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06 September 2011

Agility Sponsorship debacle.

Here are the facts.

Agility (KUSA) applied to SAA for full sponsorship of the dogs to travel to the FCI Agility World Championships, as per 2010 sponsorship.

You can imagine their surprise to be told by SAA that the sponsorship had been allocated and was in the process of being used by 6 dogs.

Attached are 2 emails from Gaby Frey requesting sponsorship from SAA. You will note the headline of both the first and second communication as stated. AGILITY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.

You will also note that 6 were selected. This seems to be a self selection process of 5 or so preferred friends and not an open competition.

Further to this we were informed that internal SAA communications had the headline AGILITY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Some time later the headline of emails from Gaby Frey got changed to European Championships.

SAA sent a letter to Agility stating that they are of the opinion that they have been misinformed and were really dismayed at being hood-winked.

The real irony of this is that 4 dogs flew out on a competitors airline with only one using the sponsorship and all 5 dogs used SAA incoming. Dog number 6 did not go.

Why ask for sponsorship if you have no intention of using it fully?

The outcome

Agility has received sponsorship of all dogs going to the world championships but the sponsorship is only 50% and opposed to the 100% that Agility received last year causing financial stress to those going overseas.

Was Gaby Frey's behaviour detrimental to Agility at large? KUSA doesn't think so.

Andrew Wright


7 September 2011

Hmmm...very interesting Dance to the tune on the Shows Forum. But I suppose I mustn't be surprised that the President has once again interfered.  Maybe he had to interfere, who knows.

I am on the Judges Scheme and I obviously want to know what lies in stall for me. But I fear for the worst when this committee is headed up by the Brains Trust that is up to his old tricks around the rings again. This is the same person who PROHIBITED the Gauteng distribution of the document outlining the new scheme. This was AFTER the document was discussed in the Cape council and everybody received it attached to the minutes. Any moron could have told him that the document was only a mouse click away from the entire Gauteng , but no, our Brains Trust believed that he could get the genie back into the bottle. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetically sad.   

I received the document from Cape Town like many other people and must have read it ten times and still can't make head or tail of it. When I recently phoned Kusa to find out when we are going to get this very complicated scheme explained to us - yes to us, the PEOPLE ON THE SCHEME! - I was told that there is going to be a road show and a presentation in each province. 

By now it must be common knowledge that the whole new scheme was devised by one person and one person only - THE WC REPRESENTATIVE.  Yes, there is a committee for the sake of appearances, but the string puller is alive and well and living in Moorreesburg.  There was apparently a major balls up at the Gauteng council when the Gauteng representative tried to introduce the scheme and got it all wrong and now Ms Moorreesburg doesn't trust anybody with her scheme and her document anymore.  She is apparently going to do the road show personally.

This is all good and well, but why are the rest of the committee so useless that they cannot explain the scheme to us. The answer is simple - they don't understand it themselves as the Gauteng representative proved. So now they have to send the architect of the whole thing around the country to explain to us what's going on.

Who is going to pay for this extravagance? Kusa of course - that means you and me!! When I last heard Kusa was having a financial crisis. It must be all over so there's obviously money to blow again. 

Soon all will be revealed


8 September 2011

All will be revealed soon has hit the nail on the head!!! This is a very elaborate scheme with “Assessors” and “Moderators” and interviews and training workshops and a list of requirements as long as your arm.  Who is going to do all this is what I want to know.  They can’t even properly administrate the presents system, what still this super duper scheme that will be more at home in a university.

We all know that an academic has now been let lose on the scheme and its now all about “outcomes”, but pray what does the ordinary learner judge understand about this high brow stuff.   Even more worrying is what do the rest of that committee know about “outcomes”??  Just think of who they are and ask yourself if they will know “outcomes” if it stood up and do a back flip.

I can’t believe that the people that get elected to these committees are so out of touch with the ordinary dog people.  But then as we know the committee had little to do with the new scheme.  It was drawn up by one person only because most of the others A) don’t have the knowledge and B) cannot write two sentences that make any sense.  So why try to sell it as a joint effort. Rather say that K.U.S.A. commissioned one person to write the scheme – then you are at least honest about it.

Something else to think about….  When the devisor of the scheme becomes fedup with the whole thing (we’ve seen a few spectacular tantrums from that tent over the years), then what?  I’m prepared to put my money down that the whole bang shoot will collapse like a house of cards.

This will be a very expensive and very complicated scheme to administrate - of that there can be no doubt. So goodluck to K.U.S.A and God bless all the “Moderators” and “Assessors” who will be volunteering hours and hours of their time for free to help aspirant judges through this maze.  Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its a pig!

Feet On The Ground


8 September 2011

I’m not surprised that the President has taken a unilateral decision to put on yet another expensive roadshow.  He appears to love roadshows – remember the expense never spared in the fake constitution rewrite during another build-up to a presidential re election some years back?  R80 thou that cost the members.  Now to apparently defend his unilateral decision to ace the previous National Judges committee he is planning on sending the author of the latest pie in the sky system around the country – also at our expense.  When is he going to be stopped?  Soon all will be revealed is quite right.  The Brainstrust didn’t understand it himself so he tried to keep the people on the scheme in the dark.  It’s disgraceful!  What a waste of money!

We must also not forget the fact that the President also seems to be protecting the Free State Chairman to the utmost.  This is yet another apparently unilateral decision NOT to disclose the findings of the Article 19 appointees, yet another presidentially appointed committee probably also paid for by our money.  Could it be that he disagrees with their findings?  Just maybe?  Else why the secrecy?  And all this during “austerity measures”  What a crock!

Time we took back OUR Kennel Union!

Time for change!


3 October 2011
Since the last “statement” by the President of KUSA posted on DogWorld on 19 July 2011, I have been receiving regular calls for an update from those interested in the situation in the Free State. Last week I wrote to the President to enquire about developments subsequent to his “statement” and received the response below.



Dear Joan

This is to confirm that the report has finally been received and is now in the hands of the Federal Council for progress to be made based on the recommendations contained therein.

Greg Eva
P O Box 2659
TEL: +27 21 423 9027
FAX: +27 21 423 5876


3 October 2011

It is already October. What’s happened to the so called “road show” by the devisor of the new judges scheme? Is it still going to happen this year?

The fact that only the devisor is competant to explain the scheme must be some indication of how complicated it is. It also doesn’t say much about the competancies of the people who have to work with the scheme in the other provinces. IMHO if its too complicated it will never fly. Surely this is about ordinary dog people wanting to learn how to judge dogs. We are not studying for a university degree!

Keep it simple


10 October 2011

So glad to see that the aspirant judges are now standing to be counted. Were any of you ever asked what you wanted out of the scheme? After all you are the students. As far as I know - no you were not. It was all decided for you by people who don't need the scheme as they are already qualified. Are you happy with this?

Oh yes and BTW do these already qualified do a refresher or update? just asking.



10 October 2011

This may be considered "Off Topic" by some, but I hope it will help some of the people on the list.

I bought a Royal Doulton dog figurine and was shown where a 'restoration' had been done. OK, the restoration was so good I subsequently thought it was on the right back leg when actually it was on the left.

A couple of weeks ago my maid came to me almost in tears "I've worked for you all these years and never broken anything" (not her fault of course, stuff happens). I called the Antique Centre I'd bought the figurine from and they gave me a name - went out there a couple of days ago (wish I had grandsons, he'd be one of them <BG>). He's a member of the South African Guild of Ceramic Restorers and showed me exactly what he was going to do. He explained that restorations must NEVER be washed with Handy Andy (Ajax when I lived in Australia) or anything else containing ammonia because it dissolves the repair material; must not be subjected to temperatures greater than 90 Celsius and should not be kept in direct sunlight. He also told me that every three months members of the Guild receive an update of the very latest ceramic repair techniques because things are improving all the time. I learnt that with good care these restorations will outlive us, lasting for 75 to 100 years (WOW!). He also told me SA has an amazing record of caring for its heritage - latest law 1999 - if a product brought in for repair is more than sixty years old, or by certain artistes, the repairer has to report it to the Guild and get permission to go ahead, to make sure none of our heritage is compromised in any way - I'm sure there must be similar ordinances in other countries too.

Do NOT, under any circumstances, repair your precious figurines, plates etc. with instant glue or whatever comes to hand - you may make a very good "repair" just like my Dad used to do, but it will not be the same as a restoration.

Kind regards



17 October 2011

So, from the other dog website its now official that there is going to be a roadshow to explain how the new judges scheme will work. The notice neatly skirts around who is going to explain the scheme to us. Will it our own representative Gael Morrison or the emissary from Cape Town?

More info please!


17 October 2011

Is it true that Mrs Jenny Hubbard is the only person standing as Chairman of our province NAPC? If it is true then there is hope for us after all.

When do we pop the corks???!


20 October 2011

Well, well, well…  Case of Nerds 1 - Bullies 0 it seems.  Now its the SLH  Express all the way to Cape Town!!! 

Next stop Bree Street


20 October 2011

I wish to thank Dorothy for sharing her experiences with us on damaged figurine repairs.
Whilst accepting that once these precious figurines are damaged the value thereof drops tremendously one still tries to "fix" them. As an avid antique collector I have a huge collection of Royal Doulton but have never taken the time to find out the correct way of repairing them.

Again, thank you Dorothy for your valuable information. It is so nice to read an article in the forum that is not complaining about or running someone into the ground. Let\'s hope we have more such interesting contributions.


23 October 2011

Are you really telling us it’s Case Closed? What a relief!

All aboard the SLH Express!


23 October 2011

Dear Next stop Bree Street
I don't think the SLH Express will stop outside Number 68. The Corner Office beckons!
Take Cover


25 October 2011

Post removed!


26 October 2011

Post removed!


26 October 2011

Dear Azara,

Aspirant judges don't make the rules. They also don't say what they want out of the scheme. This can wait until they've become full-blown judges themselves, who have been up and down the creek a few times.


Chris Pretorius


9 November 2011

So were they not your scratch-my back local buddies that are killing our dog world?
KUSA should implement a rule that no dog should become a champion on only local CCs AT LEAST 2 SHOULD BE FROM IMPORTED JUDGES.
To the local I scratch-your back you comb mine please stop this unethical killer action, yes it is killing the dog world.


9 December 2011

I’m trying to find a judge for our open show and thought it would be a good idea to give a newbie a chance. So I made some enquiries about people who wrote the entrance exam in November and guess what – zilch, zero, nada. NOT A SINGLE NEW PERSON HAS ENTERED THE JUDGING SCHEME!!!

All I can think is that after the recent road show they all ran for deep cover. I attended the presentation with my wife who is hoping to be a judge one day and all I can say is that she left a disheartened and disillusioned woman. If this is the way KUSA thinks they’ll get more people interested in judging then they must think again. The people who devised this elaborate and complicated concoction must live in cloud cuckoo land because they are certainly not living here.

No judges, no shows    


11 December 2011

Dear 'No Judges, No Shows' -

If you had a name, a Club, or even a region, I'd happily help to point you to some real nice new judges for your Open show. So what if no one has entered the (new) Judging scheme yet? It's hardly off the ground, my friend, but believe me it's a VERY real prospect. Just give it time, because unlike you, there are some good people working at it.

There are others available too, you know. You know like I know there are quite a few from the 'previous' scheme too (and you know like I know that for an Open Show you can happily use some good and reputable breeders / exhibitors who are equally keen, but has not enrolled into the scheme yet.)

So, just use your nut and go for it (and failing all else, contact me and I'll happily point you to some REAL people who can help.) Because unlike you, I'm identifiable!

Chris Pretorius


13 December 2011

As usual Chris Pretorius misses the point completely. The point “No judges, no Shows” is trying to make is that if we don’t have judges entering the training scheme, we won’t have judges for the future, i.e. for Championship shows.  We all know that you can kick a “dispensation judge” out from behind every bush. So how will “dispensation judges” solve our Championship problem for the future?

As I understand this new judges scheme (“concoction” is about the right word) its bye-bye to dispensation judges anyway. So that also takes care of our open show problem. Its simple: we just won’t have them because we won’t have judges to judge at them. And then there will be no place for the judges on the fancy new scheme to train and the whole thing will collapse.

If Chris Pretorius thinks that the new scheme will be our salvation then I’m happy for him.  We’ll talk again five years down the line.

Further down the slippery slope


14 December 2011

My guess is that when the guy who's sliding further down that slippery slope smells flowers, he probably looks around for a funeral (?) So, pretending that there is some truth in what you're saying (from the comfort of your anonymity) - just what are YOU doing to be helpful?

Chris Pretorius


14 December 2011

I have been showing my dogs for the last 10 years. Now, in the Boston Terrier group, I have noticed that the heavy bostons win everything. If you look at the standard, a boston terrier should not weigh more than 11.4kg. I am almost certain that those bostons are way over the weight as they are like double the size of most of the boston terrier breeders. It has already been said that they look like mini bulldogs. Well, why don't they go and rather show bulldogs then. This is rather unfair as we breed our bostons to the standard and you get some people that don't and yet, they are winning all the CC's. Just wanted to know what would other people think of this.

Boston Terrier Lover


14 December 2011

Hi there

I saw an insert for Canine SA in the latest Animal Talk …..

This is another one like SA Dog Breeders association ….???? Strange???

Kind regards,

Arnel Sauer


06 January 2012

I recently took over the responsibility for a rescue Dalmatian, her adopter had been approved by the rescue organisation concerned three months previously, after I had put them in touch with each other. The potential new owner lives in Zimbabwe; the person at rescue who I was dealing with had never exported. Although I explained everything that needed to be done and offered to go along with to show the ropes, they decided to "go it alone". This resulted in the dog being transported around 85 miles to the airport only to be turned away because there was no Zim Import Permit, no State Vet's certificate, and a Rabies Inoculation done just three days prior to travel instead of the mandatory thirty days. When she came to me complete with the large non-collapsible crate which her new owner had already paid for I had a problem - I needed someone with a vehicle capable of transporting the crate and it was Christmas holidays! I didn't wish to run up huge extra charges, the new owner had already paid more for this rescue dog than she would have done for a KUSA-registered puppy; additionally on the day the dog was supposed to have travelled, she herself had travelled four hours to Harare, booked two nights at a hotel as well as booking and paying for a night in kennels for the dog - and only on her way to the airport to collect the dog did she find that it was not on the plane and was not likely to be sent before several weeks had passed. Needless to say, I was tearing my hair out. And then Carol Immelman stepped in - she couldn't personally help with transport, but she put me in touch with a most wonderful and caring person - Dorette of International Trade and Transport Agents cc. Dorette not only saw to travel arrangements, she organised for me to be collected along with the dog and her crate so that the dog wasn't driven away alone from what and who she knew (for the fourth time in four months) and for me to be dropped back home again - and this was a gift from her. She advised me that Comair would be substantially cheaper than SAA, so that is what we chose and she even organised a special deal at her own expense, because of the case-history.

Then the next surprise: BA-Comair Cargo, now called BidAir, have a new building at OR Tambo; it's called the Pet Transport Lounge for arriving and departing pets. Your animal goes in there and until they've completed all paperwork etc and are ready to weigh the animal with its crate you are welcome to walk it around (which I did). All papers needing to be stapled to the crate can be done without the animal in it, thus reducing stress levels. Once it's been weighed the crate stays in the other side of the "lounge" in relative peace and quiet, right up until it's time for it to be loaded onto the plane, which is after all the rest of the cargo. None of the stress of being in a huge noisy hangar with forklifts etc. buzzing round and dropping cartons etc. noisily - just the day to day relative quiet of four staff members going about their jobs.

I've never heard of six-star service, but Dorette certainly provided it. Anybody who wants the details:

Tel: (011) 394-3548 or 394-8621
Fax: (011) 390-3122
Cell : 083-230 4610 / 083-230 4609
e-mail address

I can assure you, you won't regret it.

Dorothy Berry, Kurranulla Dalmatians and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels


06 January 2012

What an excellent article on Kennel Blindness. I do hope all members of the dog fraternity read and assimilate this. Maybe there will be less 'judge bashing' and better sportsmanship all round in 2012.

After all winning isn't everything and is certainly not the only thing!!



16 January 2012

With reference to the recent dog attack on Clifton Beach, listed on the Dogworld website under News and Noteworthy, some background is needed to keep the wider South African dog community informed of the miscreant responsible for this incident. We apparently have our very own Dog Whisperer for Africa with a special shamanic ("medicine man") gift in animal communication and healing in our midst. For more details on James Lech and his extraordinary powers, visit his website on

Many are aware that James Lech is also the architect of another dog attack on an innocent child at the Hyde Park Shopping Mall in July 2011. He had the temerity and stupidity to blame the child for what happened. However, the whole sequence of events was caught on CCTV for the world to see and rightly question the validity of his "service" dog ruse to gain access to a shopping mall with his Rottweiler. For a more in-depth article on both these tragic attacks, please access the following link:

James Lech continues to show no remorse for his actions and indeed seems to welcome the media attention these attacks generate as expressed on his latest Facebook post: "A public statement and interviews shall be available regarding the facts and comments concerning the incident. Currently documentation is being compiled with our advisors and should be ready within the week. Please subscribe to this blog to receive notification as soon as it is ready." His entire Facebook profile can be viewed on

I'm left wondering how such fraudulent and criminal activity is allowed to continue without check from this individual? How many more children must be scarred for life? Why should our legitimate access to public places with our dogs be further restricted or the reputation of a single breed be tarnished because of this attention seeking self-styled animal behaviourist?

Alejandro Varela
RV Rottweilers


16 January 2012

Reply to Boston Terrier Lover (14 Jan 2011)

I have also noticed that there are a lot of oversized Boston Terriers winning cc’s and being awarded BOB.

The Boston Terrier may have been originally bred for pit fighting, but ultimately became a companion dog, because his size wasn’t big enough for fighting.

I feel that it would be good to start weighing the dogs like they do with the Daschunds.

I was also wondering what other Boston Terrier breeders think of DNA testing for Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts and BAER testing for normal hearing of before breeding with a dog?

Passionate About Bostons


17 January 2012
Alejandro (Alex) Varela gave an excellent perspective on the reasons for the attack on the little girl, Meeka Riley Lackay (2) by a Rottweiler at Clifton Beach. Firstly, the dog was clearly of suspect character. Secondly, contrary to City regulations, it was brought to the beach off-leash. Thirdly, this was done by some self-proclaimed canine behaviour 'guru' by the name of James Lech. The result? She had to have surgery to her leg and back after receiving eleven bite wounds. Mr. Lech was fined R1,500, but I would still like to see the Lackay family take him to civil court. An accident? Don't you believe it.

Mr. Lech first came to the attention of the media when earlier a Rottweiler in his care was left without supervision in the Hyde Park shopping centre in Gauteng, which resulted in yet another girl getting bitten. It would appear that he has since not become any the wiser, in spite of marketing himself as a canine behaviourist (oh yes, he has a real nice website that would attract a very naive public!) To pilfer money from such a public would be as easy as taking sweets from children. In my opinion, if Mr. Lech is any canine behaviourist, then the Archbishop of Canterbury is a pole dancer.

A news report in 'Die Burger' (Sat. 14 Jan. 2012) reports that a Vet from Rondebosch Animal Clinic, Dr. David Grant , stated that Lech visited him at the clinic in July 2011. He wanted to transport an American Pitbull to Johannesburg. The dog's feet were tied up and its jaws were bound. The dog wore an electronic collar, with which the dog could be given a small and brief shock, whenever it barked or misbehaved (!)

If what I've heard is true, this James Lech some time ago trained for a while with a reputable Rottweiler Club in Gauteng. This did not work out, as he was asked to leave after apparently refusing to accept the guidance of experts at the Club.

The fact that a Rottweiler was involved, is co-incidental. Any large breed (or cross-breed) of suspect character would have had the potential to cause problems, if it was entrusted to someone with the sense of responsibility of a child. A Rottweiler is just another dog. One like my own has the potential to bite an adult man right into hospital. A Jack Russel can bite a toddler right into hospital too - they all have teeth! The trick is to raise them all as canine good citizens, and be responsible about it. To try and rehabilitate problem dogs is OK too, as long as you keep them off the beach and out of public spaces like shopping centres.

The dog in question was confiscated, pending a decision by the City Council. I personally don't care if they destroy it, but I do lament the fact that it never had a chance to be raised properly, in a typical family environment, like all our own dogs.

Chris Pretorius
(Secretary, Rottweiler Breed Council of KUSA)


18 January 2012

As a breeder who at the end of this year will “qualify” to approach KUSA and request registration as an Accredited Breeder I would like to pose the following question:-

1. Does being a KUSA Accredited breeder stand for anything?

2. What distinguishes a KUSA Accredited Breeder from:-
· An ordinary Breeder who holds good/low standards
· A Back Yard Breeder
· A Puppy Mill which holds no standards?

I was quite surprised when I viewed KUSA’s requirements with regards to qualifying as an accredited breeder, for it does not offer much to aspire to. If that is the breeding standard required of the “BEST” breeders in the country, I shudder to think what would be viewed as average or mediocre breeding.

There are many points to ponder when considering ethical breeding practices and laying down the highest standard of breeding for a country, but by viewing only one of the many aspects I want to relate the following scenario;

A breeder, who happens to be a current KUSA Accredited breeder and regularly participates in this forum, posted her planned litters for 2012 on her website. One of the mating’s planned is for Mid-2012 with her bitch that will be 6 years old in June. This girl had her first litter when she was 20 months old. Before she turned 5 years old(4 years 8 months to be precise) she had delivered 5 litters and produced 47 puppies. That is 5 litters, 47 pups in 3 years!! If you consider that on average 21 days are taken up by being in season, 63 days by pregnancy and another 63 days to raise a litter, now you multiply this by 5 - It means that out of 1095 days, this girl spent approx. 735 days making, bearing or raising puppies. She may even have 60 puppies before she is 6 years old. How can this be ethical breeding? How can this be regarded as the “pinnacle” of breeding standard in South Africa? How can this be different from a Puppy Mill? How can this happen with KUSA accreditation and registration?

I would have loved to be evaluated by KUSA, to be found worthy of the honour, and privilege of being awarded the ultimate and prestigious title of KUSA Accredited Breeder, but only if that title represented the highest standard of excellence.

Which brings me back to my original question to fellow breeders and to our Kennel Union, does being a KUSA accredited breeder stand for anything? Is it something I, as a breeder would want to aspire to? The answer sadly is NO. May I never set my standards so low!

KUSA is in the process of reassessing their Accredited Breeder Scheme. Those who want to contribute to setting the highest standard of breeding in South Africa and help establish a scheme to be proud of, can view the draft schedule on their website and send suggestions to zainoe@

I am looking forward to reading your thoughts on this matter.

Amanda de Wet
Zimzala Flat Coated Retrievers.


18 January 2012

Amanda - Establishing a reputation as a good / well known / reputable breeder is all about INTEGRITY, knowledge and good breeding practices. It is not about a Certificate!  Fortunately we have many of these kind of breeders in our midst, and some of them do not have KUSA Accredited Breeders Status. 

There are also those who are unethical and hide behind this Certificate. I would go as far a to say we all know of one Mr Joe Bloggs who has falsified litter dates of birth, parentage and parentage age, hip readings. (as examples) or as you so rightly mention, the over bred bitch. I know I do.

Love your dogs , do the best by THEM and not your pocket and good luck.



19 January 2012

On Sunday the Working & Herding Breeds Association held their open show on the bottom grounds of the Goldfields Show grounds. During the time when the office was very busy with people taking entries, disciplines judges/stewards/ helpers getting refreshments an amount of R4100.00 was taken from the cash box.

From what various people can piece together afterwards, there were two young men with dark complexions in a Polo Classic. One remained in the car and the other mingled with the many people queuing to put in entries at the office. He wore a blue fine check shirt and was asked by a couple of disciplines people what he was doing hanging around, whereupon he gave excuses of helping with cages, etc., After the deed was done he joined his companion in the Polo and left the show grounds at great speed.

I would like to warn all exhibitors, club committees to PLEASE be careful when at the grounds. I understand on the previous weekend cars were broken into on the top grounds despite the car guards.



20 January 2012

I fully agree with the posts from Amanda de Wet and Azara regarding the KUSA Accredited Breeder Scheme. In my own breed there are only two KUSA Accredited Breeders. Amazingly, neither of these “breeders” owns any of our breed, and in fact have not done so for over 10 years. Before that I don’t think they have bred more than one litter of my breed, if that. When I pointed this out to KUSA they replied that if you are an accredited breeder in one breed, you therefore are one in any other breed that you may have owned in the past, even if now you don’t own any specimens! One of the “Accredited” breeders, on receiving enquires for puppies, tells people that “she doesn’t have any puppies at the moment” and then proceeds to give then the phone number of another breeder, who churns puppies out like sausages and lives off the proceeds of selling them. The "Accredited" Breeder advertises herself on various dog websites as a breeder, without owning the breed. Over many years I have built up a reputation for good quality, well brought up puppies. My sole aim is to improve and maintain the breed – not to make money. Being a KUSA Accredited Breeder is not going to make any difference to me. My standards are higher than being accredited.
Non-Accredited Breeder


21 January 2012

Re: Accredited Breeders Scheme

In response to Amanda de Wet, Zimzala Flat Coated Retrievers, we received a circular letter from 'The KUSA Administration' dated 30.03.11 attaching New Draft Proposals concerning the Accredited Breeders Scheme, apparently emminating from KUSA Exco , which requested input/consideration by the (then) 129 Accredited Breeders around the country before 31.05.11. We submitted three letters indicating our views, the first dated 16th April 2011 raised concerns about inspection, the second dated 17th April, 2011 covered Guideline to Agreement of Sale/Purchase and the third dated 24th April 2011 raised various other matters related thereto. These three letters were e-mailed for the attention of Mr. Greg Eva - President, Lois Wilson - Exco Chair and Pascale Midgley - General Manager. Since the content of our submissions is lengthy we will e-mail copies to you at Zimzala.

From Exco Minutes it appears that some form of prefaced submission by Accredited Breeders to Exco was presented by Pascale Midgley. It also appears that Mr. Jenkins requested full copies of submissions. Thereafter the matter seems to have been abandoned, as judging from Exco monthly meeting Minutes - 'Deferred' is the most commonly used word!

Like you, we are also incensed at the often flagrant abuses by any KUSA breeder, accredited or not, yet the powers that be refuse to act and enforce KUSA regulations, particularly the KUSA Code of Ethics, leaving a gullible public at the mercy of such disreputable breeders and no protection for those, like ourselves, who are breeding with honesty, integrity and the best interests of our dogs and the breed at heart. We believe this situation should not be allowed to continue as it is downright shameful!

We await your response to the content of our e-mails to you and from others concerning the above comments.

Bridget & Mark Simpson
Accredited Breeders


21 January 2012

DNA Testing

We do not usually respond to persons using pseudonyms, but to Passionate About Bostons, we do so regarding DNA Testing for adverse genetic conditions, particularly Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts. While our Setter breeds do not suffer from this particular problem, you may be unaware that since 2006 Irish and Irish Red & White Setter breeders have run a very successful scheme to clear these breeds of CLAD Canine Leucocyte Adhesion Deficiency - a lethal auto-immune condition and PRA rcd1 Progressive Retinal Atrophy, an early onset blinding condition in which the majority of SA breeders participated. With a clear slate, we are now in the final stages of proposing to KUSA that we follow the example of the Kennel Club(London) by not permitting the Breed Registration of any litter where the parentage is not either DNA tested clear or is Inherited clear by virtue of its ancestry being tested. Under schedule 2 E imported Irish and Irish Red and Whites must be either tested clear or be hereditary clear before being placed on the respective Breed Registers in SA and this works in reverse as far as export is concerned.

By the beginning of next year we hope to commence DNA Testing for PRA rcd4 (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) late onset blindness (symptoms only appearing at age 6 or more years). Currently we have no definitive data to confirm or not whether Irish and/or Gordon Setters in SA are involved, although many of us have stock with UK/European ancestry. This mutant gene has recently been identified by the Animal Health Trust UK and we are hopeful that Inqaba SA through liaison with AHT will be able to offer the test locally.

Should you wish to know more about protocols etc in our scheme, which may prove useful to your own breed, you are welcome to contact us at

Bridget & Mark Simpson


26 January 2012

I would like to refer to the posts dated 14 December 2011 and 16 January 2012.

I have also noticed the sizes of Boston Terriers at shows and I also find this totally unfair as they are not according to the Boston Terrier standard that is on the KUSA website.

I also agree that Boston Terriers should also be weighed to ensure that they are within the standard before CCs and BOBs are awarded.

I fully agree with testing for Juvenile Hereditary Cataracts and BAER testing for normal hearing before breeding with a dog.  This should be done to avoid this being carried over to puppies.  This will also stop all the problems that we get in our breed.  It is the right thing to do...

Boston Greetings.


04 February 2012

Boston Friends,

I understand you dilemma regarding your  issues with the size of some of the Boston Terriers at the moment. You need to consider that the majority of the Boston Terriers currently on show fall within the specified weight category for Boston Terriers. Sure there are a few really big dogs that are oversized , ( and a few small ones at the moment ) , but this is an occurrence in any breed and one should not be too concerned about the few really large dogs. You start worrying when the ALL start becoming too  large or too small and a trend starts developing.

If you consider the Bostons that have won at the shows with really big entries , all were correctly sized dogs and on a whole I must say that while there has been a little bit of questionable judging , the most of the judges , both local and International put up really good specimens of the breed.

A further consideration when we talk about size and the Boston Terrier is understanding why having small and large dogs benefits the breed from a breeding perspective and how it impacts type. A good idea to research that topic.

A little advice from someone who has been in the breed for more than a day J , use it , don`t use it , all up to you.

Best Regards
Shaun Graham
Togra Boston Terriers
South Africa.


05 February 2012

Normally I do not stoop so low as to answer comments made by people who do not have the guts to put their names next to their beliefs/statements. 

But lately it seems people have lots to say about Boston Terriers  - even though its (again) totally unfounded.

To ''Boston terrier lover'', ''Passionate about Boston's" and ''Boston Greetings'' (as a matter of interest - the way I've ended all my Boston-e-mails for many a year now) - just the following:  Please buy the book " The Boston Terrier" by Arthur R. Huddleston.  Read pages 19 and 20 very carefully ...the Author says ..."If we do not use the big dogs more than the breeders are doing today - always these big dogs are the salvation of type - the breed will run to seed and lose the old head the interest of the breed, the old Breed Standard might well be heeded today..."

I've been breeding and showing Boston Terriers for more than 23 years, in latter years I've also judged at some shows and I must admit, this is the most difficult of the lot.  And the reason - precisely because of what has happened now, remember - one can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time!

We all go to shows hoping to win, but - as its basically one persons interpretation of a Breed Standard you must expect to ''win some and lose some''.  I expect ''Boston Terrier Lover'' wants to win CCs and BOBs at every show he/she enters?  I've got news for you, my dear - wake up and smell the roses!  These people can quote the Breed Standard, but did they also see that we do not have "Disqualifying Faults"  - maybe they did not get as far as that, I mean, only 10 years experience .... still but a puppy in my eyes!  And to have the dogs weighed, where will the struggling Clubs get the money from to buy these, also know, they can't use the same little scales as what are used for Dachshunds etc, it will need to be considerably bigger to take 11.4kg's!  This will also only result in those Breeders (that want to win everything!) to put their slightly overweight Boston's on ridiculous diets to 'pass' the weight test.  Who's going to suffer in the end, the poor dog of course!  At the end of the day, the three weight classes should be judged according to the Breed Standard and not be judged for its size only!  Size does not determine a dogs health!

Maybe these three people must read the article on Kennel Blindness again, maybe they are guilty of that?  If, as they say ''bigger dogs are being placed'  maybe its because these dogs confirm more to the Breed Standard than theirs?  Another thing - what they are basically saying with their remark is that those Judges, that placed these dogs in the first place, don't know what they are doing?  Surely that is a slap in their faces??  Or maybe that's the reason why they used the ''Non-de-Plume' in the first place?

I do - and have done - a lot of shows over the years, what I have picked up upon lately is something totally different to what the ranting and raving is all about ...  dogs with very obvious hindquarter problems, more so than before, maybe these three people are the guilty parties and that's why ''bigger dogs are placed'' ???  If you are one of those people that walk your dog at a snails pace because the minute you go to fast it starts hopping and skipping, then you have the reason why you don't get CCs and BOBs!  You are suggesting we test for all kinds of things, what about adding Hip Dysplasia and Luxating Patella's to your ever growing lists???

And now - the Tests you want us to do .... after only 10 years in the 'game' - do you actually know what it means??

Lately it's come to my attention that a lot of deaf puppies are being born, why now all of a sudden?  I will tell you why, some so called Breeders are guilty of in-breeding, and so badly so that puppies had to go for elongated soft-palate operations at 4 months.  Don't you want to test for that as well??  You forgot to add that to your list of complaints??  To me, much more serious than a dog/dogs that might be slightly bigger than yours, but can at least still breath and don't need operations to keep it alive!

By the sound of it, these people want to create their own Breed Standards and have us showing in the Toy Ring, and using the same scale as the Dachshunds!  A ''Companion'' dog doesn't mean a ''Toy'' dog!

Boston Greetings
Ina Wride


20 February 2012

Having viewed the Kennel Club(UK) video at on their home page (scroll down to pics of Irish Wolfhounds and click) one can only applaud the combined efforts of KC, the Veterinary Professionals, DNA research and Health Lab, Animal Health Trust, and top of the pile those ethical breeders who have made enormous strides in their quest to eliminate adverse genetic conditions from their respective breeds.

While it has to be accepted that the above arose out of a BBC expose documentary some years ago which highlighted the worst exaggerations which led to severe health problems, it galvanised all parties involved into joint discussion, decision and above all action. With co-operation they have progressed to a point in which they can have pride in their achievement, despite the fact that not all problems are resolved.

A further documentary programme is to be broadcast on BBC4 on 27.02.12 between 9 - 10p.m. so if you have friends or family in UK ask them if they can get a copy to you.

Why am I raising this matter? I know there are a lot of ethical individual breeders in SA who are doing their upmost to X-ray for HD, DNA Test for a variety of adverse genetic conditions and undertake clinical examinations in order to breed better, healthier dogs conforming to their particular Breed Standard. Unfortunately, there are also those breeders who, like ostriches, stick their heads in the sand and refuse, for whatever misguided reason, to move with the times into the new millennium.

We have been involved with DNA testing since 2006 principally with SA Irish Setters for PRArcd 1 and CLAD on a National basis using Optigen (USA) followed by the local Inqaba DNA testing facility (I know other breeds, particularly Dobermans were testing for von Willibrands prior to 2006 in Germany.) Despite pleas to KUSA to have results reflected on KUSA Registration Certificates (as is the case with HD scores) we had to wait for the installation of the new KUSA computer system to capture data.

With feet of clay, and after considerable pressure, KUSA eventually began issuing Health Screening Certificates as an Annexure to the Registration Certificate and Certified Pedigree in the last quarter of 2010.

In the meantime argument ensued, particularly at Exco level, about whether KUSA was only a Registration body or something more. In 2008 having over 100 Irish Setters Tested or Inherited Clear of CLAD and PRA rcd 1 and all breeding Irish Red & Whites cleared of CLAD it was felt that SA should follow the example of the UK Kennel Club and propose that KUSA would not register an Irish Setter litter unless both parents were either DNA tested clear of CLAD and PRA rcd1 or were hereditarily clear of the mutations (ancestry cleared). A similar clause was proposed to cover Irish Red & Whites for CLAD. The proposal was approved by the Cape Gundog Club and WP Provincial Council and placed on the Federal Council Agenda for last meeting of 2008. The effective date for instituting the proposal, if approved was Jan. 2010. Incredulously at KUSA Federal Council level the proposals were DEFEATED! As the whole object of DNA testing is to breed adverse genetic conditions out of a breed we have again had these proposals approved by Cape Gundog Club and tabled at WP Provincial Council for inclusion on the May Federal Council Meeting Agenda 2012. The motivation for approval is backed by a detailed report, complete listings of clear and inherited clear dogs in SA, etc.

In UK the Animal Health Trust discovered the PRA rcd4 (late onset) mutant recessive genes responsible for blindness from midlife of Irish and Gordon Setters and in the last quarter of 2011 this laboratory has tested many worldwide. The SA Irish Setter breeders/stud dog owners have already been surveyed nationally and provisional protocols circulated as to how we, as a breed will handle testing, recording through a central Agent (as we do not have a IS Club) for eventual submission for KUSA to add to their data base and issue Health Screening Certificates. We are hopeful that Inqaba will be able to provide the test locally in SA and in order that they can liaise with AHT it is envisaged that we start testing at the beginning of 2013.

Will KUSA take a leaf out of the Kennel Club's book to WORK WITH BREEDERS, the SAVA and INQABA? We sincerely hope so. To obstruct progress in breeding healthier dogs can only taint the reputation of KUSA internationally and ultimately bring about its downfall.

Bridget & Mark Simpson