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linebreak03 July 2012
Dear ‘good behaviour please!’

By process of elimination you clearly directed this message to me, just like your previous post ‘Don't drag the sport any lower’. But this time, unlike all the previous times, I am not going to let it go. Game on.

You are in breach of so many KUSA regulations and rules of good sportsmanship that it is scary.

1.        Directing the judges to yourself by your blatant display of your kennel name on your gazebo. Schedule 3 - Regulations for Championship Shows, Paragraph 35, states “Kennel name or other device which may identify or advertise the dog or its kennel”.

2.        Schedule 3 - Regulations for Championship Shows, Paragraph 38.3.1 states “No dyeing, colouring, tinting, darkening, bleaching or other matter shall be used to alter or improve the colour or markings of a dog.”

3.        Schedule 3 - Regulations for Championship Shows, Paragraph 38.5.3 states “No dog shall be exhibited with any part of its coat cut or clipped by means other than a stripping comb ”.

4.       Breed standard –“COAT Long and very fine texture on the ribs, fore and hindquarters and flanks. In mature dogs, from the shoulder backwards and along the saddle, hair short and close. Hair long from the forehead backwards, with a distinct silky ‘topknot’. On the foreface hair short, ears and legs well coated. Pasterns can be bare. Coat must develop naturally. Any evidence of clipping or scissoring should be penalised.”

5.        The aggression your dog shows towards other dogs is a cause for concern - it should be immediately excused from the ring.

6.        Your deliberate attempt to unsettle other exhibitors' dogs both in and out of the ring by stamping your feet and shouting.

7.        Blocking access to overtake you in the ring.

It is going to be fun laying down my R2000 at the next show - see you in Durban or Goldfields or Grahamstown, whichever you attend first.

Let the games begin.

Ria Wessels

3 July 2012
Dear people of Dogworld,

Now and then I just google 'KOOIKERHONDJES SOUTH AFRICA" to check if I can find my name on the website as I am the only KUSA registered breeder of this breed, the Kooikerhondje and/or if someone has puppies.

To my big surprise there was someone selling kooikerhondje puppies. A William Marvin who also seems to use the name Bishop, I found out later.

I wrote to him as a breeder and asked information about his pups, if they were registered, who the parents were, etc. as I know all the registered kooikerhondjes in South Africa.

I got back a standard letter with some very strange questions. One was what my age was !!! And there was one word in the text that started my suspicion. He didn’t use the word "yard" but "compound" for his outside space.

And what made my suspicion even bigger was that he could "fly the pup to my doorstep" !!!!!!! Have you ever.

I tried to phone him but the phone wasn’t answered.

I wrote to expadads where he now is advertising but they have not removed the ads.

And then I started going back and front on the dog ads on this site. And to my horror he advertises with all sorts of rare breeds. Photo's are clearly stolen from other websites on the internet and on every ad he lives in a different village or town.

And then a few weeks later a lady from Pretoria phoned me. She had been looking for a kooikerhondje pup , and had "landed" with this William Marvin. She did speak to him frequently and he seemed perfectly nice and polite and was off course willing to fly to the pup to her doorstep!!

The lady got suspicious when she saw a photo with a dog wearing an orange rescue coat on with some inscription on it. When she asked William what these letters meant he didn’t know and started to get very irritated.

(I later tried to find the origin of this photo and it is in the USA.)

Just before she was going to send him the money (2500 rand for the pup ) she thought it better to phone Kusa to hear if he was registered as he said. And no he wasn’t and his dogs and puppies weren’t either.

And that is how she saved herself a bitter disappointment and money.

We compared the emails Mr. Marvin had sent to us. He had the same standard letter but he now had a different wife (!) where the money had to be sent to.

This is where you can find the scam ad;

I tried to warn people on Gumtree and Junkmail but my ad was refused by them as you are not allowed to warn people for a thief. The only thing you are allowed to say is; Please phone Kusa to see if the breeder or pups is/are registered.

Hope you all will keep warning about this sort of people.

Yesterday another lady from Jo'burg called me who was looking for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she had already been scammed.

I have sent her the Kusa information and she was very grateful .

I would like to propose to Kusa to put warning messages in all the dog magazines and advertising sites and newspapers so people looking for a puppy can contact them first or check with the breeder if they are registered. I know that a registered breeder doesn't guarantee a perfect puppy but the chance that they get a bad pup ( or no pup at all) is much, much smaller.

And I have tried to convince a few dog magazines to put warning messages between their ads.

It would off course be much better if they provided the breeders addresses but they refuse to do that as that may start a "war" between breeders of the same breed. One mentioned, the other not.

But it is crazy that when they publish articles on for example the kooikerhondjes, that is really a rare breed in South Africa, that they don't give any information where people can buy these dogs or where they can find further information on the breed.

So what do these hoards of people do when they read the article and all at once want a dog like this .......?

They google "kooikerhondje south africa" and get the ad of William Marvin .......................

Kind regards
Joyce de Vicq

23 July 2012
This is the time of year when many dog owners get their pets outside to enjoy the sunshine and lush greenery.
But according to a studyi published earlier in the year in the journal Environmental Research, a romp across the lawn might actually be dangerous to your pet’s health.
The study, conducted over a six year period at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, showed that exposure to lawn pesticides � specifically those applied by professional lawn care companies � raised the risk of canine malignant lymphoma (CML) by as much as 70 percent.
According to The Merck Veterinary Manualii:

Canine malignant lymphoma is a progressive, fatal disease caused by the malignant clonal expansion of lymphoid cells. Although lymphoid cell neoplastic transformation is not restricted to specific anatomic compartments, lymphoma most commonly arises from organized lymphoid tissues including the bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes, and spleen. In addition to these primary and secondary lymphoid organs, common extranodal sites include the skin, eye, CNS, testis, and bone. Lymphoma is reported to be the most common hematopoietic neoplasm in dogs, with an incidence reported to approach 0.1% in susceptible, older dogs. Despite the prevalence of malignant lymphoma, its etiology remains poorly characterized. Hypothesized etiologies include retroviral infection, environmental contamination with phenoxyacetic acid herbicides, magnetic field exposure, chromosomal abnormalities, and immune dysfunction.

Dogs at Risk for Canine Malignant Lymphoma
From the published study, dogs at highest risk for acquiring CML were:

Over 50 pounds
Living in homes where pesticides and herbicides were professionally applied
Living in homes where owners used lawn care products containing insect growth regulators (insect growth regulators are chemical killing agents)

The study collected data using a 10-page questionnaire mailed to owners whose dogs were patients at Foster Hospital. Unfortunately, the study results do not name the lawn care or pesticide products used, or specific chemical ingredients in the products. It also doesn’t address quantities of chemicals used or length of exposure.
Also absent from the study was mention of genetic factors that might impact which dogs acquire CML. The study dogs were only identified as purebred or mixed breed, with no consideration given to the fact that certain breeds are at increased risk for developing CML. Those breeds include the Airedale, Basset hound, boxer, bulldog, bullmastiff, golden retriever, and the Saint Bernard.

Dogs and Thick Green Lawns
Whereas people have the choice to stay off chemically-treated grass, your dog doesn’t have that option � nor does she have the capacity to understand the potential dangers of rolling around in herbicide and pesticide residue.
People usually wear clothes and shoes outside � dogs don’t. And unlike people, dogs don’t change their fur or foot pads every day and throw the dirty stuff in the washing machine. So whatever collects on their feet and fur outdoors stays there until the next time they get a bath.
Most dogs, given the opportunity to play on thick green grass, will not only run across it, they’ll roll on it, dig around in it, sniff at it endlessly -- even snack on it. So it’s easy to envision how normal canine behavior turns risky when your dog’s outdoor environment has been doused in potentially toxic chemicals.

Playing It Safe
Given the Foster Hospital study results, I would certainly recommend dog owners not allow their pets to be exposed to chemical lawn treatments. Specifically:

Don’t apply pesticides to your yard, and if you use a lawn care service, don’t allow them to use them, either.
Avoid lawn care and other gardening products that contain insect growth regulators (IGRs). (And be aware that the chemical pyriproxyfen, an IGR, is used in certain flea/tick spot-on treatments.)
Don’t allow your dog access to any lawn unless you can confirm no pesticides have been used.
If you think your pet has rolled around on chemically treated grass, my recommendation is to bathe him as soon as possible. If you’ve walked your dog in a suspect grassy area, giving him a foot soak as soon as you get home should flush away any chemical residue that may be clinging to his feet and lower legs.

i Environmental Research, Volume 112, January 2012, Pages 171-176
ii The Merck Veterinary Manual

The Whole Dog Journal April 2012
Phyllis Lasser

27 July 2012

Those who were told that they cannot join the judging scheme now and have to wait untill the new scheme in January can relax. Kusa confirmed that this is utter nonsense and Mr Eva also said so at the WC meeting last Monday. Mr Eva also said that it was unlikely that the complicated new scheme will be implimented in January 2013.

Beware of misinformation

29 July 2012
Well I hope the new scheme NEVER takes off. It is such a load of you know what.

As a learner who did manage to get on the scheme i am still waiting for all the promised seminars etc. just verbal garbage from the judges sub committee nothing ever happens. But then of course the instigators don't need this any more do they? Very convenient!

Fed Up

30 July 2012
I am sooo happy that there are others out there who also think the new judges scheme is a crock! I don’t know how that mess ever got past the first reading!

Happy chappie

30 July 2012
Well said Fed Up! I have been of the judges scheme for a few years and I can tell you there is nothing wrong with what we have now.

When I read the proposal for the new scheme I told our representative on the committee that this will not work. She actually agreed with me, but said their hands are tied because the person who calls the shots has the President’s ear and its her way or the high way. So we’re going to have assessors and mentors and moderators and whatever other “ors” they can still think of and these people are presumably going to fall out of the heaven because you are not going to find them around here.

I am very happy about the president’s announcement. Its about time that somebody sees the light.

Not a damn university.

30 July 2012

I must agree with Fed Up. I also hope that the new scheme NEVER takes off. Im relieved that the President thinks its unlikely that it will be introduced in January.

What A Relief!

31 July 2012
I’m so happy to see that other people think this new judges scheme is rubbish. I thought it was only me and I was so depressed. I have just started in the current scheme, and was enjoying judging, but I’m not prepared to go back to school, do my homework like a good little student, and report back to teacher, so I was about to give up.

Now I see from other posts that the president himself doesn’t think it will be introduced in January next year, but I have a dilemma. If it is going to be introduced at all, in January or not, I’m going to drop out, but if it isn’t, then I will still accept appointments at open shows.

I would be very grateful if somebody could tell me if this rubbishy scheme is going to be introduced at all.

Seeking clarity

1 August 2012
I would also like to know if this new scheme is going to be scrapped.  With (almost) four groups under my belt, I had decided to give up.  The idea of being coached by all these “mentors” “assessors” and “moderators” is frightening.  Gazing in horror at some of the antics in the Toy Ring, we all saw how well that turned out, didn’t we?

Answers please!  

1 August 2012
As nobody even understands the new judges training scheme, how can they expect to implement it next year.  You need a degree just to understand what they are saying.

You don't need a sledge hammer to drive in a two inch nail and this is what this new scheme is.  You have a few dog people who also want to try their hand at judging and all of a sudden they are faced with all twelve labours of Hercules.  And then they still have to have all those "ors" (very funny!) hanging over their shoulder.

The present system has turned our some good judges and some mediocre judges and the odd dud. It will be the same under any other system.  Some people have a natural eye for a dog, and some people will never be able to recognize quality no matter how good the system.

So please Judges Committee, make a few refinements to the present system and stop trying to send us to university.


3 August 2012
I don't judge at the moment, but reading the correspondence on this web site it sounds like this new judging scheme is going to break the spirits of all who is thinking of judging.  I made an inquiery and was also told that I must wait till next year when the new scheme kicks in and then I can come for an interview or something to see if I'm suitable. It's like applying for a job and I suppose if they don't like your face its bye-bye Maraai!

I hang out at with a bunch of people who love and enjoy their dogs and have fun and who maybe one day will give judging a go. From what I read I can't see any of us making our lives a mistery so let them with the brains and the high IQ's get on with it.

No judges - no shows  

4 August 2012
I have read with interest the comments made by various people regarding the proposed new Judges’ Training Scheme and I must say that I’m pleased to find that I’m not alone in the universe! 

The new scheme was presented in Gauteng on the 3rd November 2011, and I was so incensed after the presentation that I did a detailed analysis (I hesitate to call it a forensic analysis) on 7th November 2011, of all the points in the documents that had been circulated, and to the best of my recollection sent it to three FEDCO members.  I have never heard if it has ever been discussed, even informally, at a FEDCO meeting.

On 31st January 2012 I also forwarded it to Mrs Bastick of the Kennel Union, and on the same day received an acknowledgement from her, saying that it would be tabled at the next meeting of the NBJSC.  Suffice it to say that I have never heard anything from any member of the NBJSC either.  Could it be that I was telling them something that they didn’t want to hear?  Even if they all thought that I was talking rubbish, it would have been courteous to receive an acknowledgement.

As I like to finish what I start, I am now qualified to judge both the Gundog and the Utility Groups at Championship Show level, and am on the list for the Herding and Working Groups at Open show level. That, in common with other writers on this subject, is where I shall stop if this new scheme is implemented.  Joining in the sentiments already expressed, you can keep all those Wizards of “Ors” (as they will now be forever known).

I have attached my rather lengthy report, which may be a trifle outdated now as I believe there have been a few minor modifications to the original scheme, unveiled with so much fanfare in November last year.  As I have neither the strength, patience, energy nor the interest to follow up on these alleged tweaks, I am aware that some of the points made in my analysis of November last year may no longer be up-to-date.  However, for what it’s worth, and for those of you who are interested, please follow the link.

Lucienne Ferres

5 August 2012

Well said Lucienne and all the others who have issues with this Judges Scheme. I also made a few mutters along the way and was wacked back into 'my place' by both KUSA and the instigators. The one FEDCO member I spoke to said outright that it would be stopped by Fedco but it hasn't been.

So  what now?  Do we start a petition? Do we pull out? Do we toyi toyi.?  What?

Help please!!!!!!!

7 August 2012
Lucienne's Document is too long to read, but I suppose it says pretty much what many of us have been saying; that this scheme will not work because it is too heavy handed on administration when we don't have the people to prop it up. But all the protest has fallen on deaf ears and its now being steam rollered through.  The Chief Wizard of Ors apparently has connections high up and calls the shots.

Those who attended that Cape shows this weekend will agree that the attendance was shocking. This is a trend that just continues. It doesn't take much intelligence to see that a scheme built on open shows is no longer the best. But intelligence in the dog world is sorely lacking, isn't it.

They must carry on. I'll borrow Lucienne Ferres' crystal ball and tell you that this scheme will fall flat on its face and cost Kusa thousands.

Watching from the side lines

25 August 2012
Last night at agility class, a vet, who is a fellow agility student was telling us about a case she had this week. The dog ate a child's teddy bear and was very sick. When she opened the dog up to remove what she thought was an intestinal obstruction she found a huge gelatin type mess inside and the dogs intestines were black and the tissue dead. The dog will die no surgery can fix him up there was no living intestine left from stomach to colon.

This was not an obstruction. .... so she called the manufacturer of the Teddy Bear on a quest to find out what the gel was and what killed the dog. Turns out the stuffing in children's toys contains ingredients for flame retardants and mite control! It is designed to become a gel. It is highly toxic. Now you would think a child's toy would be safe because it is for children, but they don't expect a child to eat the stuffing of the toys...huummmm that seems a bit scary too. But we all know dogs demolish stuffed toys.

So do not give or buy your dog any children's stuffed animals... some people get them at goodwill etc. The vet will be posting a warning and story and I will send any other facts as needed and as I learn more. Maybe some children's toys do not have this ingredient, but better to be safe than sorry. So meanwhile, make sure all your dog toys are for dogs. Please pass this on... it is a horrible death she described and one that can be avoided.

Wendy O'Callaghan

13 September 2012
As I don't often trawl through Facebook, a kind friend copied me on the huge kerfuffel going on regarding the hapless non-championship show judges, daring to request (and receiving) help with transport to and from the airport from clubs. What the arrangements between clubs and their judges may be has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else except the club and the judge in question. I am pleased to see that the Breede Rivier KC had the courtesy to help their non-championship show judges out. BTW, while on the subject of non-championship shows, how I hate that term "learner" judges - how degrading to be labelled a "learner" when the judge in question may have as many as four groups under their belt.

Interesting to see that Miss Joy McFarlane, the author of the new judges scheme, is attempting to dictate to clubs how their money and time should be spent. As it costs in the region of R2 000.00 per trip to the Western Cape for an open show entry of sometimes only nine or ten dogs, I feel that this is the least that clubs could do. Personally, I will never agree to have any club with which I have any connection, to be dictated to by any outsider.

I would also like to take issue with Miss Elrena Stadler's post on the judges' contract. It's misleading to say the least, as the KUSA form (which may be downloaded from the KUSA website) has been left blank in that particular portion, leaving the club to decide what, if anything, their contract with the prospective judge would be. It most certainly does NOT state "N/A" anywhere on the form. Miss Stadler's post gives the incorrect impression that this rule is in force for all open shows.

Additionally, perhaps it would be best for others who were also not present on the day to be a little more cautious before rushing into print so sycophantically.

Well done to Fred Veldtman, Yvonne Murgatroyd and Carol Immelman for putting their opposing views across so succinctly.

Remind me once more why I do not agree with the new Judges Scheme.

Lucienne Ferres

17 September 2012
Over the weekend I was pointed to the ostensibly controversial Facebook discussion about out-of-town judges arriving late for their assignments in Cape Town. Although I fully agree that judges should report for duty on or before the appointed hour, I wondered whether clubs who invite out-of towners to officiate at their Non-Championship Shows shouldn't give thought to a more accommodating starting time. Many judges are unable to travel the day before and cannot afford a night's accommodation on top of an air fare. I don't know the reason for the judges' late arrival in Cape Town, but flights are often delayed, or cancelled, and a more generous window for arrival might suit everybody. But, having said that, the judges in question had signed a contract on the club's terms and there can really be no excuse for arriving late.

I do, however, have to take issue with some of the side issues raised in the FB conversation. First, I need to query the use of the term "licensed judge" in the South African context. A licence is nothing more than a permission, or authorisation. It therefore follows that anybody permitted, or authorised, to judge at a KUSA show, Championship or Non-Championship, is "licensed". If "licensed" in the context of the FB conversation in question is supposed to mean a judge qualified to judge at Championship Show level, then this is what needs to be stated.

Then the contentious statement - that only Licensed Judges have the privilege of being transported and accommodated by clubs. Since when? During my learner years, whenever I judged in KZN, I was always accommodated by kind people like Tony & Liz Williams and Karen Fürk and treated to wonderful home-cooked meals. The late Liz Williams would never leave any judge stranded at the airport and was always there to meet you with a welcoming hug and a broad smile. Similarly, I was always offered an airport transfer and an option of private accommodation by the Cape clubs I judged for. As I had family in Cape Town to fetch, carry and accommodate me, I just never took them up on their kind offers. When invited to the Free State, the late Lukie Oosthuizen always insisted that the clubs made some contribution towards my petrol expenses.

So when was it decided that it was no longer acceptable for clubs to extend any form of courtesy or hospitality to a learner judge? Who decreed that clubs needed to become so mean-minded as to not even offer an invited learner judge a lift from the airport, a night's accommodation in somebody's home, or a meal at somebody's table? If these are the values and decorum currently being propagated in our sport, then as a Federal Councillor I am deeply ashamed and saddened.

I am also not quite sure what to make of the Non-Championship Show Judges' Contract posted as part of the FB conversation. Is this document with all the blank spaces already filled in supposed to be some sort of blueprint for Non-Championship Show judges? We all know that those spaces are blank for clubs to complete once they have come to an agreement with a judge on expenses, travel, accommodation, etc. A contract with a judge to officiate at a Non-Championship Show might well end up looking like the one posted, but might also look very different. A club is at liberty to come to any arrangement with a judge, the terms of which are private between the club and the judge.

What a pity that a powerful tool like FB should be used to send demeaning messages to our future judges and to create false impressions. When we are trying to motivate people to judge, surely the social media could be more constructively used to encourage and nurture those who are prepared to make the effort at considerable personal cost and sacrifice.

Gérard Robinson

8 October 2012

Is the KUSA website going to be offline forever? If you visit you just get a HUGE message saying:

We will be back shortly
This site is down for maintenance. Please check back again soon.

How about a clue as to how long they’ll be offline?

Dogs in Africa has disappeared, the promised e-magazine has not materialized and now we can’t even get into the KUSA website.

Come on KUSA, it’s just not good enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irritated Member

13 October 2012
Ronnie Ryrie

24 October 2012
Dear Friends,

To summarise the last four days   -   The Western Province Rottweiler Club held a very pleasant Specialist Championship Show (ably judged by Anita Bodenstein) on Sunday, followed by the customary Breed Assessment / BST held on Monday. Then, our out-of-town exhibitors took the long run home. This happens every year this time and we are all very aware of what a 1,400km trip back to Gauteng along the notorious N1 entails.

At dawn yesterday morning, our special friend Barron Africa was driving on the stretch between Three Sisters and Richmond with his trailer containing five Rottweilers. The sun was rising diagonally to his right. As he reached for a cool drink with his left hand, the vehicle hit gravel and left the road. It ended up on its roof in a ditch (from which it later took five hours to be hauled out.) When he came to his senses, he was hanging upside down in his seat and he just saw his dogs running past him. Both the car and the trailer were entirely wrecked. Incredibly, only two of his dogs were injured; one was concussed and a young puppy is believed to have a cracked pelvis. Barron himself came off largely scot free. He managed to secure two of the dogs quite soon but three had disappeared.

Shaheem Effendi phoned me at home at 06:45, informing me of the accident. He and Selvin Lewis planned to drive to the scene with Selvin’s dog trailer (picking up Barry-Jon Kannemeyer along the way) and he asked for Sue and Richard Carter’s contact details. I contacted them too, and learnt that they had already turned around and were proceeding to the accident scene. By then Henry Appollis and Ullrich Esterhuizen were preparing to do so too. Should it later be decided to return with the dogs to the Cape, Anita Esterhuizen had kennels ready for them.

My step-son Petrus Fourie and I left at 07:30 and along the way, all parties kept track of one another and also with Barron and the Carters. Whilst travelling, we learnt that one dog was found, and later another puppy. That left one missing. Due to road works, we only reached the scene some time after 15:00 and within another thirty minutes, Henry and Ullrich were there too. There were now five of us searching for the dogs in culverts and on adjoining farm land. Their tracks were seen at a few spots, amongst which at a little stream where two of them quenched their thirst and then parted company. Within about fifteen minutes of arrival, Henry, by chance, found the last one, a young bitch, who was overwhelmed with joy when Barron hugged and held her. It was all quite emotional and we made a circle right there by that roadside in the mid-Karoo and gave thanks for everyone’s delivery. Shortly thereafter, Selvin, Shaheem and Barry-Jon arrived and could be told the good news too. This last Rottie was found seven (7) kilometres from the accident scene! A traumatised dog could hide just about anywhere and it was much like looking for needles in a haystack. They must have crossed that busy N1 many times!

Bless you, Richard and Sue, for turning around, and also for delivering the injured male to a vet in Colesburg. It really ruined your busy schedule, but you did so gladly. Selvin, Shaheem and Barry-Jon   -   that dog trailer was badly needed and solved much of the problem. Barron was then able, with the help of a tow truck company, to hitch the trailer, pick up his dog in Colesberg and reach Bloemfontein, where he transferred to another hired vehicle with a tow hitch. Thanks also to Ullrich and Henry (Henry, with the sharp eyes!)

I’ve known all these guys for years now and we socialize a lot during shows and Club meets. Just about all of us are co-members of both the Rottweiler Clubs in the Western Cape. But, standing there afterwards, in the sunny Karoo, it felt more like being part of a caring brotherhood. That makes such an association a great deal more meaningful and leaves all with a feeling of security.

I would like to single out another gentleman. When Henry and Ullrich left Durbanville, Dr. Arnold gave them an envelope with the instruction to remain at the accident scene until all was resolved and to spare no cost in the process. Stopping for fuel along the way, they discovered a HUGE amount of cash in the envelope! Dr. Arnold, you are one of Nature’s own gentleman and we know that Rotties have been your passion for years. We also had lots of encouraging messages and phone calls along the way, amongst them from the RBC Chairman Tommie Bezuidenhout (who’s wife Diana informed her firm’s trucking company drivers about it and who kept a lookout along the way.)

All’s well that ends well. Vehicles, homes and other treasures can be replaced, but life is precious.

Chris Pretorius

26 October 2012
VIRBAC : Has anyone tried to contact Virbac over the faulty microchips? I have and they have just ignored my emails.

28 October 2012
With regard to the faulty VIRBAC microchips I find it staggering that VIRBAC did not contact all those whose dogs have microchips within the identified range of faulty ones. After all they do have all the contact details!  My dog was one of those unlucky enough to have a faulty one and I have had it replaced and had to rectify all his paperwork. If I had not visited the DOGWORLD site I would have been none the wiser. There must be many, many dog owners out there who are unaware that their microchips are possibly faulty who have not been afforded the courtesy of being informed by Virbac that their dogs microchip may be faulty. In the future I will use a different brand of microchip not because Virbac’s were faulty but because of the lack of client service.

30 October 2012
So the case against Mrs Sue Carter and Mrs Lynn Brandt for colluding in the ring was chucked out by the disciplinary committee.  Any moron would know that you can never prove what the bad loser and her entourage (and apparently the EP!!!) said what happened. But no, against all the advice and pleadings, Kusa went ahead with the charges and held a hearing.

Some of the people had to be flown in from Johannesburg to hear a case that was never a case. So this, dear members of Kusa, is the way Kusa wastes your and my money. Apparently Kusa's finances has taken a hell of a knock through the compulsory micro chipping thing and now with the Virbac scandal things will just get worse for the bank balance. But Kusa has money to pursue frivolous complaints against respected all breeds judges. There is clearly something very wrong at the top.  This is the year to elect a new president.  For once open your eyes and vote for change. We cannot have our money squandered like this any longer.

Change or choke

30 October 2012
I do believe that if a charge is laid by a complainant, then KUSA has no option but to hear the arguments from both sides. If they failed to do this there would be some other anonymous scribbler criticizing their actions or lack thereof.

Whilst one can see that there are some cash flow strains on KUSA’s overall operation, at present the bank balance is in quite a healthy state.  (try reading the balance sheet…don’t tell me, you don’t know how?)

So it would seem that your alarmist conclusions are only a reflection of your need to find something to complain about. They certainly do not support an argument for ”change”.  What on earth makes you think that that would make any difference (other than negative) to the balance sheet?

Your positive suggestions together with supporting argument as to how problems within the KUSA organization could be set forth here on this forum, then we could discuss them and suggest some options..

Mike Dannatt

31 October 2012
Never mind communication from Virbac.  What about the deafening silence from our own Kennel Union.

Please KUSA, how many dogs are involved in this disaster?  Have you negotiated with Virbac on our behalf?  What was the outcome of this negotiation?

We were forced into micro chipping by KUSA.  Now that the wheels have come off, our enquieries are met with a stony silence.  Instead of flitting around the world on endless judging appointments, maybe Mr Eva should consider taking an interest in the problems of the Kennel Union and its membership for a change.

I truly despair of KUSA

31 October 2012
Pilot and Chester's great adventure.

 Those of you that know me, also know that I own two Labradors and show them often.  I am writing this to tell you about the terrible adventure that I had with them last week and to encourage everyone to get every animal in your house micro-chipped.  My dogs live on a farm most of the time so they are used to running.  When we visit Cape Town, we stay in our house in Rondebosch.  The yard has a wall all the way around it so the dogs CANNOT get out.  I know that they will run as they have lots of energy and enthusiasm and are in great condition.

 All this does not matter when the builders appear.  I asked them to be very careful and not to leave a door open but just when my husband was about to take the dogs back to the farm and let me get on with the building, we discovered them missing.  My heart dropped to my shoes and I was soooo upset.  We drove around for two hours looking for the dogs and stopping to ask everyone if they had seen the dogs.  It appeared they went up and down everywhere and of course they could not find their way back.  I called all the right people including all the Vets in the area.  My husband left for the farm and I was so scared and thinking of where those dogs would end up if someone picked them up on the streets. I actually felt that I might never see them again.  Every place that I called asked if the dogs had a micro chip and thankfully I could say yes.

Four hours later, one of the Vets called to say that they had my dogs. The dogs had been found miles from my house.  I sat and cried happy tears and then went to get them.  There were two very nice ladies waiting for me in that office and they had dogs with them.  It seems that they were training dog walkers for the Guide Dogs and they walk their dogs around their neighbourhood every day.  My two Labs joined them and they said that they realized that they did not belong in their neighbourhood so they put a lead on them and took them to the nearest vet.  They were immediately scanned and my name and cell phone came up.

 I just wanted everyone to know that even if you watch your dogs and think they will never get loose, things happen and one wishes for a good ending to every adventure.  The dogs could have been stolen or hit by a car so I consider myself and the dogs very lucky.  Someone was indeed watching over the two adventurers and I thank God for the Micro Chips!!!!!

 Diane Hacking,  Stagmanskop Labradors