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08 February 2013
Dear ‘Time to use common sense’, ‘Dog shows are about Dogs’, Kim Heller and Cheryl Jacobs,

Mrs Cheryl Jacobs it’s very sad that you see the ‘Appeals’ to improve the wellbeing of dogs at dog shows as a chance to attack a caring TT practitioner like Kim Heller.

As for Supa7 I will think twice about attending this event again, the program is getting boring, in and out, in and out, the dogs are under extreme heat under those spotlights and to finish so late is just plain dangerous and exhausting.

Other big events like KUSA seem to have taken the advice of the people who wrote on Dogworld, I see the Nationals is now on a day on its own and won’t be finishing at midnight again – Thank you KUSA for listening to your members and their needs.

Animal Talk is another huge event that should maybe listen, the order of events is all wrong, why don’t they start with the Top10, then they would have all the people there to honour the Dogs present. Also wouldn’t it make for a grand opening of the event?

I think these competitions cause a lot of trouble as well, people become mean and vindictive, they will stop at nothing to win. They make up lies and bring others down for their own selfish needs to win. It’s all quite disgusting.

I am also confused as to who appointed Rosemary as the Ethics Police, I think KUSA needs to start doing their job and forget expecting the EP to do ‘clean-up’. Shouldn’t we have a KUSA Rep for each ring watching the behaviour in and around the ring?

My wish for 2013 is that the exhibitors would respect each other and their dogs – you don’t have to like them!

Wishful thinking (I don’t wish to be attacked or threatened so I will remain anonymous).

13 February 2012
"Mrs Cheryl Jacobs it’s very sad that you see the “Appeal” to improve the wellbeing of dogs at dog shows as a chance to attack a caring TT practitioner like Kim Heller."

The "caring" TT practitioner forgot that she owns 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I am not knocking the practise of TT, for some it works. How can you be "caring" if you forget to mention your other dogs.

My "attack" was a gentle reminder that she owns another 2 dogs and she should look for them as she has probably misplaced them.

Cheryl Jacobs
Proud owner of Flair, Dhazzle, Presleey, Mister Brown, Rowon and Flippy ( not a RR ).
PS. I did not forget Magic, she passed away on the 4th February.

15 February 2013
I take my hat off to Cheryl Jacobs.  She cuts the c**p and tells it like it is.  It is indeed strange that the “caring TT practitioner” has suddenly forgotten that she owns Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  Since she’s discovered something more exotic and glamorous, and joined the mutual admiration society with somebody like minded, these honest and noble animals no longer feature in the inventory.  She has clearly misplaced them along with common sense.

As for the TT stuff – I’ll leave that to those who believe in faeries and goblins.  I also avoid Hebalists and Sangomas.

No time for nonsense

15 February 2013

I would be grateful if you could re-post my post entitled LET'S TRANSLATE THESE WISE WORDS INTO EMPATHETIC DEEDS, which was a heart-felt response from myself to the 'Time to use common sense' post which resonated strongly with me. My post was a call to showpeople to be empathetic to their loving and devoted showdogs, especially those requiring hours of grooming. I am fortunate to have worked with some top showdog people and am blessed to have been able to help them calm their beautiful showdogs and to bring some joy to both owner and dog. This has brought me more happiness than all of my own show wins combined! I mean it. To be able to reach out and help a dog is more special than anything I know. I am sorry that Cheryl Jacobs has responded so negatively to my post. I have assisted her with Tellington Touch in the past and will happily help her in the future. Cheryl, I think you have some wonderful ridgebacks and I am saddened to hear about the passing of Magic - a special girl indeed and one of my favourites. As far as my own ridgebacks are concerned, I have not misplaced them. I actually own three rhodesian ridgebacks, not two. I co-own the KUSA National Rhodesian Ridgeback, the top veteran Rhodesian Ridgeback (see Dogworld ad above) and my third ridgeback is also a veteran, who spends far more time on the bed than in the showring. Let's not make this personal. My plea is for all of us to focus on kind words, empathetic deeds... that is all. It is that simple.

On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 8:07 PM, Kim Heller  wrote:

The post from 'Time to use common sense' resonated strongly with me. I am often saddened by the lack of respect and empathy among many in the showdog fraternity for their own dogs. These are dogs that show their hearts out, generously and unconditionally, for their owner's pleasure. I too, am tired of seeing dogs being groomed for hours, often quite roughly, dogs being shoved harshly into crates when they don't win, dogs being brought to shows even when they are clearly ill and dogs being jerked around the ring. As a Tellington TTouch practitioner I am often asked to help relax and calm dogs. In almost all instances, the stress is caused by the owner. I see many dogs on grooming tables at dog shows licking their lips and yawning - effectively the dogs are trying to tell their owners that 'enough is enough'.  It is time we started listening to our dogs, understanding when we are putting too much stress on them, and treating them with the empathy and respect they deserve. After all, it is about loving our dogs....or is it?

 Kim Heller
Tellington TTouch Practitioner
Genuine dog lover
Owner of three rather under-groomed but happy Afghan Hounds! 

16 February 2013

The ‘caring TT practitioner’ does indeed own 2 Rhodesian ridgebacks for whom she cares deeply as she does her 3 Afghan Hounds. Her ridgebacks are not misplaced they are merely not shown. Just because they are not shown does not mean that they are unloved or lost. I show I whippet and live with 6 – the missing 5 are not misplaced just very much happier and less stressed that the one who is shown. Just because you show a dog does not mean you love it more than a dog that is not shown and neither does it give you the right to abuse the dog by over grooming or over showing him.

The degree of love you extend to your dog should not be gauged by whether or not you talk about him. How many of the people who know who Mia is can tell me what Perry looks like. I don’t talk about Perry because he is old (12 years) and he stays at home and eats and sleeps. This does not mean I have misplaced him or do not love him – quite the contrary I love the old man to bits.

As for goblins and fairies – let me assure you TT as practiced by Kim Heller does work – the grounding and work Kim did with Mia in the early stages of her show career is what turned her into the eager, confident show girl she is today. She is bomb proof and never stops showing and many will agree that at 18 months Mia was a disaster in the ring and there were doubts that she would be made up let alone attain the heights she has since 2010.

So for the record I agree with Kim and would like to make a call to all fellow show people to focus on doing what is best for their dogs rather than what is best for their egos – let 2013 be the year of kind words and empathetic deeds to everyone and every dog associated with this lovely but troubled hobby of ours.

Diana Hansen

19 February 2013

Kim Heller.

Please re read my first post. I have not knocked TT and yes you are right you did TT on Cass which DID not work on him. For that I thank you, not that it did not work but for attempting.

My original posting was about how you FORGOT to mention your other Rhodesian Ridgebacks .

Please do NOT put words into my mouth. I merely raised the question as to how you can FORGET your other RR.

Your empathy for show dogs knows no bounds and I love seeing your handiwork around. It warms my heart to see all these dogs wrapped like Xmas presents including the KUSA National Rhodesian Ridgeback.

I know you are the Mother Theresa of dogs, BUT please acknowledge your other dogs. That was my original point and still is.

Cheryl Jacobs
Owner of Presleey, Top RR as per Animal Talk 2012, Mister Brown KUSA National dog 2008, 2009, 2010 and DOTY 2011 and # 3 RR as per AT 2012, Rowon, Dhazzle, Flair 2011 SALKA Junior DOTY and Supreme Puppy 2012 and Flippy ( ruler of RR ) and co-owner of Rocka, Malibu and many others.

19 February 2013
Can anyone tell us what is happening with the judge’s scheme? I know the new scheme starts on 1 July but what is going on in the meantime?

Rumours are flying that the June exams have been cancelled and now I see on Dogworld that breed seminars are being postponed due to the roll-out of the new scheme.

What on earth is going on? Please tell me it is not a case of everything grinding to a halt in anticipation of the new scheme.


19 February 2013
Attention Show Secretaries,

I am not one for leaping into print lightly and having spent 42 years showing dog in SA I never have felt the need, but in this instance I do. Showdogs printed their Leaderboard for 2012 today and I find that my wife's Norfolk Terrier Sa Ch Macsnest Royal James of Mossgiel finds himself in 2nd place on the leaderboard under Norfolk Terriers. On checking the list I found that there are 3 x BOBs missing from his show record for 2012 with the following shows being delinquent,
Western Gauteng KC
Sa Short Legged Terrier Ch Show ( In which he was BIS)
Transvaal KC

On informing Showdogs(who I think do an excellent job for dogs in South Africa and I stress my "Beef" is not with them as they can only respond to information supplied) I was instructed to look at their waiver which states" If the show results are not submitted in good time then they will not be included in the leaderboard".

The 3 missing BOB results would have put my wife's Norfolk Terrier in 1st position which currently he is by a long way!!!, so if the show secretaries of the above clubs' had supplied their show results to Showdogs timeously, their Leaderboard would have shown the correct state of affairs in Norfolk Terriers in South Africa, the outcome of their failure to submit their results have resulted in the owner of the Norfolk Terrier placed incorrectly in 1st place using the Facebook social media to inform the "World" that her dog was the No1 Norfolk Terrier in South Africa which her dog is not!! She has now received Facebook messages of congratulation from local exhibitors and from the show world at large. My point here is that we are congratulating dogs for being the leaders in their breed when in fact due to secretaries not fulfilling their function when we as exhibitors are paying quite a large entry fee are not getting value for money by their not carrying the job through to the end by supplying show results to those that require them for annual awards and we exhibitors enjoy seeing our dog up there where he/she belongs. In passing unlike alot of people who complain on this site both my wife and myself have been on show committees so we know well what is involved in supplying championship show results after your show is over.

Best regards

Colin E MacDonald
Mossgiel Dalmatians, Norfolk Terriers and IRWS.

21 February 2013
Colin MacDonald, if you really care so much, I suggest you stop whining and rather volunteer to sit down at the next show and mark a catalogue for Showdogs and while you’re about it you can donate the price of printing the extra catalogue to the club too.


21 February 2013
The attack on Kim Heller’s comments about her Afghans were obviously taken totally out of context and for seemingly, nothing more than sheer spitefulness. What is Ms Heller’s crime? She has chosen to be friends with people that others have chosen as their enemies. Thank goodness not everyone in the dogworld can be controlled, manipulated or bankrolled!

Kim Heller has her faults, as have we all, but she cannot be faulted on how she cares for her dogs. She obviously adores them, as they adore her and most importantly, they are with her for life. At least Ms Heller does not tazer her dogs, train them using spiked collars, or stick pins in them to train them to hold a show pose!!!

It was so sweet that the writer of the attack on Kim Heller included the dogs’ names at the end of the comments, but it also confirmed missing dogs that have been moved out to make way for newcomers. The dismissed dogs are estimated to be at least 6! Perhaps this could also be seen as a “gentle reminder” in case they were also just simply “mislaid” along the way!

It is not just Ridgebacks and the Hound group that have to suffer the embarrassment of obscenities and foul language at every show. The perpetrator and a couple of henchmen (have you noticed how bullies never have the guts to operate alone) cling to each other like twisted sisters, to shout, jeer and sing ringside at exhibitors from other Groups in an attempt to intimidate and have in fact reduced some to tears.

Just be careful. For every finger you point, several more will be pointing back at you!


BIG BROTHER – always watching

21 February 2013
Colin MacDonald says that him and his wife have served on Committees over the years so they know what’s involved in submitting returns. Really? I’ve been showing dogs for 20 years and I’ve never seen either of them working in an office. Never seen them handing out numbers, printing certificates, marking catalogues, carrying prizes to the rings, nothing. In fact I thought Colin had been living and working in England for several years. The only time I see him is when he judges occasionally.

Please enlighten me at to which clubs these good people work/ed for and when? I don’t think Colin really knows what is involved, if he did he would give the clubs some slack. Someone has to organize judges and stewards, submit schedules and contracts to KUSA, book grounds, order rosettes, sort out prizes, please sponsors, process illegible entries, tie up hundreds of payments, capture entries, print catalogues, erect rings, cater for officials, deal with endless abuse from exhibitors before and at the show, print CCs, and clear up everyone’s mess at the end of the day. Then after the show, they have to submit returns and marked catalogues to KUSA and results to dog magazines and dog websites. All this in between looking after their own homes, families, dogs and usually trying to hold down a job.

As an ex-Secretary, it comes as no surprise to me that things sometimes fall through the cracks, and what happens when they do? The people who do the most work get nailed on the web for being human and making a mistake.

Give Them A Break.

21 February 2013
In reply to Anxious learner Judge

It was stated by the madam herself at the WCPC meeting in January that the June exams would be the last of the old order. To my knowledge this has not changed.

However if it has, which can happen, then anyone writing in June needs to be informed as both the content and format will be different in the first exams of the new scheme and all applicants need to know what they should prepare for. This is what I presume the 'roll out' will encompass.

Going thru the Results of shows that are up on the Showdogs web site I see that there are quite a few new faces and names.

While I wish you all the best I can't help but think ahead to how it will be in a few years time when all the exhibitors will be ABJ's.

Scary stuff indeed


21 February 2013
Dear Anxious Learner Judge

I don’t know about the breed seminars being cancelled, but I do know of two people who joined the judge’s scheme recently and were told that there will be no Part 1 exams for them to write in June.

It doesn’t make sense, we are supposed to be encouraging judges, not holding them back. Some clarity from KUSA would be appreciated.


21 February 2013
Dear Cheryl Jacobs,

I am very interested to read all of your recent posts regarding "forgetting" dogs, as, having done some research of my own, I have discovered several dogs that you have either forgotten or misplaced. Shall we start from the very beginning? and all of these dogs were lost or misplaced after having several litters...

How about Hattli Chiengo of Gondwana? "Chinga" did she stop winning or not produce what you wanted her to?

How about Hattli Brutus of Gondwana? "Brutus" did he stop winning or not produce what you wanted him to?

How about Caprivi By Desire of Gondwana? "Kharma" did she stop winning or producing what you wanted her to?

How about Gondwana Star Dust? "Tyler" did she stop winning or producing what you wanted her to?

How about Roodedraai Divine Magick Gondwana? "Jasmine" did she stop winning or producing what you wanted her to?

How about Roodedraai Marchus of Gondwana? "Marchus" did he stop winning or not produce what you wanted him to?

..and then lastly (as far as I know) how about Gondwana Kofii Ka Jukati? "Cass" who "due to personal conflict" is no longer allowed to be shown/competed with.. another unfortunate dog that is co-owned and due to spitefulness and an inability to maintain healthy relationships is hurt in the process.

It seems to me you have forgotten or misplaced at least a handful of dogs. Careless for someone who has only been in the breed for so few years (almost not long enough to even own a veteran bred by yourself). How high will the count still go in the years to come?

What most of us people in the dog world do is keep dogs that don't turn out quite like we thought they would, or don't produce the quality of puppies we hoped they would, or don't quite get on with some of the other dogs in the house.. because we are doing it for the love of dogs..not winning.

Regarding Ms. Heller's TT work, I have seen first hand what miracles she can work. I quite frankly, far prefer her methods of calming dogs, than your harsh methods of "training". And by the way if I see you hurting your dogs in the ring again because they are "misbehaving" I will be laying a complaint with KUSA.

To Ms. Heller, please keep up with you "xmas present wrapping" as Ms. Jacob's alternative is unimaginable.

Helen Theron

21 February 2013
Dear Azara

Nope, the latest on the grapevine is that madam has decreed no exams in June because they don’t want the bells and whistles scheme complete with assessors, moderators an liquorice all sorts to be contaminated by what is now classed with Bantu education of the Apartheid era. There’s apparently going to be a national roll out in April so brace yourself for the marching bands and majorettes as KUSA’s money continues to disappear down the pit called the National Judges Committee.

Jet Setters Anonymous

21 February 2013
Dear Give them a break, while I do not wish to get involved in the endless hard-working/slacking secretary debate, and yes, I agree that sometimes things do fall through the cracks, I would like to respond to your query on the MacDonald's committee record.

Possibly this was before your time, and I cannot give you the exact dates, but memory (which sometimes serves me well), reminds me that Colin was the Chairman of the Dalmatian Club way back in the mid-seventies, with Sue serving as Secretary. Some time ago, Colin was also Chairman of the Short Legged Terrier Club, and Sue & Kyla served with Greg and myself on the committee of the Grand Central Utility Breeds Club from its inception until 2013. Sue also served as the Club's Vice Chairman from 2011 to 2013.

I hope this clears up any misconceptions.

Lucienne Ferres

21 February 2013
Isn’t it the responsibility of those who run competitions to hunt down the results to update their points, whatever? Club secretaries are busy and need to be reminded, chased up etc. to get the results. That’s what Animaltalk does – I know because they have been on my case a couple of times over the years. Publishing inaccurate results and just sitting back in the hope that the world will rush to you seems to me a bit odd. No wonder people like the MacDonalds are in a tizz.

If you can’t run something properly and are not prepared to put in some work to make it credible, then rather don’t do it.

Professionalism goes a long way...

21 February 2013
In response to Anxious Learner Judge, I see the notice about the seminar says the seminar will no longer be taking place due to the roll-out of the New Judge’s Programme which will be taking place according to NBJSC schedule.

This begs the question what is the roll-out plan? When will it begin? What is the NBJSC’s schedule? We heard so much about the new programme previously, but ever since FEDCO finally approved it, and set an implementation date, the silence is deafening.

Now that we know it’s going to happen, we really need to know how and when and what we must do if we want to join. Please can we be kept up to date.

Interested Learner Judge

21 February 2013
I don’t know about others, but if I’m going to get involved with TT it had better say “Audi” in front of it!

Not just taken for any old ride!

21 February 2013
Big Brother
ROTFLMAO, try something new.
Facebook, and certain groups are sprouting the same s**t, Cheryl beats her dogs, Cheryl poisons competitors dogs, Cheryl poisons children, Cheryl chases everybody away, Cheryl removes competitors tent pegs and bends competitors gazebos, it is becoming so BORING AND MUNDANE.

BUT..... who has the best tempered dogs in South Africa....... CHERYL. Now if I did all those things to my dogs would they be rock solid in the ring? I think not!!!!! At least my dogs do not attempt to taste the judges and are not wrapped like Xmas Presents.

Yes, I have rehomed a few of my dogs, many breeders do and I am sure they will continue to do so, as will I. I do not collect dogs, and until such time we build on our numerous land holdings I will continue to rehome.

May I suggest you find new things to bitch about, we are all becoming tired of the same old stories.

Why not try something like...... Cheryl was involved in the murder of Oscar Pistorius's girlfriend. I think more people will listen and pay attention.

Cheryl Jacobs
Owner of Flippy, Mister Brown, Presleey, Rowon, Rocka, Flair, Dhazzle, Malibu and co-owner of a beautiful dog destroyed by its owners whom he resides with CASS.

22 February 2013
I think that every sane person can agree with BIG BROTHERS comment that “Kim Heller’s comments about her Afghans were taken out of context and for seemingly, nothing more than sheer spitefulness.” In fact I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your entire statement and I’m glad you will always be watching!

I love how you have pointed out that bullies operate in groups. It also amazes me that they live in glass houses… In Cheryl’s latest posting she claims to have the ‘Best tempered dogs in South Africa’ now it’s our turn to ROTFLOAO! Cheryl what about your RR called ‘Brutus’, didn’t he rip Melanie Mallingers dog to pieces in a show ring? I’ve actually never seen another RR in South Africa do that. I also think it’s funny how you are sitting in your glass house throwing stones at Kim Heller for misplacing her RR’s (which are more than likely on her couch), when you admit to rehoming several dogs, I think you need to call PG Glass urgently!


22 February 2013
I don't know so much about the new Judges Programmmme being "rolled out" in April. Possibly they should consider it to be "rolled over", preferably by a steam roller!

Back to the drawing board

22 February 2013
Big brother and Helen

Well all I can ask is "do you have nothing else to do but dream of Cheryl"?

I travel with Cheryl, I train with Cheryl and I know Cheryl. All these things of beating dogs, scaring away new comers, re homing because they don't win or don't produce is far from the truth.

If Cheryl beat her dogs they would not follow her around everywhere, they would not be so sound and have such good natures that junior handlers could handle them at a drop of a hat!

New comers - well just 2 weekends ago a new person showed up at the show with no clue of what to do or what was needed! Cheryl took her in under our Gazebo and helped her along! So scared she will be joining us at the next show!!!!!!

As for re homing, she has her reasons and it has nothing to do with not winning or not producing!

Helen - the TT has really worked for your champion dog, as I recall the last few shows in CT and Supa 7, he wouldn't even let the judge go over him! I wonder ?????????

Big Brother (produced by Century Fox). Did you bother to tell people the truth about yourself you arevvery quick to put all the blame on Cheryl, but you did enjoy all those hand outs on your "joy ride". Is this intimidation that "you are watching us"?

Do you guys really believe that you are better than everyone else, all the postings and phone calls putting down Cheryl and her dogs makes you just as guilty as your accusation against Cheryl! Maybe it's in your nature and thoughts to do all these horrific things you just put Cheryl's name to it! Your comments and calls have scared away a new breeder who could have given so much to RR in SA - well done, hope you are proud of yourselves.

Is all this due to Jealousy as Gondwana is known around the world for good temperaments, good structure, and advanced health tests.

Gondwana has no problem losing to a good, healthy, quality dog!

At least the only time Cheryl's dogs are in kennels, is when the bitch is in season and all her dogs get attention.

Giselle Brits (twisted sister)
Proud co-owner with Cheryl of Rocka and Malibu. Owner of Kiara, Swan, Raven, Hope, Hailey, Saturn, Maggie, Amber and a re homed Cassy

22 February 2013
I’m with you on that. If you’re going to be taken for a TT ride, bring the Audi around – preferably with a hot hunk at the wheel!

Wind in my hair...

22 February 2013
Please, please Cheryl and Giselle, you just can’t have “Twisted Sisters” . That appellation was claimed years ago by the siblings in the Utility and Gundog Ring. You’ll confuse the dog world totally. It’s like suddenly calling the Ethics Police the Morals Police, or the Peanut the Cashew. No, no. Find your own terms of endearment and leave those that we all know and love well alone.


22 February 2013
Dear "Give Them a Break"

To begin with it would have been nice since you posed the question who are we, and what had we ever done in the SA Dogs officially?, it would have been kind of you if you could have answered my question by putting your name to your email?

Well to begin with we started to show Dalmatians in October 1971 which gives my wife and myself a 22 year start on you and as Lucienne Ferres was kind enough to let you know for many years I was the Chairman of the Dalmatian Club which during our tenure we had our own Championship Show, and later on when we imported the first Norfolk Terrier into South Africa I was chairman of the Short Legged Terrier Club which had it's own Championship show so a bit of experience there. I was also for 27 years one of the top Ring Stewards in South Africa, and the Chief Ring Steward for KUSA when we had the first FCI show, and Chief Ring Steward for TKC, SALKC, EDKC, Wits, PKC etc as well as Specialist shows Doberman Club, Doberman League, Great Dane Club, Gundog Club. So I think that I have ticked all the boxes as far as your list of duties performed by Club Secretaries and committees, I have put up my share of rings, carried my fair share of 15kg bags of dog food and prizes to the rings as well as completed my fair share of catalogues, and cleaned out toilets, no club that I was involved in could ever say that they did not get a day's work out of me and as you pointed out that I work in the UK and come here occasionally on those visits I have judged and ring stewarded for clubs when asked.

It may also interest you to know that most of my Ring Stewarding appointments were in the "Good Old Days" when Goldfields KC had 2000+ dogs and TKC,Ladies, EDKC,PKC and Wits would have 1,400+ dogs and you commenced work at 08:00hrs and you left the ring at 17:00hrs and sometimes under lights and all the certificates were written out by hand!! so trust me I have served the dog world in South Africa well and it was always with a glad heart and duties performed in a Professional Manner and exhibitors treated courteously with a smile always on my face as I enjoyed the shows and I still do. Dog showing has given me a great deal of pleasure and has allowed me to meet many nice people and beautiful dogs in all the countries that I visited while judging.

But what has disappointed me the most is that for the first time in 42 years I go into print to ask a legitimate question which the owners of Showdogs informed us the Exhibitors they had completed their work and it was now up to us (Exhibitors) to point out any errors existing on their "Leaderboard" draft copy. Having indicated there were 3 missing shows in our Norfolk Terriers record and that someone was using the incorrect information to publicise their dog as the "Best" we were taken to task and our sense of fairness brought into question even you accused me of having a go unfairly at Show Secretaries as one writer has pointed out on this format "Animaltalk Top 100" seem to have it right!!!!!

To end this off I feel I need to point out to your good self and others, have your facts right before you and others go into print, the trouble in the Dogshow scene not only here but in other countries I visit the younger generation thing that the shows have only been taking place since they came on the scene, in your case I had completed 22 years prior to your entering the game. So you all need to go back to basics and treat the dog shows as a nice day out with good food, good wine and good friends that is how we entered the shows and that is how it still is for my wife, daughter and myself.

Kind regards
Colin E MacDonald

23 February 2013
In reply to "Give them a break", know your facts before commenting. I can voucher for Colin and Sue MacDonald many years in dogdom, as back in February 1976, I Judged the Northern Transvaal KC Championship Show -- Utility Group and they showed their Dalmatians under me that day.

Those were the days, when clubs had good entries and KUSA stuck to rules, as I was also down to do the Toy Group and two weeks before the show KUSA took the Toy Group away from me, as I had attracted well in excess of the 175 dogs, allowed by a judge to be judged in a day. -- In those days Club Secretaries had to give KUSA the breakdown of all dogs entered within 10 days of the closing date on the KUSA passed schedule-- not extending the closing dates like we see in modern times.

One must be careful as some of us have enjoyed dogs for many years mainly in the GOOD OLD days, and have less to do with them now days, due to the "Win at all costs attitude -- foul or fair" that we read about, plus the bitchiness that goes on.

Sportsmanship is out -- when last did you see a looser shaking the winners hand in the ring???

I still have dogs, that I love, far better than some people in the dog world.

Phil Reaney.

23 February 2013
Now that we know that Colin MacDonald single handedly propped up the show scene, albeit before the rinderpest, we can get back to the matter of incomplete/incorrect/skewed results of people running competitions. I agree with a previous writer, those running these competitions must be prepared to hunt down the results from the clubs otherwise they are doing nothing more than spreading misinformation on their web sites. Waiting for the mountain to come to Mohammed and washing your hands off the whole thing is just not good enough. If you are not prepared to do some leg work and make a few phone calls, then rather don’t run competitions. It does more harm than good. The poor administration of the competition in question has now caused a rift between two NT exhibitors and I’m sure this is not the first and not the last.

Do it properly or not at all

25 February 2013
With all this fuss and bother about the submission of results, has anyone contacted the “offending” clubs to find out WHY they didn’t submit results?

I hope it’s not some political manoeuvre intended to affect an adversary’s results.

Cynical Old Me

26 February 2013
I may be playing devils advocate here but.......!

I have known Cheryl since she started showing in 2003 and I have never once seen her stick pins, taser a dog or use a spiked collar on a dog. Also I have never seen such items in her home. I do not know where you guys come up with this stuff. If you used a taser on a dog you would kill it, leave burn marks on the skin and also cause possible muscle damage. If you used a spike collar on a dog the nerves become used to the collar and you would not be able to control it on a thin show choker, if you stuck pins into a dog to get it to stand still you would have a dog that flinched each time it was touched in the ring. No self-respecting Ridgeback would put up with that it would turn nasty.

Really guys! Have you seen the way Cheryl's dogs are all over her at home and at shows.

She is so neurotic about her dogs that if one stubs its toe and is limping it goes straight to the vet. At which time Cheryl worries until they are given the all clear by the vet. I know for a fact that she uses clicker training and positive re-enforcement training with her dogs.

As for Cheryl rehoming dogs I know for a fact they were all rehomed very carefully and with good reason, none of which was to make space for new dogs.

I know a few people have called Cheryl childish but after reading this childishness as well I realise that my resigning from the SARRC committee was correct especially after I was accused of something I did not do. The chairlady has asked me not to resign but after reading all this I don't think I want back onto the committee. Heaven knows what I will be accused of next!

As far as I know Cheryl is the only breeder who tests for OCD, LTV, DCM, Dilute Gene and Neospora Caninum on top of the other 2 mandatory tests of HD and ED. Which are available for all to see on her website. So who really cares for the breed? Cheryl or other people who barely even bother to just do the HD and ED tests?

Really guys! Two wrongs do not make a right no matter who you are friends or associates with.
Tracy Martins

28 February 2013
Thank you so much for the article "We are not Judging Statues" by Lisa Dube Forman.

What an excellent read!! I certainly hope many exhibitors and judges find it as informative as I did.
Wendy Hardy

28 February 2013
This is an appeal to the NATIONAL JUDGES COMMITTEE.

Regarding the new Judge’s Scheme, I’m very concerned how the existing learner judges are going to slot into the new scheme. I have not been able to find any reference as to how it will work. As an existing learner judge this is very important to me but nobody seems to have a clue as to what will happen. Even the KUSA office can’t answer my question.

Please can we have the criteria for “switching-over” published somewhere soon? The KUSA website seems to be the most obvious place.

I’d also like to see FULL details of the new scheme with dates of implementation etcetera. If they are already available, perhaps someone can direct me to them? If not, please can they be posted on the KUSA website too.


28 February 2013
Now, now EAGER TO KNOW. No need to be impatient. In good time Madam will decide and the adoring Eve will echo the praises from cheap seats. The whole judges scheme has now been turned over to the Swartland which just about sums it up.

What a dismal state of affairs

28 February 2013
As an aspirant judge I want to know why the WC is not putting on seminars like Gauteng is. They are full steam ahead. We have had NOTHING for so long now I actually wonder how all the local judges get to write their exams. Come to think of it never saw certain people at the few we have had in the distant past. Makes one wonder!
ABJ in maybe 2030

5 March 2013
Hi All,

We would like to ask you to make your club members and any person making a puppy enquiry aware of possible scams. Advise them to make sure that they are dealing with a ‘real’ breeder and that it’s not a ‘scam’. Be assured if the general public contact you for a puppy they aren’t just phoning you,  one lady who had been on our clubs puppy list recently decided to be pro-active about looking for a puppy and was nearly scammed.  They offer low prices including transport and they even send pictures of the puppies. See the warning below, most scammers operate from outside the country, if the ad does not display a landline ask for a landline number!

Best wishes,
Afghan Hound Association of Southern Africa.

5 March 2013
The dates for the BIG roll out of the new Swartland scheme is now final and they are here in KZN on 27 APRIL to tell us what we are in for if we want to judge in the future.  They will then apparently also announce the mentors or whatever they are called for our province.

Keep the date open.  Its not everyday that we get the VIP’s from Cape Town visiting us.

Back to school we go

6 March 2013
The AHASA is correct, there are puppy scams all over the place. That is why KUSA should be spending their money on EDUCATING, AND ADVERTISING TO, THE PUBLIC. They should not be flying NJSC councilors around the country to present road shows and have think tanks about a Judging Scheme that is so fancy, complicated and labor intensive that it is destined to fail.

People need to know who KUSA is and why they should buy from KUSA breeders. That is where I’d like to see my money going.


7 March 2013
Yes, "She who will be obeyed" from Swartland is finally launching HER judges system on us - despite of course belonging to a National Committee, she is convinced that she and she alone is the anointed one. Is there no one in KZN capable of doing this? Don’t we have our own local judges training committee?

The roll out of the new judges system is supposed to take place nationally but it seems unless she is there to share her incredible knowledge with us lesser mortals and explain to us in primary school symbols how this will work, no one else in the WHOLE country has the knowledge, expertise or brains to do this.

The provinces should Invite judges and learner judges to the rollout, present them with a step by step guide to how the system will work, making note of the differences and similarities between the “old” and the “new” and let’s start preparing our candidates for what is expected of them

But no, unless we in KZN are blessed with the royal presence, there is not one single person in the whole province, nay country, capable of explaining to us, what is required.

What about all the strange stories doing the rounds that KUSA has not allocated budget for this “roll out”, but never fear, a boer maak ’n plan and Swartland has it all sorted. Hmmmm?

Even worse the mentors/assessors course is by all accounts a mine field and unless we are blessed with extraordinary intelligence and a master’s degree in education, I am afraid there is not a soul out there who will be able to pass it and of course that leaves us with “She who must be obeyed” in complete control at every level of the scheme.

Which was the plan all along.

Take a horse to water.

7 March 2013
Thank you very much for the article "Judging statues". Very informative and interesting
Desiree Johnson.

7 March 2013

For attention: All Judges and prospective Judges


As you will have noted, the new KUSA Judges Learning Programme will be rolled out from July 2013.

In the meantime, the National Breed Judges Sub-Committee (NBJSC) has been hard at work finalising and facilitating the seamless transition from all previous KUSA training schemes to the new programme.

Please take note of the projected timeline:

1. Learner judging activity follows the old KUSA scheme until the end of June 2013. This implies that you will still need to write and submit reports, which will be scrutinised in the usual manner.

2. The NBJSC is currently recording and converting credits from the old scheme to the new Learning Programme. You will, thus, not lose credit for your reports passed, seminars attended, judging appointments fulfilled, and breeds judged. Reports that you submit before June 2013, and those currently still in the scrutinising process will be credited as soon as they are approved. You will be notified shortly of your status in the new Learning Programme and, in many cases, the news will bring a welcome surprise.

3. Those Learner Judges who are ready to write a Paper 2 Examination in June 2013 (which will be the last in the old style) may do so, or you may choose to postpone the writing of your Examination to November 2013 (which will be in the new style, but also multiple choice questions).

4. There will be no Paper 1 on offer in June 2013. This is because the new Learning Programme offers training opportunities and guidance before the examination (as opposed to starting with an examination, as the old scheme did), so new applicants will begin straight away in July with the revised learning content.

5. If you are interested in joining the Learning Programme for the first time, you need to meet the criteria and submit an application by 15 June 2013. You are invited to contact the Judges Department at KUSA to request the necessary application form and a booklet explaining what you need to do to apply.

6. A series of Orientation Programmes will be offered in all the major centres during April. All KUSA-registered Judges and those considering joining the Learning Programme are advised to attend the Orientation at one of the following centres:

  • Cape Town : 13 April
  • Gauteng : 20 April
  • Port Elizabeth : 20 April
  • Durban : 27 April

Further details regarding times and venues will be published shortly.

7. In conjunction with the Orientation presentation, an Assessor’s course we be held in Cape Town , Gauteng , and Durban for any Licensed Judge who holds an interest in nurturing and guiding the future generation of Judges. If you are qualified in at least one breed or group, please contact Adele Bastick for further details.

8. The NBJSC Representative in each area will be available to offer guidance and answer queries telephonically, in person, or via email. Please feel free to contact them if you need assistance:

NAPC: Mr Martin Croeser 083 684 6307
DOGS PC: Ms Fran Browning-Cristina 083 331 1683
KZN: Mrs Gael Morison 084 443 3448
WCPC: Ms Joy McFarlane 083 458 2438
ECPC: Ms Donne Lucas 082 800 3507
FS&NC: Mrs Ricky Gouws 082 560 8058
Administrative matters: Mrs Adele Bastick (021) 423 9027

From 1 July 2013, all Learner judging activity will follow the new Learning Programme.


18 March 2013
OMG I see on the notice published on this site that there is going to be an “Assessor’s course” thrown in with the road show to be held for the new judging scheme. I thought it was a helluva thing to qualify as an Assessor, but apparently they are now sommer gonna knight you on the spot. Roll up eager beavers of the dog world who want to “nurture” and “guide”, this is your BIG chance to get yourself qualified without doing any work. So if you are scared of exams or going a bit gaga here is your chance to do it the joyful way.

We can’t wait to see who will step up to the plate to lead us to the light. Soon those on a power trip will step out of the shadows and reveal themselves. Let’s see them in daylight.

Its raining Assessors!

19 March 2013
Many thanks to "It's raining assessors!" Hallelulah! He/she got it right! It is going to be raining assessors in this pathetic attempt to turn out cookie cutter judges by the score!

I found it difficult to read the unnecessarily colourful and overly large "artistic" font used in the notice inviting hapless prospective judges to an "orientation" course, sent out obviously by the NAPCJSC, but wait! there's more! Do they really think that making us PAY R100 to attend this hideaous scheme foisted upon us by She Who Must Be Obeyed is fair? A system barreled through Fedco certainly against the wishes of most of the thinking people in dogdom in this country? I think that if KUSA wants to impliment this awful scheme, then KUSA should pay for it. Certainly not us!!! What unmitigated gall! How could they even consider it???

Then the length of each sitting! 3+ hours! This certainly lends new meaning to the term "captive audience". To my amusement, I see that She Who Must Be Obeyed is only there "alledgedly" to fastrack the so called assessors by waving her magic wand over the power hungry. Hands up those who think she will be able to sit schtum when anyone dares to say anything to the contrary! The cries of "Oh but guys!" is already ringing in our ears! Why does KUSA pay for this road show? Have we nobody else who can do this????

Count me out fellas! I shall egarley await the sight of the lemmings leaping of the cliff when the good and the ernest realise the amount of work that is going to be forced upon them in the form of "portfolios" and "study material". Now is a good time to stop this madness! Thank goodness I already have 4 groups under my belt. I'm happy to stop there!

Miss Otis regrets!

19 March 2013
I don’t know if It’s Raining Assessors has seen the latest circular in Gauteng that nobody can read.

They have the cheek to ask a R100 for people to attend this c**p for a whole day. Who has the time and the money to do that?

Yes you are right. In one afternoon the bunch of mostly clueless individuals we have judging can qualify as assessors – short and sweet. No studying, no exam, just listen to the guru for THREE AND A HALF HOURS. I’d rather kill myself. Every nut case “judge” can come and get a qualification. God help us all.

I also want to see who these so called “assessors” are who are going to jump start this scheme by getting a cheap pass through the back door. I bet it will be the most useless leaping forward – it will be their one and only chance anyhow. How can you force people to be “assessed” by people they have no respect for as judges? But, good luck to them.

The more you hear about this scheme the more you realize it is one big farce and a total waste of KUSA’s – your and my - money!

Seriously disillusioned learner judge

21 March 2013
I must agree. Charging R100 too attend this horror scheme is a diabolical libertey. You won't catch me wasting my money.
Opposed to being shafted.

21 March 2013
It is day light robbery! We must pay R100 to go and get information they can easily put on the KUSA web site. Don’t we give enough time and money to still be fleeced some more to spend a whole day at Goldfields. We have dogs at home and many of us cannot leave them for a whole day.

As for the assessors or whatever they are – I don’t care a hoot. Before I take another appointment, I will want to know who is going to sit spying on me from beside the ring. If the club secretary who invites me doesn’t now, she must find out. If I don’t like what I hear, I will certainly not accept the appointment. Hopefully all the learner judges will take that stance. It is time that we stand up for our rights and not allow people who we don’t respect or who we don’t get on with to pass judgement on us.

Don’t be bullied

21 March 2013
Going through the breakdown for Vereeninging show this weekend was somewhat startled to see Black Russian Terriers are now in the TERRIER GROUP.I was pretty sure that last time I looked that they are in the Working group but who knows with so many clever clogs out there who think judges are morons perhaps they are terriers?. Well silly me they have the word Terrier as part of their name so that must be it.


21 March 2013
I'm so pleased that I am not the only person violently opposed to this new scheme. My question is: Why has it been allowed to get so far?

I now hear that most of the other NBJSC members also dislike the scheme but now have to show a united front. So, why blame only the instigator of this scheme, her Highness, the Educator Guru from the Swartland? I imagine that the rest of the NBJSC aka The Addams Family, led by Uncle Fester are just as much to blame. After all, they could have voted against her.

Time for a new NBJSC

21 March 2013
Please NOTE: Attendance for the Orientation is FREE- however as it is an all-day event, if attendees want Refreshments the cost will be as follows


Booking is essential for Catering purposes

Jackie Browning

22 March 2013
Well now the cookie cutters (don't you just luv that terminology) must be in their elements!! Just think from zero to ABJ in as fast as their committee buddies can give them appointments.

I feel so sorry for the Judges that have sweated tears to achieve what they have - the hard way.

But you know what - the showing fraternity will ultimately decide what will be - as they are savvy enough to vote with their feet and wallets.

This scheme is such a disservice to the dog world.


22 March 2013
Thanks to Jackie Browning for cleaning up the charges for the new KUSA Judges Scheme rollover. Does that mean that if we bring our own tea and bikkies we don't have to pay?


22 March 2013
I’m confused yet again.

Jackie Browning says the course is free, we’re just paying if we want to eat and drink.

Morning tea and lunch costs R50 while afternoon tea and lunch costs R50. Morning AND afternoon tea and lunch costs R100.

So, one tea plus one lunch equals R50, but two teas and one lunch cost double (R100).

Why? It isn’t double the meals. We’re still only having ONE lunch, it is only the teas that double. Why do we have to pay a premium if we’re staying all day? Is there a special, improved lunch for those who are willing to sacrifice the entire day?

Or are the organisers unable to add and multiply to figure this out?

It really inspires confidence when you realise that the people who devised the new scheme do not have the common sense or logic to calculate the lunch and tea costs sensibly.

Still Confused and now also Afraid

23 March 2013
As a judge in Canada who spent many years in Russia, I wish to comment on the comment by person "bemused" and mystified about the location of the "Black Terrier" in the Terrier group at the Vereeninging dog show. Mystified is the correct appellation-since no country has ever had this breed in other than the Working Group.

Part of the confusion could arise from the fact the dog was developed using Airedale Terriers, Standard Schnauzers and Rottweilers(and some others) as a police and watchdog. Red Star Kennels was the sole source for years-sending their dogs to police, KGB and other Soviet organs. Probably the association with Terriers came about because in Soviet Union, Airedales were considered "working dogs" and used for Shutzhund and police work. As the first person from western countries to judge Airedale specialties in Soviet Union in 1990, I can tell you that most of them wanted to bite me-were real guard dogs and protective. Airedales in Russia at that time were very different from Airedales in the west and considered working dog-military dogs-along with the Black Russian Terrier. I also had a chance to examine many Black Russian Terriers.

When Black Russian Terriers were sold to European owners/breeders a temperament transformation took place and conformation became better standardized. Today, in US, Canada and Europe, this breed is doing well-nice temperament and looking good.

The correct transliteration from Russian for black is "chorni". However, the correct name which should be used is Black Russian Terrier. In checking KUSA Breed and Groups on their website, I could not find this breed listed. Perhaps there is some delay on the KUSA website.

Nevertheless, it is incumbent on show giving clubs to list breeds in their correct group with their internationally recognized name. This is not an earth shattering event and will be corrected I am sure in future show premium lists in South Africa.

Dr Everett Mincey.

23 March 2013
Dear Unbeliever,

Catering Arrangements for 20th April

The orientation course is FREE and so is the assessors course however if you are intending to be with us for the whole day and you require refreshments please let the committee know. The kiosk will not be open.

We will be providing lunch, cool drinks, tea, coffee and cake for those who have a real interest in the New Judges Education.

If one wants to bring ones "own bikkies"" and tea please feel welcome to do so. At the lunch break break out your picnic basket as well.

Fran Browning Cristina/Martin Croeser

23 March 2013
At least in our province (WC) we are not being “fleeced” and expected to pay for refreshments and lunch etc. Unfortunately we cannot spare you our Swartland Sister. She is the cross we all have to bare. We feel your pain though.

Mountain goat to the slaughter

24 March 2013
For DR Everett Mincey

Check the KUSA website again dear fellow : Documents - Working Group - Russian Black Terrier - ALL there. Promise you!!

However you are correct about its history and that it is a Working breed and not a Terrier breed. I'm sure this was just a slight slip by someone not quite as knowledgeable as you.. After all we do have Tibetan Terriers in the Utility Group, Yorkshire Terriers in the Toy Group and so on..........

When the breed was first presented in South Africa back in 2002 it was called the Tchiorny Terrier and a very knowledgeable gentleman with the name of Josef Mravik presented a wonderful breed Clinic for the Candidate Judges.

The name was then changed to the Black Tchiorny Terrier and then to the Black Russian Terrier and now it stands as the Russian Black Terrier - in SA in any case!

Many South African and overseas Judges have had the pleasure of judging these dogs in our showrings.

Tchiorny enthusiast

24 March 2013
To the 'Cookie Cutters' and the already established Judges that are a cut above the rest.

In case you don't know or haven't seen the list doing the rounds -here is your line up of esteemed, well balanced and educated Judges from the Judges Sub Committee in the WP

Mrs S. Impey - 7 Groups
Miss J. McFarlane - 7 Groups
E. Stadler - 5 Groups
Ms C.Gilmour - 3 Groups
Mr K.Hull - 2 Groups
Mr M. Vorster - 2 Groups

The information pertaining to their credentials has been taken from the KUSA Judges search and relates only to Championship show level.

What they really know you are about to find out.

Lets see if the other Provinces will publish their Committees.

Best of luck to you all


24 March 2013
If the yada yada for a whole freaking day is free, then hopefully nobody will mind if the people who are crazy enough to attend this whole circus bring their own sandwiches for lunch. I can not see why they will want to pay R100 to be brain washed. I can still see that the people who are now forced to convert to the Swartland Scheme like me will go for free in the morning and take their own flask of tea if they feel like it, but what the hell anybody with half a brain cell will want to go and do there in the afternoon is beyond me. To hang out there in the afternoon you must be truly desparate to prove you are somebody in the dog world.

Sick of the whole damn “GEMORS”

24 March 2013
I’d like to know why it is essential to reply for catering purposes? If the main thrust of this event is to unveil the workings of the new Judges’ Scheme, surely it is important that the organizers know how many people are attending whether they’re paying for food or bringing their own sandwiches and drinks? What about the number of chairs, quantity of printed handouts and so on, isn’t that important too?

Also Afraid

24 March 2013
Dear Fran and Martin

If we bring our own picnic baskets will there be shade provided where we can spread out?

Thanks for allowing  self catering

24 March 2013
Gosh, the guys in the WP are really lucky to have such stunning aspirant assessors.  Add to the list the doyen of the WP and the other half of the Swartland and you have a list that will put a Cruffts line up to shame!

Moving to the WP

27 March 2013
As an owner of Russian Black Terriers, it was actually very refreshing to see that there was an interest in the breed, or at least the naming and grouping of the same.

I wished that you would have approached me at the Vereeniging and Districts show to ask the very questions that confused you. I would then have said that my counterpart in Cape Town and I edit a quarterly Newsletter on the breed to educate owners, judges, stewards and all who might be interested to learn more about the breed. By spreading our news and information through the Newsletter it helps people to better understand this wonderful breed

I invite you and others to contact me and I will happily add you to our mailing list.

Lynne Ward (Co Editor of "The Black Pearl")

27 March 2013
Dear Moving to WP
I think you read Cutworms post incorrectly. Those 6 Names are the members of the WP Judges Sub Committee and NOT aspirant assessors, although they could well be when the selection and training takes place on the 13th April.

Stay where you are - maybe the grass will be greener.

29 March 2013
No I did not read Cutworm’s letter incorrectly. Surely all the people on the provincial committees will be press ganged into Assessorship – especially in the Fairest Cape where a certain person has to be obeyed as one writer reminded us. But on the bright side its a jolly and cheerful crowd especially with the two inevitable additions. Just think how impressive they will look perched ring side assessing away, assessing away, assessing away....

Still moving to the WP

31 March 2013
For the person who writes "Tchiorny enthusiast"

For the sake of clarity, the official name of the breed in both USA and Canada is "Black Russian Terrier" and is shown in working group. In FCI countries the name is Russian Black Terrier and is show in the “Molossid/Schnauzer and Pinscher group Two”.

Whatever name a country or Kennel Club chooses is irrelevant so long as we are talking about the same breed. The continued use, or misuse of the Russian word for "black" in the title of this breed in an English speaking, or other languages speaking countries, is not useful. The official breed name alone signifies that this is a black dog, from Russia, in the usual language of the Kennel Club country. It appears that KUSA has adopted the FCI nomenclature.

I am pleased to hear that judges from South Africa and other countries have judged this breed at your shows. I hope they found it in the correct group! In the future, identify yourself as a Russian Black Terrier enthusiast-not as a "black" enthusiast. In Russian language, it does have some pejorative connotation as a “stand alone” word.
Dr Everett Mincey

12 April 2013
I am looking to contact Charmaine McGregor. I believe that she may the daughter or granddaughter of Grace McGregor nee Mellor, who was a sister of my mother, Jessie Kearns, nee Mellor. They were originally from Yorkshire, England.
Peter Kearns

19 April 2013
The agenda for the May FEDCO meeting is out and I am very concerned about one of the items of the agenda which is part of the following item 4.4 of the Agenda.

This is about the rules for Judging Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show, amongst other changes being proposed.

The item that concerns me is the change to how often a judge can MAY JUDGE A BEST IN SHOW OR BEST PUPPY IN SHOW- currently the rule states that a judge may only judge this every 6 months but according to this proposal on the Fedco agenda (see below)

4.1 Any Matters Relating To Breed Shows & Judging – Schedule 3

4.4.1 National Breed Judges Sub-Committee Neuter Dog & Baby Puppy Amendments

Proposal by the NBJSC

The NBJSC has submitted a proposal with regard to the changes in the wording of Regulations pertaining to the new Baby Puppy and Neutered Classes (as agreed at Fedco 12-12). These proposed changes are to avoid confusion and to bring the regulations in line with Schedule 10 and the real-time practices of shows around the country.

Delete words in [brackets] Insert words underlined


Regulation 20 – Judges

Amend to read:            

20.7.2 A Judge may judge [the Best Baby Puppy, Best Puppy, Best Neuter Dog and/or Best in Show] any of the Final Best in Show Stakes once only at an All Breeds Show in the Kennel Union area of jurisdiction in any [six (6)] one (1) month period. (See Schedule 10. 5.1.6.)

the judging limit has been reduced to EVERY MONTH!

This has apparently already been passed by FEDCO in December and is scheduled to take effect in June 2013.!

Despite asking around, nobody seems to be aware of this most important change.

I am not sure about everyone else, but I find it incredible that anyone could even contemplate such a change.

I believe this change is part of the new Schedule 10 which is not on the KUSA website and is part of the New judges scheme.

Whilst I believe that many judges would not be so greedy as to accept an appointment to judge a BIS or BPIS every month or second month, there are many who would.

I ask you all to go through the agenda for the next FEDCO and if you are against this proposal, make your voice heard via your Club and Provincial Council and get it rejected out of hand.

We cannot take much more!!
Jackie Browning

19 April 2013
I hear there’s been a lot of bragging on FB about how the crowds in Cape Town streamed to the talk on the new judging scheme last weekend. In case I get asked to do an open show in CT, can anybody tell us who the quick pick “assessors” for the province are – yes those who were sommer annointed on the spot without having to do a course or exam or anything.

It is Gauteng’s turn on Saturday when the locals will be annointed at a special ceremony in the afternoon sommer so. We cannot wait to see who the desperados are who want to get a quick pass to spy on other people from outside the ring. Some people obviously doesn’t have a life and their car go to Goldfields on auto pilot.

This has been asked before. Can you choose your spy???, or will you just sommer check him or her there on the day that you judge wearing a hoodie and shades.

Spy vs Spy