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About the Dog World Cyber "The 2020 Stack" Show


1) You may submit as many photo's as you like per dog, Each photo will cost R50 or 3 photos for R100:
a) Best Stack of the dog (age group under or over 12 months).

2) Remember, the dogs will be judged by a real judge, using breed standards, so photos that are simply "cute" are unlikely to be useful.

3) When you submit your photos as digital email attachments, use at least part of the dog's name in the file name. 

4) Colour photos are preferable.

5)  If someone other than yourself takes the photos, make sure that you have their permission to use them for the Dog World "The 2020 Stack" Cyber Show, and please include their name and contact details with the photograph.

You can only submit your photos as digital files. The judge will be viewing digitized photos of the dogs. 
1) Photos must be JPEG files.

2) If you scan the photo from a print, scan at 72 dpi. Size the photo so that, at this resolution, the length of the longest side does not exceed 500 pixels. File size should be less than 100 kB. Crop the photo around the dog as closely as possible for the best possible image.

3) All identifying features (e.g., handlers, trophies, distinctive collars) must be removed from the photo. You are invited to do this yourself before submission. If extensive editing is necessary to make the photo acceptable after its receipt by Dog World, you may be charged an editing fee. Contact us ( before submission if in doubt.

Professional photos are not essential; a competent photographer and your garden are all that are necessary. You might consider a few tips to help you get the best possible picture...
-- Make sure that the dog's head can be clearly seen, including the ears.
-- Try to take the photos early or late in the day (or on an overcast day) to minimize harsh shadows and burnt-out highlights. Have the sun behind you, not behind the dog.
-- Sit on the ground to take the photos from the dog's perspective.
-- If you use a single, on-camera flash, don't stand the dog right in front of a wall, because the flash will produce a very dark shadow behind the dog. Instead, stand the dog in the middle of a room indoors or outside in the middle of an open area.
-- Avoid clutter in the background.
-- Try to get your dog to SMILE! Make squeaky noises, whine like a puppy, throw a ball, jingle your car keys, whatever gets that winning expression on your dog's face.

This is a fun event!