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9 May 2013
I hear Madam Mooreesburg is whinging along about the poor response to her seminar ads. Well just WHAT did she expect? I mean putting them out at the last minute & expecting everyone to jump. Just look at Gauteng they had theirs going right from the beginning of the year. Take a leaf Madam and cork it.
Just saying

14 May 2013
After everything that was said about Alwyn and the Free State Clubs never getting their Show Schedules in on time, isnt it ironic that the very same people who had so much to say, have now failed to get the Eastern Districts schedule finalised, but because its "them" is it going to be passed?

What is KUSA going to do about this - after much discussion we looked up the KUSA rules - Schedule 3,5.16  "Where a Club, for any reason whatsoever, has been unable to finalise its Draft Schedule twelve (12) weeks before the first day of the Show, no licence shall be issued for that event."  Are they going to roll over, or do the right thing and not issue a licence?  Is the new regime going to be as bad as the old one?

Rules is rules…

16 May 2013
Upon perusing the list of Accredited Assessors from Gauteng I am absolutely horrified to see a particular person on the list.

That a person can go around the show rings causing such disruptions by foul mouthing judges from the side of the ring and interrupting judging to greet long time friends and running down other exhibitor's dogs to officiating judges can even be considered to be a mentor to learner judges as well as being authorised to assess learner judges.
Heaven help the show dog fraternity if this is the kind of conduct that is going to be passed on to the "new generation" of judges.

Corinne Diggins

19 May 2013
Dear Corinne

There is not only one of that kind on the list and they are not all in Gauteng either.

There are people on the country wide list with highly questionable ethics and who are masters of the art of self promotion.  What I want to know is if a person who you don’t have any respect for (and that is a large percentage) gets appointed as your assessor do you have the right to decline?  I hope so.  The thought of taking advice from many of the people on the list turns my stomach.

In some cases they have really scraped the barrel. They must be very desperate for assessors.

Learner judges to the slaughter  

20 May 2013
Dear Learner & Corinne
Thank you for your posts . I could not have said it better. scary stuff indeed.

And after this past weekend and some of the judging witnessed by the imports the less said the better.

Wry mouths are in

21 May 2013
I heard this weekend that two of our famous international all breeds judges FAILED Ms Svetlana Svartland’s assesors course. If those who are running things in a province cannot make the grade, how the hell are they going to show other learner judges the way.

This is a rediculous situation and I call on the powers that be to stop this madness before it is to late. You cannot have one person running the show and a bunch of puppets following orders. The national chairman is apparently also to scared to say anything and the others on the committee are also terrified of the school mistress.

This judging scheme has turned into a comedy show and I agree the list of eagar beavers is enough to make you want to quit judging.

Buying bowling balls   

29 May 2013
Well what we all predicted has now finally happened!  When the EWC was announced a few years back we were all shocked to hear that the winner of the KUSA Nationals will be the dog to go and not the KUSA Top Dog on the ratings.  That meant that the winner would be chosen by members of the strange panel of “judges” from weird and wonderful places that the ex President contracted for his annual KUSA extravaganza.

Those of us who said it was a bad idea to use the KUSA Nationals were told that the ex President had made his decision and that was final.  It would boost entries at the KUSA Nationals.  How did Royal Canin feel about the Eukanuba dog being chosen at a Royal Canin sponsored event, we asked.  Every body was happy, was the answer.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to predict that this was a ticking time bomb.  Royal Canin pays the money and Eukanuba gets the glory!!!  It was bound to blow up and now it has.  Who is the loser?  The dog fraternity of South Africa.

Thank you very much Mr ex President.

Furious exhibitor and EWC Hopefull

29 May 2013
I think it’s time for a re-look at the rules for the winner of the EWC prize. There should be a point system in place for the all-breed champ shows only (as some groups have more shows than others) and the top South African bred dog who is an active Eukanuba club member should be announced the winner! This will encourage exhibitor's to feed Eukanuba which will increase sales and will also encourage breeders to show more home bred dogs! The points should run from after the KUSA show weekend and end with the KUSA Champ show - so June to May! Maybe Dogworld can have the point system running on the website!
Time for change

29 May 2013
I have just heard that the KUSA National Dog will no longer be sponsored to go to the Eukanuba World Challenge and I’m disgusted.  We have all entered to be in contension for this grand prize no to find out that it was all for nothing.  Apparently the trouble has been brewing for a while and we should have known what was coming when the statement about Eukanuba’s new rules went up on the KUSA web site.  This statement has since mysteriously disappeared and has been replaced by the statement also up on the DW web site.

The only decent prize in dogdom has now also been taken away from us as exhibitors  through inefficiency.  What does the contract with Eukanuba say?  Surely this sponsorship is tied down by a contract.   I hope everybody in the dogworld is as outraged as I am.
Not showing on Sunday thank you very much 

30 May 2013
I have not been onto this site for a long while and came across it tonight whilst trying to reset my email which has suddenly come to an inexplicable halt! Reading the forums provided me with a good chuckle. It seems nothing has changed over the years and seems to have actually got worse.

Reading between the lines, the South African dog show game still appears to be in the fierce grip of a select few and those on the outside are still trying to make their mark! Although the pond is much bigger here downunder, the game is the same and sometimes much, much worse. Our saving grace is that we have several shows on at the same time in our region of NSW so we usually have many to choose from and if you don't wish to compete in your local area you can always travel to remote distances to either avoid the competition or choose to have different competition in the country (usually much friendlier and more laid back). Chin up people - keep on trucking - enjoy your sport and try not to let people get you down. It seems the dog game is the same the world over - ask anyone!

Take care and hopefully we will meet again sometime.

I still remain the same
Yvonne Meintjes

30 May 2013
Well there you have it. No EWC for good old SA this year.

Dog showing people take note and think carefully when you buy your next bag of dog food.

You scratch my back...

30 May 2013
What a shocking turn of events! KUSA just seems to go from bad to worse! The Eukanuba World Challenge was one competition all involved in the dog fraternity dreamed of winning and that too has gone. Although we all competed in the competition in the hope to win, the general opinion amongst us all was that sending a ‘One Hit Wonder’ didn’t seem the fair or sensible thing to do, sending a more consistent winner would make more sense and surely give us a better chance of winning at the EWC. KUSA already has a point system in place although it needs looking at, how can you score the same points for winning a big show as you do in Namibia? Also when you add the points up at the end of the year the ones with the highest points aren’t always the winners so why have an accumulated point system if you can rearrange the winners at the end to suit public appeal? KUSA should worry less about the National event and its entries and care more about ‘ALL’ shows in SA, if you took ‘KUSA Showdog of the year’ points, it would promote and encourage people to attend more shows across the country increasing the numbers at all shows! Also the rules for the EWC were published on the KUSA website on 12 March 2013, it states we can become ‘Breeder Club members by 1 August 2013’ why is SA Eukanuba’s rules different to the World, also when was the rule changed? Was it changed before the KUSA schedule went out? If so why wasn’t it put on the schedule. I know the Crufts 2013 winner didn’t feed Eukanuba and it even stated so in the Eukanuba letter that was sent out? If they wanted to change the rules why were we all not informed at the beginning of the year, giving us all notice and chance to apply. Isn’t it against the law to change the rules just before the competition, only to find out later you have entered under false advertising? Will KUSA be refunding us? Will KUSA be sending any representative this year?  One last thing if KUSA decided to go with a BIS winner instead of ‘Showdog of the Year’ why don’t they look at sending an SA Bred dog to represent South Africa? Another thing - look at the KUSA website why are only certain show winners up? I think KUSA needs a total makeover… Hopefully our new ‘Headman’ is the man for the job!

Disappointed and disgusted

31 May 2013

 Let me clarify something:  Procter & Gamble do not own the South African company that distributes Eukanuba (Cuberoute) and, it is Cuberoute who changed the rules of the competition on Sunday.  On the Eukanuba World Challenge web site the conditions remain unchanged (  KUSA is opening itself to a law suit from one of the most powerful multinational companies in the world AND the largest dog show sponsor the world has seen!  Are there no brains and strategic leadership left in Cape Town??

Previous winner

3 June 2013

 Post removed.

Oh dear!

3 June 2013

 The poor grammar apart, the statement from the Cube Route representative is a disappointing one.  You cannot publish new rules a month or two before an event and make them six months retrospective.

Some people feed a superior high-end brand like Eukanuba, but others can’t afford it.  Making the qualification for the EWC dependent on the purchase of two boxes of “treats” over a period of six months seems to me to be a bit contrived and of no benefit to the company anyway.

In previous years National Dog winners were simply signed up to the Breeders’ Club and everybody was happy.  Why has this suddenly become such a big deal?  A new broom perhaps?

Sad day for show dogs

3 June 2013

 Post removed.

No more Nationals for me!

4 June 2013

 Dearest "Oh Dear"

Get your facts right.

The lady Belgium judge was upset because the handler hugged the male Serb judge and not the lady Belgium judge and she took offence to this, major offence.

Get your facts right next time and I suggest you apologise.

Cheryl Jacobs

4 June 2013

 I watched the scene between a judge and a handler from afar.

First of all, I think there must be dignity in winning as there must be dignity in loosing.  Why do people have to jump around like possessed maniacs and pump the air when you are sent to first place? And then to pounce on a judge like he is your long lost relative and cling to him like a vine.

So no wonder the judge who got ignored was majorly peed off.

What impression must these overseas judges have of South Africans?!!!!

Where do our dog people come from?

7 June 2013
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8 June 2013
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Julia Scott

8 June 2013
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9 June 2013
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Sorry to agree with Yawn.

9 June 2013
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9 June 2013
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Fran Cristina

9 June 2013
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9 June 2013
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Best of luck

9 June 2013
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Take a step back

10 June 2013
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Rosemary Elliott

12 June 2013
Dear Editor
I applaud you for removing the junior handling posts from the Open Forum. They just seemed to stir up too many emotions amongst the dog folk and it's just not worth publishing something that is so divisive. There may be valid opinions either way, but as the letters proved this is just too controversial.

The DW forums are still tops and have addressed many a "hot" topic to the good of keeping the sport honest. This one was perhaps just a little too hot.

Good on you!

1 July 2013
May I respectfully draw attention to all stewards that Russian Black Terriers fall under the letter "R" and not the letter "B" as per FCI ruling and gazetted in by KUSA two years ago.  I direct this as a result of being ignored on the matter at a recent open show. In many cases it can make the difference of 3 hours as to when one must be prepared for judging at some shows and consistency is important especially when a long coat must be prepared for the ring.  As it happened on this occasion it didn't matter but the attitude of the steward did, as one expects people in that position to be well read and up to date and foremost understanding , encouraging and obliging.
Lynne Ward.  

5 July 2013
Dear Ms Ward, the Clubs are merely following KUSA\'s lead. The Russian Black Terrier is listed as such on the KUSA website under Working Group :

Please get KUSA to sort it out if they have it wrong, we are simply following Schedule 2.

Dawn Hull

6 July 2013
Post removed

9 July 2013
Dear Ms Hull

A credit to you like many others are quite in order. "R" for Russian and not "B" for Black as stated below

Working Group :

As previously stated my comments were respectfully intended for those who just can\'t get it right and have a problem in adjusting.

Lynne Ward

12 August 2013
Ms Hull, if the Clubs followed, as you have stated, Schedule 2 for the Working Group, they should be getting the Russian Black Terrier in the correct order, which is under the letter "R".
The Clubs holding the shows get it wrong and not KUSA.

W Hardy

11 October 2013
I can't believe I am seeing yet ANOTHER CHANGE OF DATE for the WCPC Top dog show

First the 23rd November, then the 30th November and now according to the Schedule on Dogworld the 16 Nov.

Whow this really boggles the mind!!!!!!!

Just saying

16 October 2013

Congratulations to all those who had a hand in making this a tremendous success.  Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in convincing FCI countries that South Africa can host an event of this kind.

The administration team were tremendous and, overall, it was a fun event, but with a serious side for the actual competition itself.  The overseas people enjoyed themselves and were glowing in their praise for the way in which the whole competition was held.

The assistance given to us by the Government representatives and the City of Johannesburg was also much appreciated and our sincere thanks to them for all that they managed to do for us.

To our Sponsors, a grateful thanks for your support and thanks also to our panel of three judges who worked hard and were successful in their endeavours.

All in all an event which we can be truly proud of.  Congratulations to the new World Champions.

Please follow the following link, for all results.

Greg Eva