rude awakening quite frankly! The job requires teamwork and dedication, not mention TIME! I stand in awe of Liz Young who until this year was doing all the shows virtually unassisted. I do hope that all the critics will cut me some slack if I make some mistakes. We all have to learn and the best way to learn, in my experience, is to do the job.

Tracey Wild (in my personal capacity)


29 March 2011
Being on any committee is not an easy task. Hard work and dedication is needed and it's not for everyone. When one enters the TENT to pick up that winning certificate and it's not ready, do not be rude, go back to your gazebo and chill for a while longer. I have been on a couple of committee's and can guarantee that the person doing the capturing and the catalogues do an absolutely wonderful job with little or no thanks for their time and effort. The exhibitors who complain all the time should try being a little more patient with the people in the TENT who might not feel the need to snap.

The work done by any committee is voluntary and is a devotion to a sport which is not everyone's cup of tea. Exhibitors who complain should also remember that it's the committee who do all the running around so YOU the exhibitor can show your dogs. So sometime the wheels fall off. If you feel that, as you have paid your money, you are entitled to be rude and obnoxious think again your money pays for a quite a few things including the expenses for the Judge on the day. So to all the moaners out there please engage your brain before opening your mouth and be thankful that some committed people who have formed clubs will hold shows so you can enjoy your sport.

Anita Bodenstein


30 March 2011
I have just received some thank you notes from the Durban Clubs acknowledging our entries.

The PE show clubs did the same, and I thank them as well.

What a nice and thoughtful thing to do.

In these days of high technologies, an fashioned courtesy put a smile on my face.

Peter Watson


30 March 2011
Cherry - the beautifully wrapped engraved wine or champagne glass together with the individual serving bottle of wine or champagne - I thought it was a lovely gesture and I celebrated the CC that my home-bred minor puppy won for her young owner/handler with it, before putting the glass in my display cabinet!


5 April 2011
With all the negativity being spread about Goldfields and how poor the conditions the grounds are etc, I can only presume the R100.00 per entry is so that the club can attend to all these issues.

I hope so and am looking forward to a better Goldfields.



6 April 2011
A big thank you to the Australian Shepherd Club of the Eastern Cape for a great show in Port Elizabeth. We had a wonderful day and left with loads of prizes and beautiful rosettes. Thanks to Chairlady Amanda Young who worked tirelessly to keep everything going, also Eukanuba, Dunstars Kennels and everyone else involved. We look forward to seeing all of you at the Australian Shepherd Club of Eastern Gauteng's show later this month!

Gerhard C Schultz
Chairman-Australian Shepherd Club of Eastern Gauteng


7 April 2011
I have just been browsing the KUSA website to see who is judging where, and when I saw that Goldfields is charging R100 per dog entry !!!!

How do they justify this incredible cost for a group of local judges ????? !!!! Don't GF know we are still in a recession ?

Only if you own 1 of the 5 Working group breeds do you get an overseas judge.

Sorry, no Goldfields for me this year. It seems to me like......



7 April 2011
Well done to Algoa Hound and The Australian Shepherd Club with their shows over the PE Weekend. One thing that was very noticeable was the spirit around the rings.

I would also take the opportunity to thank Peter Watson for helping to set up and take down the Algoa Hound Show

Peter you are a star
Pat de Coning


12 April 2011
Sue and I would like to thank all involved for three super days in PE last weekend. The show committees as usual ran the shows with great efficiency and people who listened to the negative mails before the show and stayed away missed three great shows.

(Four if you were able to also enter the specialist breed shows. – Thanks Ruth!)

We would like to especially thank John and Daphne for their incredible dedication and hard work – thanks guys you made the weekend!

We would also like to thank the various people who stepped in and were stewards when there was a shortage – Michelle, Peter Watson and Louis Wilson who contributed to the smooth running of the working group ring.

Kindest regards,
Richard & Sue Carter


27 April 2011
Hello All
I recently had the honor to judge two weekends in SA and wanted to comment on my experience. SA is much like most any other country in that it has its' core of enthusiasts who take pride in having their breeding stock evaluated and I thank them all for coming for my opinion.

The PE shows afforded all the judges rings of sufficient size to properly judge the dogs, the concept of having these leased grounds for everyone to rely on is a huge plus that many in the USA wish were available to them. Dog folk the world over vie for any patch of land they can cultivate and these grounds were very workable and the club members hard work was greatly appreciated. They took good care of all the judges and the exhibitors were just as engaged as any spot in the world. There were those who came with good dogs in perfect condition and I had the requisite share of newcomers with high hopes for their beloved friend…sometimes those newbies made the right impression and I suspect they will continue with in the sport. Your young handlers were most capable and the finals each day had a full array of quality.

The weather Gods smiled down on us and both weekends enjoyed beautiful weather…I came home to a 2,000+ dog show whose show grounds flooded with water rising three feet an hour and every dog, person and vehicle had to evacuate with only minutes to spare…one can not battle the elements and if a show ground has drought conditions, we deal with dry grass…if it rains, we show in mud…we all accept the hand were dealt and give thanks for the chance to shows dogs again the next weekend. I was personally bothered to see some critical comments about various grounds…but the reality is…your not excluded from having some great days or some bad ones…we all face those same odds.

SA is certainly on par with any other country in every respect and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit thanks to the club members who took such good care of me.

Michael Canalizo
Director AKC Event Management


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