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2 April 2014
Oh dear, it's happening again. What I see in the crystal ball (the West Coast shows on the KUSA Website) does not bode well for the shows. It says that all miniature dachshunds will be weighed! Wow, surely this also indicates that all miniature and toy poodles will ALSO be measured? After all what's good for one is good for another. Do you think the West End Girls have over looked the can of worms they are opening by having the weighing clause put on their schedule? We, the East End Boys, want clarity as our mission for 2014 is to see equal application of all KUSA rules to all participating exhibitors being applied. If scales will be present at the shows then hoops and measuring sticks must also be available.  Are exhibitors aware that they can call for the judge to measure or weigh if they feel other exhibits are over the stated limits, it is not only the judge that has this right. There are so many breeds with heights that it should be almost compulsory that they are all measured even though the should/must in their various standards is interpreted rather loosely when it comes to whether its just a fault (equal to any other) or open to personal interpretation. This is a very grey area, these heights and weights, and I don't think it will ever be put to bed never to be re-awakened, such is the volatility of the issue.

For years, a poodle over 11 inches automatically became a miniature and one over 15 inches was taken as a standard. These days this is not the case. Dachshunds however, in land of origin, have three sizes but this is measured on the animal being spanned and not weighed. Not everyone has the same size hands so the variance could differ from show to show. All these restrictive rules could be dispensed with in dachshunds if they followed the lead from the USA where inter size and coat breedings are allowed and a breeder is given the freedom to breed as he/she sees fit. For years miniature and toy poodles were inter-mated depending what the breeder was trying to achieve, but then in those days they were TRUE breeders and were acknowledged for their talents. I often wonder if there are true BREEDERS still around as from personal observation I see few who can boast they have a noted line that does not have to be consistently "topped up" with their current import who is actually there to win and not so much valued for it's genetic potential.   I'm digressing I know but all these rules and regulations are slowly giving the kiss of death to the future of pure bred dogs as I see it from my East End.

Two Oceans Marathon

3 April 2014
I had a good chuckle reading two oceans and it took me back a few years to my first champ show. Eager & ready to do the ‘right thing’ I pitched up with my measuring stick and level board all about to demonstrate what should be done. Well, the one Club Official saw my equipment and said ‘no no, no ways’. He then took it from me and hid it behind the curtains in the Club house!!

That same official is an ABJ.

But yes I agree with weighing and measuring and it is NOT just the poodles and dachsies that need attention

Judge Judy

3 April 2014
After many years now of spending my meagre cash on travelling to various other Provinces to obtain the required numbers in the group I am interested in, I have now decided that this scheme really is a complete and utter farce. 45 Breed Assignments for one group?? This really is ridiculous. I for one have now decided enough is more than enough, certainly not spending any more time or money on this and have called it a day.

Enough is Enough

16 April 2014
To close off our 2014 Pretoria Toy Dog Breeders Club championship show I need to thank all the people who helped us make the show possible.

Joeleen Rigby and Hills Science Plan for their continued support and fantastic sponsorship.  Thank you for spending the whole day with us Joeleen.

Sita Vosloo of Blommeland Kennels for her huge rosette sponsorship.  We are so happy to have you on board Sita.

Marius and Rene Potgieter for sponsoring the venue, for printing the catalogues and for taking all the challenge photos for us.  You have become part of the club and the show.

Michael and Theresa Patricia of Pro-Pet Treats and Solposte for their wonderful "chew" sponsorship.

Chris and Erna Aucamp of Dunstars Kennels for their sponsorship of the huge teddy bears for the challenge winners.  It went down very well.

Ian Allison for his undying support of the club and his help and flowers and for always making Aaron available to help me at the show.  I could not do it without you Ian.

Andre Louw for all the flower arrangements and the gorgeous ring lay-out.

Jaco Jooste and Riaan Kramer for the great lunch for the judge, ring steward and KUSA rep.

Renee Fourie for doing all the administration for the show and for capturing the entries, making the catalogue and running the office on the day of the show.  Welcome on board again.  So glad to have you back.

Jill Harbord for marking all the catalogues for us at the show, for selling more raffle tickets than anyone else ever could, and for her cash sponsorship for the show.

Sandra Claassen for sponsoring the coffee, tea, milk, sugar and rusks for all our exhibitors.

Gill Whittal for her fabulous biscuits for the tea table.

Pixie Mitchley for running the tea table for us all day.

Billy Campbell for doing catering for us.  The food was fabulous Billy!

Liam Campbell for taking photos of the show for us and for fb.

Rene Minny for agreeing to be our KUSA rep and for collecting and delivering the judge to her hotel.

Martin Beckmann for being the best ring steward ever.

Gerard Robinson for his cash sponsorship for the show.

Fran and Jackie Browning and Western Gauteng Kennel Club for letting us use a foreign judge from their panel.

Glenda Goller for judging our show.

And last but not least, all the dogs and their owners for coming to support our show.  Hope you had a good day with us!

Heidi Rolfes

25 April 2014
If Western Gauteng Kennel Club do not actually want the judge for the Golden Paw Challenge, to JUDGE the dogs because they are running late, then I suggest they cancel the competition.  It has become a ridiculous event!

Shame on you

26 May 2014
The Schedule is available for Natal Utility Breeds qualifying show– they missed sufficient numbers last year by a very small margin.

We really do not want to lose another Championship Show, the Utility Group does not have a wealth of shows comparatively, so please make an effort to enter – the entry fee is very low R30.00 so you can enter 3 for the price of one!

Plus the Club has cash prizes – R500 for BIS and BPIS, and R250.00 for reserves – really too good to miss.

If you are travelling to Durban and Districts and Pietermaritzburg shows, the club has especially made the start time 14h00 on Friday 4th July so you don’t have to take an extra day off.

We all know how hard the clubs work to put on shows, please demonstrate your support.

Rosemary Elliott

3 June 2014
Why does KZN not have any FCI shows? They are only done in Gauteng and the Cape. Not everybody can afford to travel to the 2 provinces. Some of the exhibitors do not travel at all due to personal circumstances.


3 June 2014
At one of the rings on the 29th of May, certain dogs were awarded above others - as always. It must however be noted that those awarded happened to come from a gazebo under which the Judge's husband was happily conversing with the exhibitors. How blatant can you be?

3 June 2014
KUSA should be ashamed of themselves, for allowing their premier function of the year to once again end in shambles. Surely, this function is the most important one on the KUSA calendar? Have the National competition on it's own day and allow enough time for all exhibitor's to get a fair shot at a placing. Selecting dogs in car lights is completely unacceptable. Not to mention the packing up in the dark!

The show had no atmosphere, and the cold, unappealing marquee did not help.

KUSA, you need to rethink this function.

4 June 2014
When Oh When will KUSA Nationals get it together?????

KUSA why would you have Child & Junior handling on a week day during exam time at school? some children had to stay home in order to write exams. Then the Child Handling was to be in the Best In Show Ring after Best In Show on Friday, it was then moved to the toy ring before any Best In Show event. It’s not acceptable that a judge judging handling can’t speak English, the Child Handling judge wasn’t able to ask the children anything or give clear instructions.

Also the same judge while breed judging proceeded to place every dog in the ring from last place to first,  if there were 20 breeds in the ring he would place right from 20th place up to 1st place – why didn’t the ring steward inform him to pick 4 dogs to place 4th to 1st, very embarrassing for those right at the back of the line.

Junior Handling – people left with some of the swop dogs that had been organised then replacements had to be found, then it was shocking that KUSA didn’t know their own rules that each one of the finalists had to handle all four of the swop dogs, after much debate the kids were called back and the dogs round up again then they continued in the Toy ring while BIS was judged in the other ring at the same time, a shame that the Junior handlers weren’t given the full support as some watched BIS. Then the prizes for the kids were shocking at least the normal shows on average make an effort to give the kids some gift, thank goodness Royal Canin stepped in and they at least got a dog bowl hamper, I mean this is the NATIONAL HANDLING FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess that no dog show shops were allowed due to the expo, so off we went to the expo and there was nothing there, no grooming brush, no leads nothing. If you had a chain that broke or lead you were stuck this wasn’t very clever thinking at all! I also agree the decoration for the ‘Kennel Union’s show weekend of the year’ was sad to say the least. 

I have to admit I am so Grateful that the Croatian judge who judged the Gundog National Finals made the mistake of placing the final four gundogs instead of shortlisting four only to have them come in again to be placed, so the event didn’t drag on and on, this was one instant where I was glad he couldn’t understand English, so the order followed throughout and the event finished quicker.

It really isn’t a great time of year to show in the Cape especially the Nationals and each show with around 500 dogs finished in the dark, how is this possible? Then to do the KUSA Champ show and the Nationals on one day and some dogs being judged in the dark is just unacceptable.  Maybe its Natal's turn for a chance but please NO More Cape Nationals!!!!!!!!

Disappointment with KUSA Nationals continues

4 June 2014
I am still dumbstruck.
Whose bright idea was it to have the Nationals in conjunction with 2 silly All Breed Championship shows? Was it to add credibility to these shows?

The first show the chairperson's dog went BIS, no brains needed to work that one out, the outcome was predicted as soon as we knew the dog was entered. Pity I did not avail myself to the wagers that were been placed.

Then the NATIONALS. How come Gauteng can have the Junior Nationals and finalise the Junior Nationals on the same day?????

Instead of the show starting at 9.00am, the show should have started at 7.30am.

Then the "Petz Expo", liewe V***ing land!!!. Where was the stuff to buy???
All I saw was some Cape Cobra's and some suspect looking lizards. Those big white jobbies called Tents were almost EMPTY.

What a fiasco it was. If ever the NATIONALS are to be held in winter in the Cape, we should all TOI TOI.


6 June 2014
I was most annoyed when I got to the show last Friday, to find out that our Terrier group had been allocated a new judge. Why were we not informed of this? I do understand that our appointed judge broke her leg, and I hope she's feeling better, but I would never have driven all the way down from Gauteng to show under a local Cape Town judge - maybe that's why we were kept in the dark! I think it was a poor show that the exhibitors were not informed of this change, and there were a lot of moans around the Terrier ring.
In the dark

10 June 2014
Hhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Laughing my head off with  your analogy ( the Cape Cobra’s and the lizards) excellent, excellent excellent.

14 July 2014
Congratulations to the SAGDA committee and Lionel’s Dog Food for organizing a most enjoyable specialist show on 12 July 2014.

Great Food prizes, cash prizes, awesome raffle prizes, beautiful rosettes and lovely trophies not to mention the friendly ringside atmosphere made this a show worth travelling for.

I hope to see more exhibitors from the outlying provinces there next year.

Michelle Geldenhuys
Vom Danois Great Danes

24 July 2014
I’m perplexed. I just received the W&HBA schedule and I see breed class entry fees are R95.00.  I thought that was bit steep, but then I looked a bit further and I see that Carting, Obedience, Agility and Jumping only pay R70.00. To add insult to injury if they enter two or three classes their fees are reduced even further, while breed exhibitors are not even offered a discount for entering 3 or 4 dogs.

Please can someone explain why us breed people are punished with entry fees that are 35% higher than the other disciplines, and no discount if we enter several dogs.  I thought perhaps the other disciplines attract more entries per judge, so I dug out a 2012 Goldfields catalogue. On that occasion there were 80 dogs in the Herding group and 88 in the Working Group. Obedience had 24 dogs entered (with 4 judges), Jumping had 18 for 1 judge, Agility 33 for 1 judge and Carting only 12 for 1 judge.

It really makes no economic sense to me, and I certainly won’t be entering my dogs unless someone comes forward with a reasonable explanation for what I see as exploitation of breed exhibitors.

Let’s Be Fair

29 July 2014
I have read a post where the person enquired about the difference in price for entering breed and working disciplines. Heres a quick "crash course" on the reasons for the cheeper entry fees from an agility handlers perspective.

For 1 dog I would enter Agility Contact, I would also enter this dog in Non Contact and Dog Jumping. Thus for me to enter the show with 1 dog would cost me R150.00

Agility Contact, Non Contact and Dog Jumping is 3 different disciplines and needs to be entered separately. For us agility folk it's no use entering just one of them as a round (the amount of time we spend in the ring) averages around 30 seconds and we only get 1 try to get the course right.

I'd be happy to explain the agility part in more detail if you are interested. I can be contacted on the following email address: iagilityaddictsa@icloud.com

The Agility guy on a breed page

19 September 2014
I would like to publicly thank Ronel Swart And Denise Thompson.
The Mother City Poodle Club hosted their open show on 14 September 2014.

These two ladies did a sterling job of a arranging our open show, we had a record number of entries (52 dogs) and new members have joined as well.

A big thank you to the Fly ball teams that also took part.

Thank you to all the other committee members.
I would also like to thank all the sponsors that helped make our show a success.
kind regards
Trudy Thoss

12 May 2015
I received a whole bunch of notices because one of the judges for the KUSA Classic Weekend changed, including a very strange document called a “KUSA Classic Entry Teaser”.

In this document they tell you that an incentive for entering the annual KUSA circus is that there will be two raffles – one for the Junior Handler going to Crufts and another for the Goldfields Showgrounds. So the lollipop you get for paying to enter the KUSA Classic is that you get the opportunity to spend more money on raffle tickets. Yippee!!! I have never heard of anything so absurd in my entire life!

And this raises another question. Why is the KUSA Classic not supporting the only dedicated dog show venue in the country? Instead of putting the show on at Goldfields and helping the entire dog showing community  to retain the grounds, they flee to the first available cheaper option and then offer to run a raffle as a sort of lip service to Goldfields. So they are saying – “we won’t support you, Goldfields , but we are going to fleece the exhibitors for you while we have them all together.” How very, very tacky is that!

Not interested in supporting shows at Denel

12 May 2015
I totally agree with Not interested in Supporting Shows at Denel. This is such an insult to all of us who have been buying Crufts raffle tickets and contributing to the 600 club to help save Goldfields for the dog community. One would expect it of some clubs to stick it to Goldfields, but not KUSA. Its sickening. I also decided as a matter of principal not to support a show that doesn’t support Goldfields.

So, Goldfields, now you can at least see who the true friends of Goldfields are. Don’t look to the organizers of the KUSA show.


12 May 2015
Please can someone at the KUSA office tell me why???? What does a different judge have to do with submitting entries on time???????

Was the whole penalty thing just a ruse to get us to send entries in early or do you have so few entries that this is a desperate bid to scrape up a few more??????????????? Why must I make such an effort to do my entries on time but those who are always late still don’t pay a penalty?????????????? Its not fair.

Never Again

13 May 2015
Now suddenly because there’s a new judge they’ve dropped the R50 surcharge for entering later but still before the closing date! Who has ever heard of such a thing and what was going on in the mind of the person who thought this one out.

Now suddenly the new gentleman from Thailand is not worth the extra fee?!! A circus? It’s more like a church bazaar if you ask me. Are they going to refund those late payers who have already paid R50 per entry extra?

Yes, I also think deserting Goldfields like this is despicable.

Shame on KUSA

13 May 2015
I see one of the prizes on offer by the KUSA Classic is a “Canine Semen collect”. From where will they be collecting it? Can you ask for another prize if you don’t have the need to send someone to collect canine semen?

I’ve heard of strange prizes in my life, but this must take the cake!

DHL is waiting!

15 July 2015
Aussie Show.......

Would like to thank the committee for a very pleasent show...no vibes a pleasant atmosphere and lots of hard work put in by the new committee. Good show!!!! lots of fun and great prizes and Hill's a great Sponser of show!!
Thank you!!!!

Jenni and Lorette Gray